Hidden Treasure

Love is everywhere.  If we’re lucky we find it in abundance in our friends, family, nature, beautiful moments of solitude, cosy times with our pets, playful fun times, and joyous celebrations.  Most people have no desire to look outside of the spheres of love that surround them when everything is going well.

Having grown up in a safe, loving, comfortable bubble, I’ve always been intrigued by what is on the other side.  I ventured out of my safe container into unknown terrain, where I didn’t understand the rules.  I encountered darkness, but I also found treasure.  Love may appear to be absent from some places, but the more I look, the more I discover it is simply hidden from view.

When love is pushed out of the picture by pain, confusion, misunderstanding, harsh judgement and fear, it becomes a gleaming jewel, shining brightly in the dirt.  Moments of connection and hope amongst struggle and grief are absolutely priceless.  Finding pieces of your soul where you were afraid to look is like discovering the holy grail on a real life quest.

Witnessing the suffering in the world, and in myself, has led me to discover the immense love and power that we all have within us.  When situations seem impossible, we either collapse and give up hope, or we discover more of our infinite selves.

Sometimes I’m not in the mood for treasure hunting.  I’ve made the mistake of forcing myself to brave the tricky terrain when I really wasn’t up to it.  This never ends well.  There is no point embarking on an epic quest when all you want to do is relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

But the gold is still there, lurking in those dark places.  When you are rested and whole, it will lure you in.  Just be sure you are ready for the adventure!  It will test you to your limit, but hopefully you will come out shining and ready for more.

Where have you found hidden treasure?  I have encountered so much beauty and love amongst social outcasts, criminals, the ‘mentally ill’, the filthiest streets and the strangest situations.  Be cautious, but be brave.




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