How To Turn Life Into A Magical Adventure

After many years of experimenting with different jobs, and travelling all over the world, I have discovered that location and life circumstances have very little to do with how magical my experience is.  You don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes to get back to the adventurous free spirit you were born to be.

Me being Tarzan in the Venezuelan jungle!

Taking a massive trip across the globe or starting a fresh chapter in your life may bring you a new perspective, but what I’ve found to be even more empowering is learning how to change my mindset.  External changes may occur, but they come much more naturally when I see life as the magical adventure it truly is.

Stourhead gardens, UK

To change my mindset (which I have to do on a regular basis), I follow this simple process:

1.  Get in touch with your inspiring vision.

Take some time to clear your mind.  Take a bath, or go for a relaxing walk.  Watch some utter nonsense on TV.  Go to the gym.  Do whatever it is YOU need to do to unwind.

Some people find using their imagination comes easily, but it was something that took a lot of practice for me.  Thankfully, I am now able to visualize and FEEL my magical dreams within a few seconds of focussing, but to begin with I had to dedicate a lot of time to getting in touch with the things that inspired me.

Take some time to dream.

The best way I have found to create an inspiring dream, is to let go of all limitations.  This is a DREAM.  It isn’t supposed to be realistic.  Of course it can still be something practical if that’s what inspires you.  There are no limits.  (For more on this idea, check out my post You Are Infinite.)

Your vision should ignite the spark of adventure inside of you.  I follow some amazing dancers and yogis on Instagram, and even though I’m not yet able to move so gracefully, this freedom of movement inspires my dreamscape.  I am also inspired by so many beautiful places I have travelled to, and seen on Pinterest when searching for inspiration.

Ta Prohm, Cambodia

I am inspired by sunsets and the stillness of the night.  I love wild windy days and dramatic scenery, and I love the tranquility of a beautiful garden.  Listening to music can take me on a journey deep within my soul, allowing me to experience long forgotten emotions.  All of these things, and so many more, merge to form a paradise within me that is constantly changing.

With practice, I have learned to tune into this inner landscape when I need inspiration.  This alone can improve my mood and give me more energy, but I find it to be more effective when combined with the next step.

2.  Take any action which brings you closer to the feeling of your vision.

I will use some examples from my own life to illustrate this point.  Recently, the aspect of my vision which was inspiring me the most was the vitality it evoked in me.  I saw myself moving freely with an abundance of energy, and simply imagining this made me feel more animated.  However, to really bring this quality into my life, I knew I needed to take action.

In that moment I made a commitment to being more active.  I already do a lot of yoga, but lately I’ve been focussing more on slow movements and relaxing postures.  I decided to add some fun exercise into my life to keep me feeling enlivened and joyful.  I went to a trapeze class with a friend, and have a trampolining session, roller disco and inflatable run booked over the next few weeks.

Often my inspiring vision includes scenes of spectacular natural beauty.  I will always travel to far away lands and explore amazing places, but I want to feel that connection with nature more often than my travels will allow.  Writing about my adventures and sharing photos is a great way for me to do this.  An even better way is going on mini adventures closer to home, and immersing myself in wild and wonderful natural environments.

Godrevy, Cornwall, UK

At other times I dream of the warm loving glow of a sunset.  To bring this into my life, I find ways to express my love.  This has included volunteering at a homeless shelter, becoming a massage therapist, and simple things like cooking special meals.

The action you take doesn’t need to look like the image in your mind, but the feeling should match.

3.  Overcome your obstacles.

This is the stage where we often get stuck.  If the action we have decided to take involves stepping outside our comfort zones, it can be easy to forget why we wanted to do it in the first place!  However, if we are able to trust our original vision (even if it has now changed) and follow through with our actions, we will be greatly rewarded.

If you are wavering over whether something is still a good idea, acknowledge that your vision has now changed, and you have new dreams.  You can still act on these dreams, but first honor the validity of your original vision and take action as planned.

If you are really struggling, by all means act on your new dream instead.  You will probably find your previous vision returns at a later date, asking to be brought to life.  At some point you will need to overcome the feelings of tiredness, apathy, or whatever inner struggles are preventing you from moving in the direction you want to go.

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Overcoming obstacles is something I’m very much still in the middle of, and perhaps always will be.  However, the clearer my vision becomes, and the more I practise acting on it even when I don’t feel like it, the easier it is to work through the obstacles.

When you repeat this process over and over again, you will find that so many new possibilities open up, and your life begins to feel more like the grand adventure it really is.

What adventures do you dream of?  If anything were possible, what would life be like?  I would love to hear about your dreams and visions in the comments below.




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