You Are The Entire Universe

Sometimes inner peace is about relaxing, smoothing over rough edges, smiling and simply breathing.  Other times, when we are dealing with turbulent forces inside and outside of us, we are forced to really embrace our infinite nature.

We may experience thunder storms and volcanoes inside of us, which can be overwhelming, or act as a reminder to grow.  Sometimes the battles we are facing seem so big that only in becoming bigger that a galaxy of stars do we feel able to cope.  Only then are we able to see the beauty of the mountains we have conquered.

View from Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

When you are the entire universe there is no need to fight against the wild forces that exist within you.  You can appreciate the fire, the lightning and rough seas, just as much as you can appreciate the beautiful sunny days when your mind is crystal clear.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Dissolving into a blissful state of peace is easy when conditions are gentle, but when we are facing challenges (whether these come from within or without) we get the opportunity to feel our power.  When we remember that we have the ability to expand beyond whatever emotion or turmoil we are facing, no matter how huge it seems, we no longer feel the need to try to deny, diminish or fight against it.

The fire inside us that we were previously trying to extinguish for fear it would destroy us, becomes pure magic.  We no longer feel that we are drowning in our emotions.  We can swim through them, enjoying their depth and vastness.

Tranquillity may not seem possible in the midst of extreme conditions, but if we can visualise the trials we are facing to be powerful forces of nature, peace can be found in visualising ourselves to be the infinite space of a universe full of stars which allows everything within to exist without restraint.

When we no longer feel the need to restrict any part of ourselves or others due to fear, we can experience a beautiful freedom which grows with us.  The more we can expand into our infinite selves, the more joy we can find, even in our struggles.

When you are the entire universe, how can you not see the beauty of the explosions inside of you?  They are no threat to your existence, and the drama only enhances your magnificence.  So don’t be afraid next time a storm comes, it’s just showing you who you really are!

It is my wish that this post helps you find a little more acceptance for difficult emotions or experiences you may face, and is not intended to be taken too seriously.  Never be afraid to seek out professional help if you need it.  Therapy is an incredibly empowering process which I would recommend 100% from my personal experience.  Your journey is unique, and doing what feels right for YOU without fear of judgement is the best advice I can give.  Feel free to leave me a comment below to say hello 🙂




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