The Magic Is In You – The Forest’s Embrace

Being amongst the trees is one of the most effortless ways to connect with nature.  We are literally surrounded by the magic of the forest, held in its gentle embrace.  There is the perfect balance of comfort and wildness, the canopy providing protection and shelter, and supporting a myriad of life forms.

The light is softened as it filters through the branches, and the sounds of birds, insects and rustling leaves form a gentle background murmur.  The trees connect the earth and the sky, creating a safe haven where life can thrive.  It is the perfect place to slow down, and take in the precious gifts of our surroundings.

Forest Meditation

Find some woodland to explore.  The intention with this meditation is to relax into this supportive environment.  Even if there are only a few trees nearby, this is enough to benefit from immensely if you take your time and allow the magic in.  Feel how the forest softens our thoughts and allows us to feel a little more comfort in our bodies.  Breathe in the fresh air, and soak up all of the enchanting beauty that surrounds you.

Appreciate the variety of shapes, textures and patterns in this hidden world.  Notice how your inner landscape is just as varied.  If we can observe our thoughts and emotions in the same non judgemental way, we can see their beauty, even when they are ‘negative’.  Allow the forest to be a sanctuary where it is easy to be peaceful no matter what your mental, physical and emotional state.

Know that the feeling of being held and protected is available to us wherever we are.  When you leave the forest, you can still return to this sanctuary within your own mind whenever you choose to.

Take a photo, or bring a leaf, twig or some reminder of the woods with you.  When you get home spend 5 minutes meditating with this reminder, recalling the sense of peace and relaxation you felt.  It may be easier to feel at peace when immersed in a beautiful natural environment, but with practice we can access this state wherever we are.

Do you find it easy to recall the peace of the forest?  Next time you are amongst the trees, what can you do to make the most of it and relax more fully, so that you can bring more of the benefits back with you?  Leave a comment below and share your experiences and inspiration with me.




2 thoughts on “The Magic Is In You – The Forest’s Embrace

  1. Bernard

    Couldn’t agree more. This is why it’s so gorgeous doing our bit on Crook Peak and walking first among the trees before ascending to the heights to enjoy the panoramic views. Trees give so much to us – treating the air, giving beauty, giving shelter when in leaf, providing beautiful “artful” shapes that sometimes defy description (why is it necessary anyway to describe?) and sometimes speaking when the wind blows through. See my pic on Facebook for last Saturday for a typical path. And fruit….don’t forget the fruit. And I don’t mean just things like apples and pears. Nuts for us and the squirrels. It’s no wonder that it’s good to hug a tree as well as to smooth a well carved wooden object. The wood speaks through touch.

    1. tessheaven Post author

      Such wonderful words Bernard, thank you. I love the bit about the trees speaking when the wind blows through. So amazing. Will check out your photo when I’m next on facebook. Winding down for the day now!


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