Good Things – September 2015

Day 208 – 30 Sept, 2015

1.  Did some yoga and meditation.

2.  Had lovely vegan lunch cooked for me.

3.  Made a new friend.

4.  Painted my friend’s cabinet – loved making it all glittery and painting butterfly and a sun.

5.  Phyllis and Deirdre the tortoise babies seem well.

6.  Did social media-ing.

7.  Sat in garden in sun.

8.  Have booked handstand training session for Fri.

9.  Received really lovely 5* review on Etsy.

10.  Did some marketing for massage.

Day 207 – 29 Sept, 2015

1.  Got the baby tortoises for a couple of days.

2.  Nice chat with friend.

3.  Did some good writing about my emotions.

4.  Counselling session was great, feel like I’m making a bit of a breakthrough.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Listed new item on Etsy.

7.  Stats improving.

8.  Made delicious stir fry.

9.  Fixed problem with Instagram on the iPad.

10.  Remembering to focus on the bigger picture re work and not get too bogged down with details.

Day 206 – 28 Sept, 2015

1.  Amazing sunset – breathtakingly beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.

2.  Had a really really good relaxing bath which I really needed!

3.  Got to see an awesome magic show at the Hippodrome for free.

4.  Hanging out with my friend.

5.  Good feedback from massage client re online reviews and blog.

6.  Practised singing a bit in the car.

7.  Haven’t been spending much time marketing jewellery lately but sold necklace today anyway.

8.  Really good long sleep last night.

9.  Healthy dinner.

10.  Dark chocolate.

Day 205 – 27 Sept, 2015

1.  Really pleased with latest creation.

2.  Took some great photos.

3.  Listed new item on Etsy.

4.  Edited and shared photos on Instagram.

5.  Delicious lunch with leftover roasted veg.

6.  Great photos from the festival my friends took.

7.  Connecting with interesting people on Instagram.

8.  Got washing done.

9.  Did some cleaning.

10.  Beautiful weather.

Day 204 – 26 Sept, 2015

1.  Did some good thinking in the car on the way home.

2.  Amazing glitter face painting my friend did for me.

3.  Seeing friends.

4.  Dancing.

5.  Seeing Roots Manuva at Tokyo World.

6.  It was sunny!

7.  Amazing delicious vegan breakfast at cafe.

8.  Chocolate cake.

9.  Good chat with friend.

10.  Received some lovely compliments.

Day 203 – 25 Sept, 2015

1.  Made some really cool necklaces.

2.  Felt more energized and inspired than I have done for a while.

3.  Took some time for myself to work and relax.

4.  Finding photos that I have dismissed as ‘not good enough’ in the past, editing them and loving the result enough to share them.

5.  Gooey chocolate brownies my friend made.

6.  Seeing lovely friends.

7.  Cuddles with Phyllis and Deirdre the baby tortoises.

8.  Identified some gemstones that I was previously unable to.

9.  Looking forward to festival tomorrow.

10.  Singing in the car.

Day 202 – 24 Sept, 2015

1.  Saw friend and had fun helping her paint her cupboard.

2.  Delicious avocado.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Feeling more connected to my sense of purpose.

5.  Photographed and listed necklace.

6.  Really like photo I took from top of Poon Hill in Nepal.

7.  Looking forward to sorting through bag of beads friend gave me.

8.  Discovered inspiring Etsy shop to learn from – gives me faith that I can build my business.

9.  One of my necklaces was featured in a treasury on Etsy.

10.  Watched really exciting spooky drama on TV.

Day 201 – 23 Sept, 2015

1.  Looking forward to painting with friend tomorrow.

2.  Did some writing – starting to get clarity on next blog post which is a subject close to my heart.

3.  Had clarity on another issue I’d been struggling with.

4.  Started making necklace – experimenting with new design.

5.  Made it to kundalini yoga class – haven’t been in ages.

6.  Yummy leftover fajitas.

7.  The sense of inner peace I get when I focus on creativity.  It really connects me to the magic and beauty of life.

8.  Enjoyed relaxing and watching some TV.

9.  Did some yoga at home as well as going to class.

10.  Practised singing.

Day 200 – 22 Sept, 2015

1.  Had really good counselling session.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  New likes on Facebook.

4.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

5.  Did food shopping.

6.  Cooked dinner for my parents and they loved it.

7.  Received really lovely messages from 2 customers thanking me.

8.  Discovered new inspiring travel blog to read.

9.  Discovered lots of inspiring new people to follow on Instagram.

10.  Gave myself relaxing face massage.

Day 199 – 21 Sept, 2015

1.  Had an amazing long lie-in.

2.  I enjoy my job.

3.  Met a cool tortoise called Colin.

4.  Went out for food by myself and really enjoyed it.

5.  Laughing with friends.

6.  Meditated in car for 20 mins before yoga – felt great.

7.  Made it to yoga class and it was really good.

8.  Had delicious meal cooked for me.

9.  Watching music videos on Youtube.

10.  Learned how to play ‘Hallelujah’ – amazing song, nearly made me cry, and really enjoyed concentrating on just playing guitar.  Really rewarding and felt like my playing was flowing well some of the time.

Day 198 – 20 Sept, 2015

1.  Missed breakfast but got given loads of veggie sausages and beans that were left over.

2.  Huge amazing shower in our en suite bathroom.

3.  Had a lovely walk around the grounds of the estate.

4.  Nice helpful friendly staff.

5.  Had second breakfast at the golf club and it was really good.

6.  Sat in the sun for ages and had lovely chat with friends.

7.  Got invited to a festival for the day next weekend as my friend has a spare ticket.

8.  Hanging out in the huge beautiful building.

9.  Being nice and warm snuggled up with the heating on at home.

10.  Having food ready to eat in the freezer.

Day 197 – 19 Sept, 2015

1.  Really enjoyed getting my hair and make-up done professionally.

2.  Beautiful weather – perfect for wedding.

3.  Received lots of compliments.

4.  Seeing my friend walk down the aisle was so exciting!

5.  Had a good cry during the ceremony.

6.  The amazing venue was so grand and I really enjoyed the day there, especially being outside in the sun.

7.  Saw lots of my good friends.

8.  Our room was huge and amazing.

9.  The food was great.

10.  The fireworks were amazing.

Day 196 – 18 Sept, 2015

1.  Lovely relaxing atmosphere in nail bar.

2.  Being pampered.

3.  My friend feeding me chocolate soya yogurt while stuck in traffic!

4.  Stayed in lovely cottage.

5.  Being away felt good.

6.  Had delicious meal out in pub.

7.  Being warm and cosy in the cottage.

8.  New massage clients – getting found online, website must be indexing on Google.

9.  Had a nice early night.

10.  Waffle snacks.

Day 195 – 17 Sept, 2015

1.  Helped my friend with wedding preparations.

2.  Spent the whole day out and about.

3.  Felt tired but managed to not get too stressed or annoyed with all the driving and walking around town.

4.  Got really lost on the way home with my friends in the evening but it was hilarious!

5.  Had lovely meal cooked for me by a different friend.

6.  Her little girl is adorable.

7.  Had a lovely time in her cosy living room relaxing and watching TV.

8.  Face massage.

9.  Delicious lentils I’d cooked the day before.

10.  Nice message from customer.

Day 194 – 16 Sept, 2015

1.  Nice relaxing day.

2.  Sore throat gone.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Went for lovely walk with my mum.

5.  Adorable and funny animal youtube videos – priceless!

6.  Made loads of lentil curry – stocking up on food!

7.  Enjoyed sharing jewellery pictures and compiling posts on social media.

8.  Enjoyed watching some trash TV.

9.  Sent nice messages to friends.

10.  Lovely chat with my grandma and another friend.

Day 193 – 15 Sept, 2015

1.  Good counselling session.

2.  Job satisfaction.

3.  Sales picking up.

4.  Lots of likes and comments on Instagram.

5.  Made In Chelsea was great.

6.  Had a busy day and got lots done.

7.  Practised singing in the car.

8.  Made plans with friends.

9.  Nice message from customer.

10.  Amazing blog post that I am halfway through reading.

Day 192 – 14 Sept, 2015

1.  Made it to yoga class.

2.  Did some yoga at home too.

3.  Played guitar and did some singing.

4.  Cooked for my parents.

5.  Got 2 of my photos shared by a popular page on Instagram – delighted!

6.  Bought some sparkly ribbon that I’m looking forward to making things with.

7.  Shared jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

8.  Arranged to do music with friend next week.

9.  The TV program ‘The Dog Whisperer’ – that man is a genius!

10.  Did some writing.

Day 191 – 13 Sept, 2015

1.  Finally sold something after a long time with poor stats now I’ve sorted problem with Facebook.

2.  Scheduled in some time to do music tomorrow 🙂

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Had lovely day doing crafts for best friend’s wedding.

5.  Got some work done this morning before going out.

6.  Had more energy today.

7.  Inspiration from fellow Instagramers.

8.  Absolutely delicious leftover vegan lasagne.

9.  Did some massage promotion while I was out.

10.  Practised singing.

Day 190 – 12 Sept, 2015

1.  Snoring doormouse video – sooo funny and cute.

2.  Video of cats annoying dogs with friendship!

3.  Watched entertaining film.

4.  Had a great nap.

5.  Made an amazing vegan lasagne.

6.  Fascinating documentary about ancient Egypt.

7.  Amazing facts I learned about elephants yesterday.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Having the day off.

10.  Booked hostels for Bled and Bovec in Slovenia.

Day 189 – 11 Sept, 2015

1.  Found one really good photo amongst the ones I took yesterday that I’d thought were a write off.

2.  Made some experimental food which turned out ok and was quite fun to do.

3.  Enjoyed dressing up to go out this evening.

4.  Lovely time with my friends.

5.  Solved the mystery of decline in shop views on Etsy.

6.  New likes for Facebook page.

7.  Tension in neck and head beginning to release – massage helped.

8.  Got shopping done really fast.

9.  Did some yoga in the garden – very pleasant!

10.  Connecting with inspiring people on Instagram.

Day 188 – 10 Sept, 2015

1.  Took some great experimental photos.

2.  Not giving up.

3.  Had an amazing massage.

4.  Felt relaxed and happy this afternoon.

5.  Fellow inspiring artists on Instagram.

6.  Enjoyed writing latest blog post.

7.  Accepting the fact that things will not be amazing and run smoothly all the time.

8.  Beautiful garden.

9.  Lotus vegan biscuit spread is to die for.

10.  Narrowed down options for Slovenia hostels.

Day 187 – 9 Sept, 2015

1.  Feeling determined.  Business is slow at the moment but I am staying strong and taking the opportunity tomorrow to get more creative with my marketing.

2.  Planned trip to Slovenia – it looks absolutely beautiful!

3.  Really enjoyed making some more of the necklace I am working on.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Delicious salad for lunch.

6.  Had some homemade bread my dad made with my dinner and it was so delicious!

7.  Gave my mum a massage.

8.  Watched first part of really good drama on TV.

9.  New likes for Facebook page.

10.  Got up earlier than usual and didn’t feel too tired.

Day 186 – 8 Sept, 2015

1.  Selected and edited all the photos for next blog post.

2.  Started making necklace during my leisure time because it was the thing I most wanted to do – realizing this made me very happy!

3.  Helped a man who was semi conscious by checking on him and calling ambulance.

4.  Lovely evening in discussing arrangements for best friend’s wedding.

5.  Successfully resolved an issue my friend and I had between us.

6.  Did not get upset about shop stats being massively down despite lots of marketing effort today.  I understand that I need to look at the bigger picture and not let the daily ups and downs affect my confidence.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Made In Chelsea last night was amazing!  (as usual)

9.  Great counseling session.

10.  Saw my friend’s sister and mum at bridesmaid dress fitting – a pleasant surprise as I didn’t know they were going to be there.

Day 185 – 7 Sept, 2015

1.  Had lovely afternoon visiting a friend.

2.  Made delicious roasted veg pasta.

3.  Chocolate puddings my mum made are sooo good.

4.  Edited old photos.

5.  Got to see cats I looked after.

6.  Great photo from yesterday of my dad and me wearing our wetsuits and snorkels at the beach!

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Preparing veg at the table in the garden with my mum.

9.  Practised singing.

10.  Looking through the work of inspiring artist Charmaine Olivia.

Day 184 – 6 Sept, 2015

1.  Last minute spontaneous trip to the coast.

2.  Absolutely perfect weather for it.

3.  Prioritizing leisure more.

4.  Snorkeling with my dad.

5.  Saw a shrimp.

6.  Saw a dog on a stand up paddle board!

7.  Loads of other cute dogs.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Watching entertaining film.

10.  Laughed lots.

Day 183 – 5 Sept, 2015

1.  Shared new necklace on lots of Facebook groups.

2.  Lots of likes and views.

3.  Got last minute free ticket to go to see Arcadia.

4.  Had awesome time.

5.  I love my friends.

6.  Massage went well.

7.  Amazing chocolate pudding.

8.  Nice family meal.

9.  Feeling generally inspired about lots of different things.

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 182 – 4 Sept, 2015

1.  Took a day off – realized I need to take more leisure time to avoid burnout.

2.  Finished reading ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’.  A fantastic and inspiring book.

3.  New massage customer and enquiries.

4.  Had a really long sleep.

5.  Lots of fresh veg and salad – I especially loved eating avocado.

6.  Had lovely meal cooked for me by parents.

7.  Did some tidying.

8.  Watched some really interesting factual TV programs.

9.  Spent some time doing visualization exercises.

10.  Made plans/contacted friends.

Day 181 – 3 Sept, 2015

1.  Had a good catch up with friend.

2.  Interesting conversations.

3.  Pleased and excited by a couple of the goals I have set.

4.  Made, photographed and re-listed necklace very efficiently.

5.  Yummy roasted veg.

6.  Delicious salad friend made.

7.  Watched interesting program about quantum physics.

8.  Nice chat with my grandma.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Practised singing a little bit.

Day 180 – 2 Sept, 2015

1.  Experimented with new design for earrings – I love making new things and translating the visions in my mind into reality.

2.  Decided to put creativity first and marketing second.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Had a really good chat with friend.

5.  Yummy aubergine, hummus and pepper panini for lunch.

6.  Saw some ribbon that I’m going to buy for making necklaces – excited!

7.  Watched really good documentary about India.

8.  Lots of likes for Instagram photos.

9.  Saw friend briefly and she gave me a hug and delicious vegan biscuit spread!

10.  Put some massage fliers in cafe.

Day 179 – 1 Sept, 2015

1.  Lasting improvement in my posture – generally feel I can breathe more easily and feel more comfortable.

2.  Self massage.

3.  Got lots done today.

4.  Don’t need to go to supermarket tomorrow because parents picked up some vegetables for me when they went earlier.

5.  Made lots of jewellery photos into pins ready to share on Pinterest.

6.  Really enjoyed pasta meal from freezer that I made last week, and appreciated not having to cook today.

7.  Made beautiful necklace.

8.  Photographed necklace – delighted with how the pictures turned out.

9.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

10.  Felt lots better after doing yoga.