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You Are Infinite

Our lives are ruled by our beliefs, and what we believe about ourselves often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

I am infinite.

Choosing to believe this one simple thought has led to a complete turnaround in my day on countless occasions.  Over time, these days are adding up to a big improvement in my life.

When your confidence takes a knock you probably have a hard time believing you’re capable of washing the dishes, let alone anything more complicated.  But luckily, you don’t need to justify it.

All you need is your imagination.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali

Whenever you experience difficulties in life, remember the power that lies within you.  No matter what your situation, you always have had, and always will have, the potential within you to create magic.

Raw citrine crystal necklace from my Etsy shop.

Raw citrine crystal necklace from my Etsy shop.

This power has nothing to do with your past achievements or external circumstances.  It depends only on your ability to let your mind gravitate towards the things that light you up inside.

It is the power of the imagination that makes us infinite.  Our imagination is far greater than the sum of all our experiences.  We have the ability to draw inspiration from our past, and dream up new worlds which build on these magical moments.

Magical moments - beautiful pagoda on the Yen river, Vietnam.

Magical moments – beautiful pagoda on the Yen river, Vietnam.

You may not be where you want to be just yet, but you still have the capacity to appreciate beauty and feel peace in the here and now.  You can create something beautiful with what you already have, and you can share that with others.


When a magnificent scene of natural beauty takes your breath away, know that you are only able to feel its magic because it resonates with the magic inside of you.

Iguacu Falls, South America

Iguacu Falls, South America

If a vision truly resonates with your soul, the possibility exists for it to become real.  Even if you have temporarily lost faith in yourself, a true heartfelt desire holds the power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Sometimes self belief can be the hardest thing in the world, especially when doing something outside of our comfort zone.  When we don’t have a solid track record of success to inspire confidence , our strength lies in tapping into our imagination, our passion and our dreams.

Himalaya sunrise

A dreamy Himalayan sunrise. Photo taken from the top of Poon Hill on the ABC trek.

These dreams and visions are a core part of who we are.  To have imagined them they must be within us, and when you realize that you start to see yourself in a much more expansive way.  If we can dream of such beautiful things, we must have this beauty inside of us.

To see an improvement in any area of your life, the image you hold of yourself is often the most important thing you can change.  (I talked about this in my earlier posts It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do It and The Super Power Of Visualization.)

Any time you doubt your own ability or feel fearful about something, try asking yourself:  “What would infinite/magical/superhuman (insert your name) do?”  Then do that.

It feels kind of silly at first, but I promise you, once you get into it, you’ll start to notice a real difference in how you feel and the way you approach tasks.  It may not always be easy to make the leap from feeling incapable and scared (I’m talking from personal experience here!), to visualizing an unlimited, elevated version of yourself… BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.  Just keep practising!

If you’re ready for a bit of practice, check out my post How To Create Your Own Heaven.




How To Create Your Own Heaven

Developing the inner landscape of my imagination has been, and continues to be, the number one thing that helps me to overcome challenges and grow in everything that I do.

Whether you’re bursting with dreams and desires yet to be fulfilled, or are happy to take each day as it comes and rarely think of the future, you can use the power of your imagination to bring more joy into your life now.



I do not claim to be an expert on the inner workings of the mind, but I do have a LOT of experience with bringing myself from an uninspired, tired or agitated state, into one of peace, clarity and creativity.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking too logically when it comes to making dreams a reality.  I talk myself out of things on a daily basis because I try to predict the future, and plan an exact sequence of action.  When I’m able to let go of the outcome, everything flows so much more smoothly.



Step 1: Discovering inspiration

It’s important during this step to understand that inspiration isn’t just something for artists and inventors.  Finding the things that light us up is crucial in providing motivation for reaching our goals in life, as well as bringing us joy and an abundance of energy.

The view from Poon Hill in the Himalayas at sunrise.

The view from Poon Hill in the Himalayas at sunrise.

If you have visions that seem totally unrealistic, all the better.  Imagining flying during my yoga practice led to some of the freest movement and floatiest handstands I’ve ever experienced.  Visualizing myself as a magical being with an ability to create enchanting music has allowed melodies to pour out of me when I’m playing my guitar and singing, even though I’m not an experienced musician.

You may already know what inspires you, or you may need to work on finding out.  When I first started making jewellery I knew I liked doing it, and was mainly trying to re-create things I’d seen on my travels.  I later realised it was the peace, beauty and freedom of expression the bohemian jewellery represented, that I resonated with.  That led me to find my own unique style, and start making my dreams a reality.

One of a kind black onyx macrame necklace from my Etsy shop.

One of a kind black onyx macrame necklace from my Etsy shop.

Pinterest can be a great place to start your search for inspiration.  By collecting images that inspire you, your visions evolve, and you can revisit them whenever you need to.  Look at images that you love and figure out what it is about them that you love.  What emotions do they stir in you?

Think about things that have brought you joy in the past, and things that you find yourself daydreaming about doing, having and being in the future.  What feelings do these evoke?

Step 2: Finding your unifying theme

This may be a word, a collection of words, a grand vision, or a feeling, that links everything together.  I struggled for so long because I had no idea where to focus my energy.  I had so many different dreams and goals, and felt completely overwhelmed when I thought about how to attain them.  (I attempted to put this into words in one of my earlier blog posts ‘Living Your Passion’.)  I still have all these dreams and goals, plus new ones now, but I feel much calmer and happier on a day to day basis.

Initially, I was unable to see how my passions for travel, music, making jewellery, yoga and massage were related.  It seemed completely infeasible to pursue them all, and I felt I had to pick one.  Now I can see the underlying feelings that inspire my interests are very similar.  Peace and freedom are words that come close to representing my unifying theme.

Beach on Sentosa island, Singapore.

Beach on Sentosa island, Singapore.

Visualize yourself doing all the things you love, or that inspire you, in your own version of heaven.  What overall quality does it have?  Try to describe it in words, images or whatever comes most naturally to you.  This should help you to see the whole picture of how your dreams and goals could work together, rather than being in competition with each other.

Desert in Peru.  I felt my freest during the time I was away travelling in South America :)

Desert in Peru. I felt my freest during the time I was away travelling in South America.

Travel plays a big part in my vision, but it is the feeling of freedom and expansiveness I feel when travelling that appeals to me.  For others it may be a fascination with different lifestyles and cultures.  There is no ‘right’ answer, since our motivation is a personal thing.

If you dream of wealth and luxury, as many people do, why is it these things inspire you?  Is it the feeling of safety and comfort that wealth can bring?  Or would you enjoy the freedom, the confidence, and just the feeling of general awesomeness?!

Step 3: Creating your heaven’

Once you’ve got some kind of overall vision which represents your passions and sources of inspiration, you can start to move into that reality.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not clear yet, or if there are still some bits which don’t seem to fit together.  It’s a lifelong process and your visions will grow with you.

I feel a great sense of peace and inspiration when I visit beautiful temples and other grand monuments.  This is one of the temples we visited at Ayutthaya, Thailand.

A vision of heaven:  Ayutthaya, Thailand.

The secret to getting this step right is to let go of the final outcome and live your dreams NOW.  There is absolutely no point in putting all your energy into achieving goals in the future if doing so makes you unhappy in the now.  But, on the other hand, there is immense value in fulfilling your dreams, so ignoring them isn’t the optimum thing to do either.

But with such grand dreams, how do you begin to live those now??

This is where your unifying theme or vision comes in, or at least the feeling behind it.  There may be no practical way to be travelling the world indefinitely right now, or to become a millionaire overnight, but there are certainly many ways to give yourself the feelings that motivate these dreams.

Simply spending time in a park or a beautiful garden, immersed in nature, brings me a great sense of peace.

Simply spending time in a park or a beautiful garden, immersed in nature, brings me a great sense of peace.

If, like me, freedom is very important to you, try to find ways to bring more freedom to your day to day life.  For me, this looked like starting my own business, allowing me to decide how I spend my time.  For you it may be booking a trip, or opening a savings account.

A piece of my freedom:  starting my own business doing what I love.  My Etsy shop.

A piece of my freedom: starting my own business doing what I love, my Etsy shop.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about how it makes you feel.  Prioritize your core desires.  If you want to be filthy rich because it would make you feel awesome, special and amazing, do everything within your power to feel awesome, special and amazing NOW!  Take pride in your appearance, constantly remind yourself of your skills and positive qualities, and expect the best from yourself and others.

If you crave comfort and luxury but are flat broke, prioritize self care.  Enjoy taking long luxurious baths, learn some self-massage techniques, or take extra care to make your living space feel heavenly.


Prioritizing how you feel NOW doesn’t mean giving up on your goals.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  When you get into the zone of feeling good NOW, you’ll find it much easier to work towards achieving the things you desire for your future.

In my opinion, dreams are to be lived.  If you use your dreams as an indication of what to bring more of into your life NOW, you can begin to enjoy them immediately!

Walking around Warmley Forest Park near home (Bristol, UK) is a great way to re-connect with my inner peace.

Walking around Warmley Forest Park near home (Bristol, UK) is a great way to re-connect with my inner peace.



Living your passion

I could tell you that I am so inspired and enchanted by the magic of life all the time that I can’t help but share my experiences and create beautiful things.  But that would be a gigantic big lie. There is some truth in it, on good days.  The bit I’ve left out is pretty crucial to the story though.

Sometimes I am so full of self doubt and negativity that it literally paralyses me.  If you ever suffer from this kind of lack of confidence then you’ll know that focussing on trying to improve whatever it is you’re unhappy with while in this fearful state can be counterproductive.  You just end up finding further problems and reasons why you can’t succeed.  There are lots of things you can do to change your mindset and appreciate your successes instead, but it may be that remembering what you’re passionate about is enough to make the shift from feeling stuck and hopeless to being inspired and empowered.

I’ll use my personal experience as an example to illustrate the power of this.  I had hit a bit of a brick wall with the marketing side of my handmade jewellery business.  My brain had given up doing its job and my thoughts were scattered and increasingly negative.  This has happened to me enough times to know not to continue down that road.  I tried to follow my own advice and made a conscious effort to remember what I was passionate about.

Sometimes you have to be really honest with yourself when your heart isn’t in what you’re doing.  The reason my brain wasn’t co-operating was because I was trying to deny a major part of the motivation behind my work.

Being self employed isn't all rainbows... unless you happen to be at Iguacu falls.

Being self employed isn’t all rainbows… unless you happen to be at Iguacu falls.

Travel and freedom have played a central role in my life for a long time.  However, because I’d been so focussed on my business, I’d forgotten why I was doing all of this.  I was thinking about all of the different ways to market my online shop, but I had lost my spark.  I had put travel in a box that didn’t overlap with work, but when I remembered my passion it freed up my thinking again.

Poon Hill in the Himalayas, Nepal.  Our guide didn't carry me all the way up, honest!

Poon Hill in the Himalayas, Nepal.  On top of the world, now that’s freedom!

My handmade jewellery and my creativity are inseparable from my love of exploring the world.  I have many passions that are intertwined, and to work efficiently I need to allow them to be expressed.  I need to live my passion for travel, my passion for freedom and my passion for peace, in order to fuel my passion for creating bohemian jewellery for free spirited dreamers.  I need that lust for life to design jewellery that resonates with the people I create it for.

So that’s now the basis of my marketing strategy.  To be myself, but louder.  To immerse myself in the things that inspire me, connect with like minded people who share my outlook on life, and to share my journey and inspirations with them.  With you.

Living my passion is actually pretty essential to both my productivity and my happiness.  That’s the thing with being a sensitive soul trying to make a living from your creative endeavours – if you stray too far from the things that inspire you then you soon get shut down by the first hint of failure!  You need that burning passion to sustain you through the many, many failures that are necessary for your growth.  If you’re truly following your heart and expressing your authentic self then failure just doesn’t feel like failure any more.  You just keep going.

Macrame gemstone earrings.  You can browse my Etsy shop TessHeaven here.

Macrame gemstone earrings. You can browse my Etsy shop TessHeaven here.