Good Things – November 2015

Day 269 – 30 Nov 2015

1.  Self-massage.

2.  Watched funny TV programme.

3.  Love my onesie and warm snuggly dressing gown.

4.  Made delicious vegan lasagne.

5.  Hanging out with friend.

6.  Video call with friend.

7.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

8.  Stayed calm(ish) in traffic.

9.  Got Made In Chelsea to watch in a bit.

10.  Felt really really tired and had a great nap which made me feel a lot better.

Day 268 – 29 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Practised singing in the car.

3.  Enjoyed playing and listening to music with a friend.

4.  Made lots of beautiful pins for Pinterest.

5.  Have committed to daily social media posting – feel good about this.

6.  Enquiry from someone recommended to me for massage – recommendations make me very happy 🙂

7.  Watching Gogglebox – hilarious!

8.  Made lots of plans and contacted lots of friends – I am very lucky to have so many great friends.

9.  Lovely meal with all the family for Grandma’s birthday.

10.  Feeling generally more positive and capable.

Day 267 – 28 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Lovely day out with friends in Bath.

3.  Delicious lunch in cafe.

4.  Nice chats.

5.  Got a lift to Bath so didn’t have to get bus.

6.  Did some work on the bus on way home.

7.  Bought a brilliant hat with cat ears!

8.  Bought a gold sparkly mask for xmas parties.

9.  Excited about drinking rum and hot chocolate as a xmas treat!

10.  Watched ‘The Imitation Game’ – amazing film.

Day 266 – 27 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga even though I was tired.

2.  My friend enjoyed her massage.

3.  Got to meet my friend’s 2 dogs who were so cute.

4.  Also met another adorable dog.

5.  Funny film.

6.  Self-massage.

7.  More free hummus!!!!!

8.  Lots of wonderful friends that I am very grateful to have.

9.  Yummy leftover pie.

10.  Really nice comment about my jewellery from someone online.

Day 265 – 26 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Made lots of pins for Pinterest.

3.  Cheered my dad up.

4.  Free hummus!

5.  Shared lots of pics on Facebook.

6.  Planned future social media posts.

7.  Delicious vegan pie.

8.  Granny feeling better.

9.  Made some awesome collages of pics.

10.  New followers and lots of interaction on Twitter.

Day 264 – 25 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Unlimited amounts of free hummus!

3.  Smoked hummus.

4.  Hummus picnic by suspension bridge.

5.  Beautiful sky.

6.  Comfy sofa in pub.

7.  Free wifi on bus.

8.  Bus fare has actually decreased!

9.  Views back up on Etsy.

10.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

Day 263 – 24 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Made In Chelsea was amazing.

3.  Practised singing in the car.

4.  Lovely catch up with friends.

5.  Granny feeling better and coming home tomorrow (hopefully)

6.  Made some cool pics for Facebook.

7.  Used the Afterlight app to create some great effects on a photo.

8.  Dark chocolate.

9.  Concentration improving.

10.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

Day 262 – 23 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Went to visit Grandma in hospital and she was pleased to see me.

3.  Grandma feeling a lot better.

4.  Feel really tired but remembering to make allowances and not be too hard on myself.

5.  Self face massage.

6.  Inspiring Instagram accounts that I follow.

7.  Delicious pasta meal this evening – very very simple to make.

8.  Love my warm cosy dressing gown.

9.  Lovely cold but sunny weather.

10.  Got food shopping done.

Day 261 – 22 Nov 2015

1.  Experimented with photos for Facebook posts.

2.  Received nice supportive message.

3.  New followers and retweets on Twitter.

4.  Sales up on Etsy.

5.  Made lots of pins for Pinterest.

6.  Lots of re-pins.

7.  Looking at successful brands for inspiration.

8.  Went for a lovely walk.

9.  Sunshine and blue sky.

10.  Nice to see uncle who is visiting.

Day 260 – 21 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Watched a film – relaxing.

3.  A lot of the tension in my body has released.

4.  Nice message from customer.

5.  Said no to some things to take a bit of pressure off myself.

6.  My dad said he wants a onesie (with ears)!

7.  Homemade bread was delicious.

8.  Wrote shopping list – organised.

9.  Made some awesome pins for Pinterest.

10.  Lots of new followers.

Day 259 – 20 Nov 2015

1.  New massage clients.

2.  Investigating treatment rooms to hire on an ad hoc basis.

3.  Posted on lots of Facebook groups.

4.  Shared photos on Instagram.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Shared pics on Pinterest.

7.  Lovely video chat with friend.

8.  Nice comments on Instagram.

9.  Interesting dreams.

10.  Plans got changed but had some much needed free time.

Day 258 – 19 Nov 2015

1.  Massage / kinesiology swap with friend.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Singing in car.

4.  Watched some interesting TV.

5.  Love necklace I’m making.

6.  Beautiful opal.

7.  Yummy leftover food.

8.  Plenty of sleep and more energy.

9.  Created cool picture for Instagram.

10.  Lots of interactions on social media.

Day 257 – 18 Nov 2015

1.  Received gemstone beads for custom order – some beautiful stones that I am very happy to be using.

2.  Sales and views up on Etsy.

3.  Lots of interactions on Twitter and new followers.

4.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

5.  Massage swap with friend – sooo good to have a massage.

6.  Got invited to first xmas party of the year.

7.  Cleaned all my raw opal while watching TV.

8.  Delicious dinner my mum cooked.

9.  Made loads of awesome pins for Pinterest.

10.  New likes on Facebook.

Day 256 – 17 Nov 2015

1.  Didn’t feel too tired this morning.

2.  Did some good stretching when I got up.

3.  Did some yoga later on too.

4.  Cooked delicious meal for my parents.

5.  Lots of leftover food for rest of the week.

6.  Watched good TV drama.

7.  Read some interesting news articles.

8.  Made lots of awesome pins for Pinterest.

9.  Looking at photos from my travels made me very happy.

10.  Ideas for Facebook posts.

Day 255 – 16 Nov 2015

1.  Made In Chelsea.

2.  Hummus waffle snack.

3.  Love my onesie – it’s so comfy!

4.  Wrote to do list for tomorrow – getting a bit more organized again.

5.  Got food shopping done.

6.  Lovely relaxing yoga.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

8.  Made loads of pins for Pinterest.

9.  Lovely to see my parents now they are back.

10.  Self-massage.

Day 254 – 15 Nov 2015

1.  Got onesie at clothes swap!

2.  Got lots of other really good stuff.

3.  Awesome vegan cake.

4.  Saw lots of lovely friends.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Caught up on sleep.

7.  Watched entertaining TV.

8.  Useful youtube videos.

9.  Relaxing evening.

10.  Nice chat with friend on the phone.

Day 253 – 14 Nov 2015

1.  Had a good night out.

2.  Really nice chat with my best friend.

3.  Really cheap and good vegan pizza.

4.  Beard baubles!!!!!

5.  Lovely to see lots of friends.

6.  I love my job.

7.  Made lots of awesome pins to share on Pinterest.

8.  Had another delicious vegan pancake.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Laughed lots.

Day 252 – 13 Nov 2015

1.  Vegan pancake for breakfast.

2.  Self massage and stretching to start the day.

3.  Amazing vegan burger for lunch.

4.  Saw several friends and it was lovely.

5.  Enjoyed sitting in cafe doing work from my phone.

6.  Had delicious meal cooked for me.

7.  Watched entertaining TV programme.

8.  Friend helped me with something I had been thinking about.

9.  Learning lots.

10.  Plan starting to come together.

Day 251 – 12 Nov 2015

1.  Made really easy amazing vegan pancakes.

2.  Looked up details of an organization that provides affordable counselling.

3.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

4.  Made come collages of jewellery and travel pictures.

5.  Shared pictures on lots of jewellery on Facebook groups.

6.  Sorted out beads from old and broken jewellery people have donated to me.

7.  Watching Question Time – interesting and lively debate.

8.  Felt excited about doing more outdoor stuff like SUP boarding, and spending more time in inspiring places of natural beauty.

9.  Arranged massage swap with friend.

10.  Did some yoga – flexibility improved.

Day 250 – 11 Nov 2015

1.  Interesting trip into town.

2.  Yummy brunch.

3.  Gift from friend.

4.  Made some cool pins and collages of pictures.

5.  Read some great blogs.

6.  Funny film.

7.  Useful travel info online.

8.  Stayed relaxed driving in rush hour traffic.

9.  Meowing at Artemis the cat through the door as couldn’t get in!

10.  Nice chats with friends.

Day 249 – 10 Nov 2015

1.  Lots of new followers on Twitter.

2.  Lots of retweets and interactions.

3.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

4.  Photographed new items and edited them.

5.  Listed necklace.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

8.  Made In Chelsea was good.

9.  Yummy leftover food from yesterday.

10.  Inspiration from fellow Instagrammers.

Day 248 – 9 Nov 2015

1.  Had an amazing start to the day with a relaxing bath.

2.  Felt full of energy as all the tension melted away.

3.  Made an awesome necklace.

4.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

5.  Watched good TV drama.

6.  Felt inspired to go on an extended camping adventure and read some great info about where to wild camp.

7.  Dark chocolate.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Awesome pics on a blog post about Mexico.

10.  Important breakthrough in my thinking last night.

Day 247 – 8 Nov 2015

1.  Got up fairly early.

2.  Saw friends’ new house and had a good catch up.

3.  Took some good photos.

4.  Edited photos.

5.  Had a lovely time relaxing in my room with my plants last night before going to sleep.

6.  Getting views from Instagram.

7.  Spent lots of time looking through other people’s pictures and Instagram posts – inspiring.

8.  Friend is feeling better.

9.  Got to spend time with Leonard the chinchilla.

10.  Had a rejuvenating lie down before massaging.

Day 246 – 7 Nov 2015

1.  Had a productive day.

2.  Woke up early.

3.  Beautiful fireworks.

4.  Lovely time with friends.

5.  Really enjoyed putting beautiful photos together.

6.  Planned some tweets.

7.  Made some pins.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  New followers, likes etc.

10.  Hilarious conversations in the pub.

Day 245 – 6 Nov 2015

1.  Made a really nice bracelet.

2.  In love with Afterlight – an image editing app I downloaded.

3.  Shared some awesome photos on social media.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Yummy leftover pasta.

6.  Raw broccoli.

7.  Coping very well with PMT this month.

8.  Came across lots of inspiring pics on Instagram.

9.  Fantasizing about escaping to a desert island!

10.  Sent supportive messages to a friend who is going through a bad time.

Day 244 – 5 Nov 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Practised singing in the car.

3.  Lovely time hanging out with friend.

4.  Did lots of social media-ing.

5.  Made some cool new pins for Pinterest.

6.  Delicious thali.

7.  Extremely good vegan sticky toffee pudding.

8.  Watched some cool YouTube videos.

9.  Read some interesting information about the chakras.

10.  Watched nature documentary – crocodiles are AMAZING!

Day 243 – 4 Nov 2015

1.  Lovely time at friend’s birthday party.

2.  Delicious vegan pizza.

3.  Just found out my friend is moving into a house where there is a dog- yay!

4.  Only got a little bit lost on the way home at the confusing junction.

5.  Had some more sales lately – feeling positive.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Feeling a bit better.

8.  Did some social media-ing.

9.  Nice comments about my jewellery and photos.

10.  Cooked some delicious food.

Day 242 – 3 Nov 2015

1.  Had a nice lazy day as not feeling well.

2.  Woke up early.

3.  Made a nice necklace.

4.  Loads of views on Etsy.

5.  Did some good networking on Twitter.

6.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

7.  Delicious vegan pie my mum made for dinner.

8.  Did some yoga even though I am feeling ill.

9.  Remembering not to be too hard on myself and not have too high expectations today.

10.  Made In Chelsea was really good.

Day 241 – 2 Nov 2015

1.  Got up early.

2.  Made some great pins for Pinterest.

3.  Made some collages of jewellery pics.

4.  Shared photos on Instagram.

5.  Re-committed to a plan I made a while ago.

6.  Read a really good travel blog post.

7.  New followers.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Got food shopping done.

10.  Made delicious lentil curry.

Day 240 – 1 Nov 2015

1.  Lovely lunch out with friends.

2.  Delicious vegan roast.

3.  Delicious vegan cake.

4.  Lovely lady at cafe brought us free nibbles as it was friend’s birthday.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Laughing with friends.

7.  Met a gorgeous puppy.

8.  Awareness of my emotions this evening.

9.  Went to see my grandma who was pleased to see me.

10.  Did some tidying.