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Celebrating The Magic – Day 8

On Day 8 of my challenge to celebrate the magic of life every single day (read about the inspiration behind it here), I indulged my creativity and experimented with designs for a very special necklace I am making for myself.  I temporarily got lost in a world of crystals, one of my favourite places to be!

A few months ago I’d bought some spectacular rainbow moonstone, labradorite and amethyst cabochons with an idea in mind of what I would make.  I’d put them aside and nearly forgotten all about it until this week.  This challenge has been such a blessing, as it has encouraged me to do things I probably wouldn’t have got around to for a long time otherwise.  It has already enriched my life in so many ways.

I had sketched out some designs a little while ago, but didn’t have them with me today, so I spent time arranging the crystals into mini mandalas.  As this is a completely new design and technique, I need to practise on some less precious gems before making the pendant.  This meant today was even more enjoyable as I just did the fun part of creating beautiful patterns with the crystals, without the tricky part of learning a new skill!

I enjoyed photographing the gemstones almost as much as I enjoyed arranging them, as it was enchanting to study the way they caught the light.  Challenging myself to celebrate the magical aspects of life every day has taught me to slow down and appreciate things I would normally rush through.  The emphasis was taken off completing the necklace which allowed me to relish the process.

How can a celebratory mindset allow you to appreciate the small but beautiful things in life more?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this or anything related in the comments below 🙂



Celebrate Life

Whether we’re on top of the world, or in the depths of fear and despair, LIFE is the one thing that connects us all.  Even when everything is falling apart, it is impossible to deny on a logical level that life is an amazing miracle.

We may not feel like celebrating when we are in the midst of sadness or anger, but the truth of existence remains.  The material world springs from the void in all of its complexity, and our emotion is a direct experience of this.

Whether we are aged 2, 22 or 202, we have reason to celebrate.  Life is the one thing that connects us all.  Whether we are full of love and joy, or feeling disconnected and isolated, getting back to basics and acknowledging the extraordinary experience we are sharing can only enrich our lives.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

When I was younger, this desire to celebrate came incredibly naturally.  To be dancing with other souls on this sacred journey was the best feeling in the world.  All I wanted to do was soak up every precious moment.  It was completely unconscious though.  I was just a young person enjoying the party.

Fast forward a few years, I’d had several premature mid life crises, and lost my passion for such festivities.  Somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten why I was celebrating.  I experienced the other side of life, at times lost in deep sadness and isolation.  However, avoiding parties and festivals definitely didn’t help.  At least not at first.

I didn’t know what made me happy any more, so I took the time to explore my creativity and do some serious soul searching.  I discovered my values and reasons for living, and now I truly understand the importance of celebrating our existence together.

Dressing up as a badger is the best way to celebrate any occasion!

In our society, there is a tendency as we get older to let this celebratory side of us fall asleep, in favour of a quieter peace and contentment (or bitterness, anger and resentment!).  But having experienced the full spectrum of emotions, we have the chance to bring a depth to our celebration that we were previously unaware of.

Every experience feeds our soul in some way.  The more life we have lived, the more our creativity can bloom.  It is our duty to one another to share our magic.

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Belief in various gods or a higher power unites people in other cultures, giving festivals a deeper meaning, and a reason to set aside individual egos.  However, our lack of a shared belief system shouldn’t prevent us from joining forces, and worshipping almighty LIFE together.

I think this is something we forget in our country sometimes, in favour of hedonism and obliteration.  There is definitely a place for reckless abandon, but maybe there would be less need to escape reality if we were more focused on celebrating the one thing that unites us all.  Being ALIVE!