The Magic Is In You – Water Wonderland

This is the second in an experimental series of posts about connecting to the magic within and all around us.  You can read the first post here as a general introduction to the idea.

I have chosen water as the theme because it is the one aspect of nature I can always rely on to soothe and calm me wherever I am.

Halong Bay, Vietnam


The inspiration for this post didn’t come to me in the clear turquoise waters of a tropical island, beautiful lake, or river though.  It was bubbling away in the jacuzzi at my local spa.

As I sat there in a peaceful daze, visions came to me of past times I’d been happily submerged in water, in places far and wide.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Imagined future scenes also flashed before me, until these visions enveloped me into a water wonderland which merged with the swirling delight of my present surroundings.

I sank deeper into the hot bubbling whirlpool in a dreamy stupor, and in that moment, all of my trepidation about leaving my current life behind to go off alone into the unknown again dissolved.  I knew that wherever I was I would always have this.  I could always return to the water world of my dreams that existed somewhere between planet earth and a paradise-like realm, where water was a sacred gift from the gods.

Iguasu Falls, South America

Iguasu Falls, South America

Water Meditation

Submerge yourself in water.  It could be in a bath, a river, lake, pool, hot tub or the sea.  (I have recently discovered the joy of having a wetsuit, which means I can swim comfortably even in the freezing cold water of the UK!)  Find a safe quiet spot where you feel happy to stay for a while.  Or, if you feel calmer on the move, find an open space where you can swim slowly without being disturbed.

The main aim of this activity is to relax and connect with your own magical water dreamland.  Use the flowing quality of water to wash away any negativity in your mind and body, and feel how you become almost weightless.  Feel yourself dissolving into the water, becoming more and more peaceful with every breath you take.

Your body begins to merge with the water, your movements becoming more fluid and easeful.  You are one with the water, and realise that all of the peace and calm that the water provides already exists within you.  Allow the twinkling reflections on the surface of the water, and swirling shapes your body makes as you move, to transport you to your water wonderland.

Sunset, Barbados

Sunset, Barbados

Allow images of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers and oceans to float through your mind.  Enjoy the anticipation of visiting these places, and the special memories of places you have already been.  You are infinitely peaceful, and have a deep appreciation for this precious gift.

There is no set time for this meditation.  Personally, I could spend hours in water without getting bored, but everyone is different.  When you have finished, write down a few words under the heading of ‘water wonderland’ to remind you of this experience, or collect some pictures to create a collage of dream water paradises you would like to visit.

Try to take some of this relaxation and fluidity you have experienced with you into the coming days.  Allow peace to ripple out from you in all directions, and feel like you can float through any difficulties you may encounter.

Thank you for joining me in our water wonderland, I hope you enjoyed it!  Leave me a comment and tell me about your favourite places and inspiring experiences below ❤



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