In Love With Life Again

Too much of the “I need to get this, this and this” mentality, and not enough appreciation for the beauty and love that I already have in my life, had left me feeling a bit disconnected from my passions for the last few days.

Fortunately today was a warm sunny day, so I took some time to just lie down outside on my yoga mat and stare at the sky.  As I watched the light fluffy clouds float by I felt my heart rate slow down.  It was as if my body was tuning in to the expansive quality of the sky, and suddenly I felt so much more spacious and free.  The clouds didn’t know or care where they were going, they just drifted.  I would watch them pass through my field of vision, and when they moved out of sight, I let them go, and embraced the new ones that entered.


I did this for only 5 or 10 minutes, but it was an incredibly peaceful rejuvenating experience.  I realised that I needed to rediscover the meaning in the things I loved, so set that as my intention for the afternoon.  Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration for me, so I went through some of the pins I had saved in the past.  Images of goddesses, and mystical lands full of wonder filled my mind and heart.  I was recharged and ready to create.


I was blessed with so much inspiration, and immersed myself in the process of putting together and sharing some images of my own.  I looked outside at the beautiful garden, and at the magic on the screen in front of me, and felt pure joy.  I was well and truly back in my happy place.

Necklaces and bracelets pictured available in my shop

Necklaces and bracelets pictured available in my shop

If you need to get back in your happy place, check out my series of posts “The Magic Is In You” for inspiration and meditations.  What are your favourite ways to fall back in love with life when you’ve lost your spark?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below ❤.




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