Good Things – May 2015

Day 87 – May 31, 2015

1.  Was lovely to see friends I haven’t seen in a little while.

2.  Beautiful smelling roses at Ashton Court.

3.  Cute dogs and people watching.

4.  Lots of new likes for Facebook page.

5.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

6.  Practised singing in the car.

7.  Did breathing exercises.

8.  Spent some time visualizing my goals and it felt good.

9.  Identified some limiting beliefs that I am working on changing.

10.  Putting energy into manifesting exactly what I want.

Day 86 – May 30, 2015

1.  Visited my grandma.

2.  Delicious dinner.

3.  Watching film with parents later.

4.  Did some yoga in the garden.

5.  Weather was lovely.

6.  Had a long lie-in.

7.  Compliments and likes for jewellery photos I shared in various groups on Facebook.

8.  Likes for pics of crystals.

9.  Hot tub cinema photos are great!

10.  Page views back up again on Etsy.

Day 85 – May 29, 2015

1.  Did some REALLY useful internet research into what products bloggers in my niche are offering.

2.  Hot Tub Cinema!!!  Best night in a long time.

3.  Great to see my friends – they were absolutely brilliant this evening.  Hot tubs brought out their raucous side, not that they needed much encouraging!

4.  Yummy pasta meal I had in the freezer.

5.  Feeling really relaxed after sitting in hot tub for so long.

6.  Singing along to The Lion King!

7.  New likes for my Facebook page.

8.  Starting to get some clarity on direction I want to take my business, and felt inspired and confident for the first time in a while.

9.  Found some really useful info online re creating products and services.

10.  New connections on Twitter.

Day 84 – May 28, 2015

1.  Had an amazing massage – did swap with friend.

2.  Was lovely to catch up with friend.

3.  Finally wrote another blog post.

4.  Love my new crystals, took cool photo of them:

smokey quartz and chrysocolla&malachite


5.  Lunch was fantastic – had leftover lentil curry with couscous and salad.  Reminded me of meal I had in Moroccan restaurant once.

6.  New followers on Twitter.

7.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

8.  Really enjoyed doing yoga today.

9.  Self-massage & face yoga is brill.

10.  Had good chat with best friend on the phone.

Day 83 – May 27, 2015

1.  Spent a lot of time in the garden – working and doing yoga.

2.  Making some improvements with more difficult yoga postures.

3.  Laughed lots.

4.  Spent some time on Twitter, got lots of new followers, retweets and favourites.

5.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

6.  Got some clarity re business goals.

7.  Made really easy delicious lentil curry.

8.  Had a lovely lunch outside in the sun.

9.  Found some inspiring businesses online to learn from.

10.  Gave myself a really good face massage.

Day 82 – May 26, 2015

1.  Love the necklace I bought for myself.

2.  Visited my grandma.

3.  Cleaned my room.

4.  Shared lots of beautiful jewellery pics on Facebook.

5.  Being in the garden in the early evening sun.

6.  Really pleased with the progress I’ve made with my backbends.

7.  Just really enjoyed stretching.

8.  Mini yoga break this evening.

9.  Read really useful inspiring blog re law of attraction, reinforcing the things I already know.

10.  Watched really interesting video about black holes.

Day 81 – May 25, 2015

1.  Had a really good chat with my parents.

2.  A friend is going to write out a really meaningful and helpful quote I came across in calligraphy for me.

3.  Gave myself an excellent face massage, and did some yoga and dance.

4.  I am eternally grateful for the endless supply of incredibly useful information freely available online.

5.  Getting my head around writing a business plan, and got my jewellery accounts up to date.

6.  Was really pleased with some of the jewellery posts I produced to share on various Facebook groups.

7.  Love the new crystals I bought at Vegfest.

8.  Cooked a really delicious dinner.

9.  Made In Chelsea was sooo good again!

10.  Did some more writing.

Day 80 – May 24, 2015

1.  Massaged 2 friends and they both found it very beneficial.

2.  Had a good catch up with my friend, and she gave me some face products to try out.

3.  Gave my friends some massage fliers to pass on to people.

4.  Gave myself really good hand and face massage.

5.  Got a really good night’s sleep.

6.  Watched entertaining TV programme.

7.  Met a really cool dog that pinned me down and licked my face… priceless!

8.  Met 2 awesome chinchillas.

9.  My parents saved some vegetables for me to eat with a pie this evening.

10.  Came across some inspiring travel pins on Pinterest.

Day 79 – May 23, 2015

1.  Vegfest was awesome.

2.  Ate loads of vegan food.

3.  Saw lots of friends.

4.  Hilarious ‘Total Wipeout’ style bouncy thing was insanely funny and extremely vigorous exercise!

5.  Gave my mum a massage which she really enjoyed.

6.  Shared jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

7.  Amazing guitarist at the festival really inspired me to want to play my guitar much more.

8.  Dancing was good exercise and really enjoyed letting loose to amazing music!

9.  Refreshing carrot, apple and ginger juice.

10.  Finding quiet moments amongst the madness for yoga and self massage refreshed me a lot.

Day 78 – May 22, 2015

1.  Had a lovely time with my grandma watching Blue Planet again.

2.  Gave parents a lift from the train station.

3.  Got my washing done.

4.  Did some exercise this morning.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Practised singing a little bit.

7.  Saw amazing inspiring video of 2 female musicians playing.

8.  Feel excited about my pendant arriving from America.

9.  Had a long lie in which I really needed.

10.  Completed a few of my mastermind goals.

Day 77 – May 21, 2015

1.  Went to visit my grandma.

2.  Grandma is walking much better now after her op.

3.  Felt really inspired about my path in life after looking at awesome pics on Pinterest.

4.  Successful mastermind meeting.

5.  Went for a lovely walk in the sunshine.

6.  Received another 5* review on Etsy.

7.  Loads of likes for one of my jewellery pics I posted on Facebook group yesterday.

8.  Made some delicious food.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Shared jewellery pics on Facebook groups and was really pleased with some of the compilations I put together.

Day 76 – May 20, 2015

1.  Honoring my emotions in my yoga practice, and respecting that I needed to allow my body to move in a more gentle way than usual, proved to be very beneficial both mentally and physically.

2.  Wrote lots more – blog posts coming soon!

3.  Found some great pictures to accompany a guest post I am writing.

4.  Feel like I have a lot of material for a future e-book on creativity – watch this space!

5.  Vegfest in Bristol on Saturday – SO MUCH amazing vegan food to try, I’m really excited!

6.  Coping very very well with PMS this month.

7.  Made some progress on friend’s necklace.

8.  Amazing brunch.

9.  Went for a lovely walk with my mum.

10.  Mindfulness – practising mindfully drinking tea was very relaxing!

Day 75 – May 19, 2015

1.  Gave myself a really good face massage.

2.  Did some really expressive dancing instead of yoga today which relaxed me a lot.

3.  Received another 5* review for one of my items.

4.  Made In Chelsea was good.

5.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

7.  Delicious vegan lasagna again for lunch.

8.  Re-listed sold items on Etsy – so good not to have to photograph them all over again!

9.  Phoned my grandma who was pleased to hear from me.

10.  Learned a bit more about marketing for my Etsy shop.

Day 74 – May 18, 2015

1.  My dad made me some sweet potato chips to go with my dinner which was very kind of him.

2.  Got some fresh air and saw some nice scenery.

3.  Saw a friend and had a nice lunch.

4.  Swam in a really shallow muddy lake – probably the worst swim I have ever had, but still refreshing and quite entertaining!

5.  Really grateful for delicious homemade lentil burger that I made a few days ago and put in the freezer.

6.  New likes for my Facebook page.

7.  Received enquiry from potential new massage client.

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

9.  Decided I definitely want to visit Victoria Falls in Africa after seeing TV documentary.

10.  Did some writing.

Day 73 – May 17, 2015

1.  Went to see my grandma.

2.  Episode of Blue Planet ‘The Deep’, about the weird and wonderful creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

3.  Eating lasagne I made yesterday – so grateful to have delicious food ready prepared.

4.  Listened to a really relaxing chill out mix on Youtube – so grateful to be able to listen to so much great music for free.

5.  Did some really slow relaxing yoga – felt really peaceful afterwards.

6.  Dark chocolate.

7.  Karl Pilkington’s ‘The Moaning of Life’ – really funny.

8.  New likes for my Facebook page.

9.  Shared jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

10.  Loved all the jewellery I wore today.

Day 72 – May 16, 2015

1.  REALLY looking forward to getting my snuggly dressing gown on and curling up on the sofa!!!

2.  Made a delicious lasagne.

3.  Wasn’t too tired this morning when I woke up.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Practised singing.

6.  Saw my best friend Claire and enjoyed spending time with her.

7.  Bought new bikini in preparation for summer!

8.  Really nice vegan food at restaurant we went to.

9.  Got some useful emotional insights from YouTube video by Teal Swan.

10.  Pressure points of forehead to calm down excessive thinking work really well.

Day 71 – May 15, 2015

1.  Met up with a friend for a jam and learned from him which I enjoyed.

2.  Enjoyed singing very much.

3.  Got food shopping done.

4.  Made delicious mushroom, hummus and avocado sandwiches for lunch.

5.  Got appointment arranged to discuss my needs re therapy.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook and received new likes for my page.

8.  Really enjoyed connecting with the online community.

9.  Dealt with a business problem very efficiently.

10.  This hilarious YouTube video of pets interrupting yoga.

Day 70 – May 14, 2015

1.  Shared massage page and jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

2.  Good interaction on Facebook.

3.  Really enjoying the process of writing.  It is helping to remind me of the magic of the creative process, and I feel very inspired to share this with people.

4.  Saw my friend Sarah, had a good catch up and generally a fun time.

5.  Delicious soya hot chocolate 🙂

6.  Delicious lentil burger and sweet potato chips for dinner.

7.  Re-tweets of my jewellery pictures on Twitter.

8.  Inspiring posts of other pages on Facebook re healing.

9.  Did some good core strength exercises.

10.  Practised singing a bit.

Day 69 – May 13, 2015

1.  It was really nice to be able to do yoga outside in the sun today.

2.  Went for a lovely walk with my mum.

3.  Started drafting a guest blog post.

4.  Finished making bracelet.

5.  Shared pictures of jewellery on lots of Facebook pages.

7.  Took lots of breaks.

8.  Delicious lunch of left over roasted root vegetables, with raw kale, spinach and hummus.

9.  Discovering that it is International Hummus Day today!

10.  Discovered the super inspiring @enchanted.forest on Instagram.

Day 68 – May 12, 2015

1.  Since I have been prioritizing my well being everything seems to be improving.

2.  Got another glowing 5* review for a necklace I sold on Etsy.

3.  Wrote down some notes detailing exactly what I need help with in my next therapy sessions – feel much clearer about what I want from it and more confident about explaining this now.

4.  Gave a discount to a friend who bought necklace for her mum and she also decided to buy one for herself.

5.  Went for a lovely walk with my parents in the countryside.

6.  Made some delicious lentil burgers.

7.  Page views have increased massively on Etsy.

8.  Continued sharing jewellery pictures on lots of Facebook groups.

9.  Interacting more with people socially online as well as just working.

10.  Bought myself an amazing pendant from another Etsy seller – so excited to receive it!

Day 67 – May 11, 2015

1.  My skin felt really smooth after going to the spa yesterday.

2.  Good communication with customer.

3.  Decided what to do re work problem.

4.  Lots of likes and page views for jewellery.

5.  Feel very positive about my goals and what I’m doing at the moment.

6.  Decided on a website to write guest post for.

7.  Did some really relaxing restorative yoga this morning.

8.  Practised singing.

9.  Went to yoga class.

10.  Delicious hummus crumpet and roasted root veg snack.

Day 66 – May 10, 2015

1.  Spontaneous trip to Bath Thermae Spa with my mum.

2.  Floating on foam tubes around the pool in the warm water.

3.  Being up on the roof and looking out over Bath.

4.  Bubbles galore and floating weightlessly amongst them in the rooftop pool.

5.  Felt so blissful and happy and was so nice to spend quality time with my mum.

6.  The different scented steam rooms were amazing and really relaxed my muscles.

7.  Standing under the powerful jet of water in the pool gave my neck and shoulders a really good massage.

8.  Floated back to the car, felt so relaxed.  Still feel relaxed now 🙂

9.  Delicious (vegan) roast dinner when I got home.

10.  Read some good yoga and lifestyle blogs.

Day 65 – May 9, 2015

1.  Had a really good chat with my parents.

2.  Saw friends who I don’t see very often.

3.  Played fun game in the park.

4.  Did some paperwork that I’d been putting off.

5.  Read some inspiring travel related Facebook posts.

6.  New likes for my page and lots of likes for jewellery photos shared on groups.

7.  Practised singing.

8.  Gave myself a really good face massage.

9.  Planning to have a complete break tomorrow.

10.  Planned my time which made me feel a lot calmer – ended up going out so didn’t stick to it, but in general it’s nice to have plan as a back up so that I don’t worry about how to spend time and what to focus on.

Day 64 – May 8, 2015

1.  Had a really good chat with a friend.

2.  Jewellery sales increasing.

3.  Reached 200 likes on my Facebook page.

4.  Wetsuit arrived and it fits perfectly.

5.  Claire liked the plant I bought her.

6.  Yummy left over roasted sweet potato and aubergine with hummus and bread for lunch.

7.  Received compliments from friends about how I looked in a photo I shared.

8.  Practised singing.

9.  Listened to new Laura Marling album which I love.

10.  Danced and moved in different ways instead of just doing yoga postures during my yoga time.

Day 63 – May 7, 2015

1.  This quote I found on

“Rituals are like electrically powered transmitters sending stimulating sparks of electric current or inspirational feelings that connect us to our inner being or soul.”
~ Wes Adamson

2.  Amazing documentary ‘Wild China’.

3.  Sold one of my favourite necklaces.

4.  Loads of page views on Etsy.

5.  Lots of likes for jewellery pictures I shared and new likes for my page.

6.  Lovely lie down in the garden in the sun.

7.  Had a nice walk in the sun.

8.  Delicious starter of avocado with vinaigrette.

9.  Delicious hummus, aubergine and sweet potato snack.

10.  Felt loved and supported by my parents.

Day 62 – May 6, 2015

1.  Watched really good documentary about mental illness called ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’.

2.  Finished making new experimental pair of earrings and they turned out well.

3.  Lots of likes for my jewellery pictures on Facebook.

4.  Sorted through lots of old and broken jewellery and saved bits that I can use.

5.  Got food shopping done.

6.  Yummy aubergine thing I made to go with my dinner.

7.  Bought a wetsuit.

8.  Got boring task related to my national insurance done.

9.  Rediscovered magical merlinite – a beautiful gemstone I made a necklace with and had forgotten about.

10.  Was able to articulate more clearly why massage is amazing, prompted by something I saw on Facebook.

Day 61 – May 5, 2015

1.  Amazing Laura Marling concert.

2.  Found some awesome jewellery and beads that people had given to me to make things with and I’d forgotten about.

3.  The moon looked beautiful tonight.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Practised singing.

6.  Really good egg from friend’s rescue chickens.

7.  Enjoyed experimenting with new jewellery designs.

8.  Tidied another drawer of my jewellery making box.

9.  Had a dream last night which shed some light on some feelings I wasn’t acknowledging.

10.  Shared my massage page and website on Facebook business group, and shared jewellery pictures.

Day 60 – May 4, 2015

1.  Lovely fresh mint tea in cafe.

2.  Saw baby goats and lots of other animals at St Werburgh’s city farm.

3.  The allotments next to the farm looked really beautiful and it felt really peaceful wandering around there.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

5.  Felt inspired and motivated to take on more massage clients.  Shared my page on local business group.

6.  Continued tidying my jewellery making supplies.

7.  Did a little full moon intention setting ritual with my crystals.

8.  Practised singing a bit in the car.

9.  Did some yoga.  Found it difficult but realised that was because I didn’t do any yesterday, so cut myself some slack and persevered.

10.  Had a lovely time with my friends, one of whom gave me some clothes she didn’t want any more which I absolutely love.

Day 59 – May 3, 2015

1.  Had a delicious brunch.

2.  Really nice long afternoon nap.

3.  Rediscovered some extremely comfy trousers that were buried in my drawer.

4.  Got creative with jewellery I was wearing, putting a gemstone charm I made on an old bracelet.

5.  Saw lots of friends and met new people at the pub.

6.  Practised singing a little bit.

7.  Made some progress on friend’s necklace.

8.  Mum liked the amazing sparkly birthday card I got her.

9.  Laughed sooo much in the pub.

10.  Got some clarity about my intention regarding something that had been on my mind.

Day 58 – May 2, 2015

1.  Was really tired due to late night and almost slipped into feeling lazy and apathetic but really focussed on doing my work instead and turned it around!

2.  Went to friend’s party which was totally awesome.

3.  Page views on Etsy up again due to sharing lots and lots on Facebook.

4.  Saw on Etsy stats that someone found my listing via a new site I submitted the link to.

5.  There was lots of hummus and other vegan food to eat at the party.

6.  I was dressed as a leopard – my costume looked amazing!  Went to see my grandma on the way to the party and she loved it!

7.  Someone tied a balloon to my tail which was hilarious!

8.  Awesome people at the party and really enjoyed socialising.

9.  Finally started making necklace for a friend.

10.  Made a delicious curry.

Day 57 – May 1, 2015

1.  Felt pretty good all day today, and spoke to my friend on the phone who was also feeling good.  We had a little moment where we both expressed our gratitude that we were feeling happy, because we’ve both had a testing year and there have been a lot of times when we’ve both felt down.

2.  Watched some episodes of The Trews by Russell Brand which was interesting because it got me thinking about sociology and politics, and it was also quite entertaining.

3.  Absolutely amazing yoga practice this morning – really meditated on freeing myself from limitations.  Applied all my concentration to visualizing myself being limitless and expressed this through movement that felt free flowing and in alignment with my heart’s desire.  Felt light as I did handstands and imagined being totally weightless floating around without gravity.

4.  Listened to some ’90s hip-hop while doing yoga – strange but it worked!

5.  One of the best vegan meals I have ever eaten cooked for me by a friend.

6.  Healthy raw vegan chocolate dessert.

7.  Lots more likes for my jewellery on Facebook.

8.  Got insurance quotes.

9.  The necklace I am currently wearing that I made with a hematite stone.

10.  Got friends and parents birthday stuff sorted.

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