What Would You Do If There Were No Limitations?

I used to be so limited in my thinking.  I rarely exercised my imagination, as I could see no practical use for it.  Now I see the world a little differently.  Having experimented extensively with visualization and expressing myself creatively, I have experienced the inspiration it can bring.

When you truly allow yourself to dream without limitations, you feel better in your body and clearer in your mind, and new ideas which are in alignment with your dreams may come to you spontaneously.  Taking action feels easier and less forced.

I talk more about taking action in my previous post How To Turn Life Into A Magical Adventure, but for now I want to discuss the ‘dreaming without limitations’ aspect in detail.

What would you do if there were no limitations?

How would you go through life if you knew you would live forever?  I would feel so much lighter and freer.  I would play more, explore more, and just soak up every detail.  I would feel like a fairy, sprinkling love and joy wherever I went.  Sounds like a nice way to live to me, regardless of whether or not the original assumption is true!

What if you weren’t limited by money?  I’m not just talking about being rich.  I mean, what if you could experience anything you wanted without money?  I would surround myself with precious jewels, go on amazing adventures, and spend time relaxing deeply while basking in luxurious surroundings.

What would you do if you were not limited by your body?  Or gravity?  If there were no physical limitations, I would delight in floating through space, surrounded by a dazzling array of twinkling lights.  I would move my body freely any way I wanted, enjoying the amazing range of motion.

How would you behave if other people’s opinions didn’t affect you?  Would you dress differently?  Would you join the circus, or sing to birds, or spend time living with a pack of wolves, or a troupe of monkeys??

There are infinitely many different limitations on all of us.  Some of them are self imposed, and some of them we did not consciously choose.  Do your dreams ignite that spark of magic inside you?  If not, then you may be imposing limitations of the ‘real world’ on your dream world.

The kind of dreams that give you that inner glow are the ones in which anything is possible.  You may choose certain limitations, such as a human body and gravity, so that you can have earthly adventures.  Or you may choose to experience a realm in which you have superhuman powers.

The choice is entirely yours.  Go with whatever gives you that blissful feeling inside.

Even moving a tiny amount towards overcoming our limitations is such a liberating feeling.  For example, imagining flying probably isn’t going to lead to us immediately becoming weightless and floating away up into space.  However, it inspired me to try out some arm balances today that I hadn’t done for a while, which felt awesome.

Imagining myself in a cave filled with precious jewels doesn’t make me any richer, but it does give me a renewed appreciation for the beauty of all the crystals I surround myself with, and inspires me to keep creating and working on my Etsy shop.

Dreaming of adventures led me to watch some incredibly inspiring Youtube videos about travelling in China.  I’m in the very early research stages of planning a trip there, but I’m enjoying every second of it!  Just taking that tiny step of looking online at all of the amazing things to see, and food to eat, makes me feel like the adventure has already begun!

We are always moving towards and creating new things in life.  We will have to compromise in the outer world, but we don’t have to compromise on our dreams.  If we are heading in the direction of our majestic dreams, we are sure to experience some amazing things along the way!

What are you dreaming of?

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