The Magic Is In You – Floating On A Cloud

The sky is putting on a show for me as I write this post.  Glowing light reflects on a slowly changing infinite variety of soft shapes floating through the sky in front of me.  I feel myself becoming lighter with an inner glow emerging as I gaze through the window.

I wonder if the sky is getting more beautiful every day?  The more I look the more I see, in a never ending exploration of an ever changing dreamscape.



Cloud Meditation

Choose a time and a place where you can observe clouds.  It doesn’t matter if you’re lying on the ground, walking, or looking out of a window, as long as you are comfortable.  Focus on an aspect or aspects of the clouds that you find most appealing.  Is it the slow drifting movement that reminds you to slow down?  Is it the way they are suspended in the air that reminds you to feel lighter in your mind and body?  Do you find comfort in the soft shapes, or is it the vast open space of the sky holding the clouds that speaks to your heart?

Whether it is one or some of the above aspects you choose to focus on, or something different entirely, let it be something that inspires you.  Take a few minutes to focus on this magic, and feel it resonate within you.

Know that by taking this time to focus on the clouds, you are strengthening your own cloud like qualities.  You will feel more softness, lightness, spaciousness, peace, or whatever it is that you desire, whenever you choose to remember this experience.  All you need to do is look up at the sky, and this will remind you of your inner cloud magic!

Share your cloud gazing experiences in the comments below 🙂




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