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The Diverse Amazing Landscapes of South America

I’m sure I’ll write about all of these places at a later date, but for now I just wanted to create a quick mainly visual post about the crazy scenery in South America.  We travelled by land across most of the continent, and I think that’s why it made such an impression on me.  We’d go between desert and sea, mountains and jungle in single bus journeys (very long ones admittedly, but the impact was still incredible).  We saw the distinct striking landscapes from the pictures below emerge and fade into one another seamlessly throughout the day.  Or we’d dose off in a barren wilderness and wake up surrounded by snow.  It was truly amazing.

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni. The world’s largest salt flat, in Bolivia. Fantastic strangely coloured lakes, giant cacti and volcanoes are some of the other natural wonders of this region.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls, Venezuela. Breathtaking scenery. The whole journey to reach the isolated waterfalls was an adventure by tiny plane and then boat into a forgotten land of table top mountains and jungle.

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon.  Home to the giant Andean condor.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls.  These magnificent waterfalls are on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Whenever I see waterfalls I love to imagine being in the wilderness thousands of years ago and stumbling upon them for the first time. They are absolutely vast, and the roar of the water is amazing.


Ushuaia, Argentina. The southernmost city in the world.

Perito Moreno glacier

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina. Huge blocks of ice break off the end of this gigantic glacier and crash spectacularly into the water as it melts during the summer months.