Simple Ways To Celebrate Life Every Day

If you have read my last 2 posts you will know that I have taken on a challenge to celebrate the magic of life in some way, big or small, every single day.  It is Day 2 and I am already feeling overwhelmed!

Yesterday I climbed Glastonbury Tor, which was an epic way to start.  I have an awesome plan for this evening, which you will hopefully get to see very soon in my next post.  However, this level of celebration is simply unsustainable.  I need some more simple and relaxing ways to honour and celebrate the magnificence of life, otherwise I am going to burn out extremely quickly!

I am compiling a list for myself to help me when I run out of ideas, or am simply exhausted, so I thought I would share it with you too.

  • Have an extra luxurious bath.
  • Adorn yourself in jewels or other beautiful things.  (See my Etsy shop for handmade crystal treasures.)
  • Create a magical altar or meditation space.
  • Celebrate someone you admire.  Share the work of someone who inspires you, or tell a friend they are amazing.
  • Push beyond your limitations – learn a new yoga pose, song or something else challenging.
  • Plan an adventure – even if you don’t have time to go anywhere, planning a magical adventure is a perfect way to celebrate life.
  • Dance, sing, play music or create a playlist of songs
  • Cook something exciting or bake a cake.
  • Take photos of beautiful things you see.
  • Go rollerskating, ice skating, trampolining or another fun activity.
  • Celebrate nature with a fire, swim outdoors in a river, lake or the sea, climb a mountain, the list goes on!

I will be sharing my experiences with these and much more over the coming weeks.  Please comment below if you have any other ideas of simple ways to celebrate life.



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