I am passionate about peace.

The kind of wild vibrant peace when you are so in the moment that everything radiates love and beauty. I create jewellery as a reminder of this magic and as a way of sharing it.

I’ve always loved shiny pretty things (who doesn’t?!) but my love of more unusual jewellery began during my first travels outside of Europe.  It opened me up in a way I had not experienced before and I found myself experimenting with different styles, inspired by my surroundings, the people I met and the many many purchases I made from local markets from Southeast Asia to South America, India and beyond. I started creating my own unique pieces and my jewellery business grew from there.

I love gemstones and use macrame knotting techniques to encase them and link them together.  I also use a lot of repurposed beads from old and broken jewellery that people frequently donate to me!


Amazonite necklace










raw amethyst multi-gemstone necklace
































Visit my Etsy shop to see what I’ve currently got for sale.


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