Good Things – October 2015

Day 239 – 31 Oct, 2015

1.  Made it to zombie walk (almost) on time.

2.  Was pleased with my make-up and costume.

3.  LOVELY to spend lots of time with my best friend.

4.  Saw lots of other wonderful friends.

5.  The weather was really warm and sunny – and it’s the end of OCTOBER!!  In ENGLAND!!!

6.  Everyone’s costumes were amazing and we could see them all properly because it was a day time event instead of night time.

7.  Drummer busker in the bear pit was great.

8.  Got amazing vegan pizza from Pepe Nero.

9.  Did some work from my phone – so easy and convenient.

10.  Lovely friendly staff in pizza place.

Day 238 – 30 Oct, 2015

1.  Delicious vegan lasagne from the freezer.

2.  Did an intention setting ritual.

3.  Made collage of jewellery and travel pics which I am pleased with.

4.  Finished necklace for myself and I love it.

5.  Kept my focus on purpose of my business.

6.  Found zombie make-up in wardrobe so don’t need to buy more tomorrow.

7.  Watched lots of brilliant inspiring Ted talks.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Feeling a bit strange today but have a lot more acceptance than usual for my feelings.

10.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

Day 237 – 29 Oct, 2015

1.  My friend cooked us a delicious vegan spag bol.

2.  Yummy homemade vegan sticky toffee pudding.

3.  Making a lovely necklace for myself.

4.  Listed new bracelet on Etsy – so pleased with how it turned out.

5.  Love connecting with people on Instagram.

6.  Really loved scrolling through all the photos on my page.

7.  Watched ‘Cowspiracy’, a really interesting documentary.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Enjoyed listening to music in the car.

10.  Good chat with my dad this evening.

Day 236 – 28 Oct, 2015

1.  I love doing massages for friends.

2.  Sold one of my favourite necklaces.

3.  Friend loved her bracelet.

4.  Lots of good Twitter interactions.

5.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

6.  Making myself a new necklace.

7.  Took some great photos.

8.  Shared massage page on Facebook groups.

9.  Contacted a couple of friends I haven’t spoken to in a while.

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 235 – 27 Oct, 2015

1.  Good last counselling session.

2.  Got a list of organizations to contact for affordable therapy in future.

3.  Gaining more awareness of emotions.

4.  Amazing Indian take-away.

5.  Friend loved picture of bracelet.

6.  Really pleased with other bracelet I made.

7.  Getting more into using Twitter.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Practised singing in car.

10.  Great evening carving pumpkins with friends.

Day 234 – 26 Oct, 2015

1.  Experimented with my first Facebook ad.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Hanging out with my friend and her cats.

4.  Made amazing vegan lasagne.

5.  Had some more vegan sticky toffee pudding – sooo good!

6.  Really pleased with the latest items I have made.

7.  Created some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

8.  Really appreciated some of my old Instagram photos.

9.  Connecting with people on social media.

10.  Practised singing in the car.

Day 233 – 25 Oct, 2015

1.  Had the best afternoon nap ever.

2.  Relaxing on the sofa with my snuggly dressing gown.

3.  Made custom bracelet for friend.

4.  Shared massage page on local groups.

5.  Got laptop set up.

6.  Had delicious roast dinner cooked for me.

7.  Was lovely to see grandma and uncle.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Gave myself face massage.

10.  Vegan sticky toffee pudding.

Day 232 – 24 Oct, 2015

1.  Fun dancing at the party.

2.  Saw lots of friends.

3.  Working from my phone.

4.  Using ‘kind’ words.

5.  Baked brownies as housewarming gift.

6.  Really enjoyed cleaning some raw opal while watching a film.

7.  Good chats with friends.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Great music.

10.  Got food shopping done.

Day 231 – 23 Oct, 2015

1.  Made my target earnings 2 days in a row despite being ill for the first half of the week.

2.  Had fun doing exercises with friend.

3.  Listened to some good music.

4.  Hanging out with friends.

5.  Amazing vegan pizza from Pepe Nero.

6.  Edited all my Slovenia photos.

7.  Great meditation in car on way home tonight.

8.  Was able to help a friend with transporting some of her things.

9.  Amazing cute video of a baby with puppies.

10.  Managed to do some useful work from my phone while I was out.

Day 230 – 22 Oct, 2015

1.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

2.  New followers.

3.  Found some old photos to share that are amazing.

4.  Feeling more connected to my purpose.

5.  Job satisfaction.

6.  A friend gave me some gemstones.

7.  Conversation with an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a while.

8.  Did some yoga – felt more energized and motivated than I have done for a while.

9.  Enjoyed listening to music.

10.  Lots of re-pins on Pinterest.

Day 229 – 21 Oct, 2015

1.  Designed cool jewellery ad.

2.  New followers.

3.  Took some good photos.

4.  Lots of likes.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Laughing with my dad.

7.  Made plans with friends.

8.  Made some cool pins for Pinterest.

9.  Doing this from my phone while lying on sofa.

10.  Did some tidying.

Day 228 – 20 Oct, 2015

1.  Watched interesting TV drama.

2.  Saw Lucy the dog.

3.  Feeling a bit better.

4.  Took some great photos of necklace.

5.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

6.  Enquiries and positive comments re jewellery.

7.  Downloaded new photo editing apps on phone.

8.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Getting on well with parents.

Day 227 – 19 Oct, 2015

1.  New series of Made In Chelsea starting today!

2.  Did long relaxation which alleviated my headache.

3.  Getting back into the swing of work.

4.  Took some awesome photos of opal.

5.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

6.  Connecting with new interesting people on Twitter.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Made plans to see friends.

9.  Found lots of inspiring pictures on Instagram.

10.  Watched funny Youtube videos on new massive TV.

Day 226 – 18 Oct, 2015

1.  Got up fairly early.

2.  Collected car and bought laptop.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Dealt with something that had been on my mind for a while.

5.  Waffle snacks.

6.  Supportive loving messages from friends.

7.  Chat with friend on phone.

8.  Relaxing day.

9.  Got washing done.

10.  Amazing cute funny dog video.

Day 225 – 17 Oct, 2015

1.  Had lovely walk around the city in the sunshine.

2.  Seeing everyone out enjoying the bustling market.

3.  Stocked up on snacks for the journey.

4.  Had delicious vegan lunch.

5.  Loved wandering by myself, writing poetry in my head.

6.  Easy journey to airport.

7.  Free wifi everywhere.

8.  Good flight.

9.  Friend was very reassuring on the phone when I was ill at bus station.

10.  Slept in my own comfy bed.

Day 224 – 16 Oct, 2015

1.  Slept well.

2.  Really good lunch.

3.  Fruit and nuts snack.

4.  Beautiful scenery on journey.

5.  Relaxed on bus.

6.  Nice evening walk around city.

7.  Cool dragon bridge.

8.  Found some nice bars.

9.  Found another vegan restaurant and health food shop.

10.  Huge dorm room to ourselves again!

Day 223 – 15 Oct, 2015

1.  Arriving at Soca river was so impressive and felt really rejuvenating.

2.  Walked loads.

3.  It actually stopped raining briefly today!

4.  Took some great photos.

5.  Hiked to awesome waterfall.

6.  Felt really rewarding to arrive at waterfall and it was spectacular.

7.  Walk back didn’t take as long as expected.

8.  Delicious lunch.

9.  My new trousers are really warm and comfy.

10.  Good chat with my friend.

Day 222 – 14 Oct, 2015

1.  Felt anxious but dealt with it really well.

2.  Walk to train station didn’t take long.

3.  Yummy pasta sauce and bread snack.

4.  Bought chocolate – such a good idea!

5.  Easy to find bus when we got off train.

6.  Really good lunch in restaurant.

7.  Found hostel easily.

8.  Listened to some really good music on the bus.

9.  Hostel really nice.

10.  Stunning scenery during journey.

Day 221 – 13 Oct, 2015

1.  Giant rainbow umbrella I borrowed from hostel.

2.  Gorgeous emerald green water.

3.  Vintgar gorge was beautiful.

4.  Beautiful shades of green and brown leaves.

5.  Took some awesome photos.

6.  Yummy Slovenian baked beans.

7.  Lots of exercise.

8.  Got early night.

9.  Sharing room with nice people.

10.  Slept well despite the noise in the hostel.

Day 220 – 12 Oct, 2015

1.  Yummy vegan food.

2.  Short easy bus journey.

3.  Bled is so beautiful.

4.  Took some lovely pictures of lake.

5.  Hostel is clean and modern.

6.  Nice girl in our room.

7.  Delicious dinner.

8.  Had lovely rest this afternoon.

9.  My friend’s necklace that I made looks awesome and she loves it.

10.  Feeling at ease around lots of people I don’t know.

Day 219 – 11 Oct, 2015

1.  Delicious lunch.

2.  Looking at beautiful crystals in museum.

3.  Free wifi.

4.  Lovely walk to castle.

5.  Bought some beautiful earrings.

6.  Gorgeous views from castle.

7.  Was organized and wrote down transport info.

8.  Another amazing meal at vegan restaurant.

9.  Red wine and nice chat in pub.

10.  Lovely calm peaceful city.

Day 218 – 10 Oct, 2015

1.  Didn’t feel too tired waking up really early.

2.  I love airports.

3.  My friend and I got to sit together on the plane.

4.  Scenic drive from airport.

5.  Pretty buildings.

6.  Lovely hostel staff.

7.  Amazing vegan restaurant.

8.  Big room to ourselves.

9.  Great hostel location.

10.  Slept really well.

Day 217 – 9 Oct, 2015

1.  Lovely chat on phone with friend about her honeymoon trip.

2.  All packed and ready for Slovenia before midnight!

3.  According to various websites it is not too difficult to eat as a vegan in Slovenia.

4.  Printed out a really useful sheet which explains what I can and can’t eat in the local language.

5.  Had a lovely walk to the post office this morning.

6.  Autumn leaves.

7.  Had a nice chat with my dad on the phone.

8.  Took some cool photos.

9.  Watched some entertaining TV.

10.  Made a really nice sandwich and a curry to eat tomorrow before we fly.

Day 216 – 8 Oct, 2015

1.  Took Phyllis and Deirdre home safely.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Nice lazy start to the day.

4.  Got food shopping done.

5.  Got washing done.

6.  Finished really cool elaborate beautiful necklace.

7.  Was able to use my phone really easily to work while I was out.

8.  I adore my ring.

9.  Had a good chat with my friend.

10.  Perfectly ripe avocado.

Day 215 – 7 Oct, 2015

1.  Phyllis and Deirdre the tortoises are amazing.

2.  Being kinder to myself than I have been in a long time, and it feels good.

3.  Finished latest blog post.

4.  Feel connected to my sense of purpose.

5.  Watched 2 good TV programmes.

6.  Nearly finished necklace – it is very elaborate!

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Yummy leftover food.

9.  Gaining a deeper understanding of human emotions.

10.  Re-discovering awesome pictures from my travels.

Day 214 – 6 Oct, 2015

1.  Ordered some rough opal gemstones – so excited to get them!

2.  Did some work on my phone this morning before getting out of bed – I love having a phone that works, it’s so convenient.

3.  Did some writing.

4.  Nice chat with my grandma.

5.  Good counselling session.

6.  Trying out a new necklace design.

7.  Enjoyed making a cool pin to share on Pinterest.

8.  Lovely message from someone on Twitter saying they loved my jewellery.

9.  New followers and likes.

10.  Staying focussed.

Day 213 – 5 Oct, 2015

1.  Amazing inspiring fellow artists on Instagram.

2.  Giant tortoises are so cool!

3.  The little ones I’m looking after are pretty cool too 🙂

4.  Yoga class was great.

5.  Etsy views coming from Twitter following my recent marketing efforts on there.

6.  Worked out an average daily travel budget – gives me something to work towards with earnings.

7.  The nicest message ever from a customer – made me so happy!

8.  Reply from order fulfilment company – they sound very reasonable and flexible.

9.  My faith in myself is increasing.

10.  Feeling motivated.

Day 212 – 4 Oct, 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Made delicious lentil burgers.

3.  Hanging out with friends at bbq.

4.  Juggling was fun.

5.  Lovely weather.

6.  Tortoises are sooo cute.

7.  Did some really useful research into lightweight compact tripods for traveling with.

8.  Emailed an order fulfillment company re possibility of them handling shipping when I am traveling.

9.  Instagram filters are awesome.

10.  Discovered new easy hair style!

Day 211 – 3 Oct, 2015

1.  Cuddles with Deirdre the baby tortoise.

2.  Really enjoyed working at the market today.

3.  Love being able to actually use my phone properly.

4.  Making connections on Instagram.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Delicious left over roasted veg.

7.  Happy customers.

8.  Inspiring Youtube videos.

9.  Ideas for blog.

10.  Jewellery pictures getting re-pinned on Pinterest.

Day 210 – 2 Oct, 2015

1.  Did food shopping.

2.  Really enjoyed handstand class.

3.  Love my new phone, it works so well.

4.  Went to friend’s gig – was awesome.

5.  Dancing.

6.  Made some jewellery.

7.  Cooked some nice food.

8.  Cuddles with Phyllis the baby tortoise.

9.  Applying CBT techniques to my thinking is helpful.

10.  Pleased with my outfit, hair and make-up this evening.

Day 209 – 1 Oct, 2015

1.  Got new phone which I love.

2.  Guy in phone shop really helpful and nice.

3.  Cuddles with Deirdre the baby tortoise.

4.  Got my inspiration back after a couple of days lacking focus.

5.  Solved problem with getting pictures from computer onto phone.

6.  Did lots of yoga – more than usual – and feel very good for it.

7.  Amazing melt in the middle vegan belgian chocolate pudding.

8.  Got a couple of other things I needed in town.

9.  Found out some useful info re laptops.

10.  Amazing inspiring yoga video on Instagram.