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Feeling stuck writing this and that is perfect.  Because that is exactly what this blog is for.  I am breaking through my ‘stuck’ ness by doing what I always do and getting inspired, but this time I am going to document my inspiration so that it doesn’t slip away from me so quickly; then I can share it with you too and we can get inspired together!  Provided you are inspired by stunning scenery, stories of travel and adventure and embracing freedom to explore the diversity of life on this beautiful crazy planet; along with the equally important inner journey from fear and doubt to self-confidence and joy.

Why is inspiration important?

Obviously it’s exciting and enjoyable to look at pictures of exotic places we’ve not yet visited, things we REALLY want to buy/make, and learn about people that are doing amazing things that we aspire to do; but I also believe that in conjunction with appropriate action they can be really useful activities too.

I almost always feel like I have more energy to take action towards my goals when I am feeling inspired.  Sometimes I feel as if there just isn’t a way forward, then in a matter of minutes I will find a solution to whatever the problem was, and all it took was a bit of inspiration.  When I remember WHY I do what I do and I experience the feeling of being inspired, suddenly tasks that seemed arduous and boring become almost enjoyable, and I feel like I can do things I previously believed I couldn’t.  I become more efficient, focussed and committed to the path I have chosen.

So join me in my search for inspiration, and let it propel us towards our destination!