Ice Skating And Winter Magic

Day 3 of my challenge to celebrate the magic of life in some way every single day was an evening of ice skating and winter fun in Bristol.  This challenge was inspired by Christmas, but is intended to continue into 2019.  It is easy to find ways to celebrate at this time of year, but I am being constantly reminded that attitude is everything.

As my friend and I walked to the ice rink from the car park we were initially disappointed by the lack of decorations in the city centre.  I remembered my intention to celebrate the magic, and found that when I focused on the beauty it became amplified.  The lights seemed to shine brighter, and I was dazzled at the difference my change of mindset made.

We sang all the way to the winter fair, and I was glad to be with someone as happy as me to be silly in public!  I love people who I can just be my crazy self with like my fellow massage therapist friend Sarah.  We spotted a sign that simply said ‘GET MERRY’, so we were happy to oblige!  I was so excited by the time we reached this Christmas tree which marked our arrival.

Ice skating was predictably busy and treacherous, but after half an hour I was gliding around easily and barely noticed all the people wobbling and colliding, as I was in my own world.  I felt like I was in the winter wonderland described in so many classic Christmas songs!

Our session was over way too soon, but we happily sang all the way home again!  Another fantastic day of celebration.



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