The Magic Is In You – The Mystery Of The Night

There is something so comforting about darkness.

The parts of ourselves that like to stay hidden from the world can relax into the shadows and feel safe once again.  The night contains all of these secrets effortlessly.  Everything is accepted and absorbed, never judged, leaving us with a sense of freedom rarely felt in the day time.

This ability of darkness to contain absolutely anything can also bring fear.  Our imaginations run wild.  This could be a good thing and bring much inspiration, but often we imagine the worst.  We start to believe that maybe something out there wants to harm us.  We don’t know what is hiding under the blanket of darkness.

The point though, is that we don’t know.  This unknown is an infinite space in which anything is possible.  It is a MYSTERY.

Darkness Meditation

Your task is to find the sweet spot between fear and comfort as you become encased by darkness.  Choose a place where you know you will be safe, but allow yourself to feel the mystery of the unknown.  Taking a walk in semi darkness can be good because your surroundings change, but the darkness remains a constant that is with you the whole time.  You can also keep it really simple and sit in a darkened room, as most of this experience will be with your imagination.

As you feel the darkness envelope you, notice any changes in your body.  Do you feel calmer or more on edge?  Fear is our ally in this case, because if you can feel the fear you are closer to experiencing the mystery of the night.  Know that your fear is because of the infinite possibilities that lurk in the shadows.  Allow yourself to melt into these possibilities, knowing that there are more than you could ever imagine.  As well as the infinite number of terrifying scenarios, there are an infinite number of wonderful things that could happen.

Glastonbury Tor at night

If you naturally feel comfortable in the dark, enjoy the freedom this brings you.  Move around and explore, without self consciousness.  As you slowly explore your mysterious surroundings, notice how this brings you closer to the sweet spot we are seeking.  You start to feel a tiny spark inside you.  You are no longer in your comfortable bubble, but are beginning to reach out to the mystery beyond.

Once you have experimented with finding the balance between comfort and fear, allow yourself to dissolve into the night.  Feel the liberation of being temporarily free from the penetrating light which exposes us.  There is no need to be any particular way, you can just let go.

Enjoy this feeling for as long as you wish.  When you have finished the meditation, write down a couple of sentences or words which will help you to keep a little of this mystery and freedom with you.

The more we practise connecting with the magical aspects of ourselves, the easier it becomes.  Feeling abstract things such as mystery and freedom can be difficult if our minds are busy.  With all of these meditations, the main priority should be to relax.  In time, and with regular practise, I have become more able to tap into these feelings through visualisation.  I hope that my suggestions can help you to do this too.  Don’t be too rigid with yourself, and have fun with it.  Please feel free to share anything you find inspiring or helpful in the comments below.  Thank you 🙂




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