Good Things – June 2015

Day 117 – June 30, 2015

1.  Connecting with inspiring people online.

2.  Took some awesome photos of new jewellery items.

3.  Listed new necklace on Etsy.

4.  Shared massage Facebook page on lots of groups.

5.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of groups.

6.  Chased up people re hen do stuff.

7.  Did some yoga and lots of meditation.

8.  Took photos of myself wearing necklace and bracelet – overcoming my aversion to modeling items myself.

9.  Yummy lentil burger and sweet potato fries.

10.  Amazing vegan breakfast burrito.

Day 116 – June 29, 2015

1.  Jewellery sales becoming more frequent.

2.  Got a few new items ready to list.

3.  Cooked lunch and dinner for my parents.

4.  Enjoyed yoga class.

5.  Face yoga and massage.

6.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

7.  Feeling a bit calmer about organizing hen do as my angel of a friend is being amazing.

8.  Feeling positive about the future.

9.  Got food shopping done.

10.  Practised singing.

Day 115 – June 28, 2015

1.  Got some energy back after feeling tired all day!

2.  Sooo grateful for the lentil burgers I had in the freezer.

3.  Had such a nice time out with my grandma.

4.  Freddie my grandma’s friend’s crazy dog.

5.  Did some yoga and meditated.

6.  Practised singing a little bit in the car.

7.  Had a good catch up with a friend and he liked necklace I made for him.

8.  Got washing done.

9.  Gave myself relaxing face massage.

10.  Amazing fascinating creatures on the wildlife series ‘Blue Planet’.

Day 114 – June 27, 2015

1.  Hired a SUP board and it was AWESOME.

2.  Saw a seal.

3.  Being on the water was sooo relaxing.

4.  Was so pleased when I got the hang of standing on the board.

5.  Fresh air and sunshine.

6.  Beautiful views.

7.  Best breakfast of my life!

8.  Lovely cafe with really nice vibe, pretty pictures, decorations etc.

9.  Met some more really amazing dogs.

10.  Kept up with daily metta meditation.

Day 113 – June 26, 2015

1. Xavier Rudd concert was amazing!

2. Dancing on the beach.

3. Very relaxed atmosphere.

4. Got lots of exercise.

5. Did a bit of yoga.

6. Amazing food!

7. Swimming in the sea was so refreshing and relaxing.

8. Love my wetsuit!

9. Hanging out with lovely people.

10. Met so many awesome dogs.

Day 112 – June 25, 2015

1. Being driven to newquay.

2. Comfy room to stay in.

3. Saw really good band.

4. Danced lots.

5. Did some yoga in the garden.

6. Delicious vegan food.

7. Looking at map and getting excited about travelling.

8. Playing on the beach with the dogs.

9. Beautiful view of the coast.

10. Laughed lots.

Day 111 – June 24, 2015

1.  Really enjoyed spending time making jewellery.

2.  Really enjoyed doing yoga in the garden.

3.  Ate lots of chocolate 🙂

4.  Yummy leftover lentils.

5.  Practised singing a little bit.

6.  Did some writing.

7.  Looked into travel info re Costa Rica.

8.  Started the day with metta meditation.

9.  Spent some time relaxing watching Dinner Date!

10.  Excited about going to Newquay for a few days.

Day 110 – June 23, 2015

1.  Pleased with new necklace I made.

2.  Did some writing.

3.  Spent lots of time outside.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Cooked some tasty and healthy food.

6.  Bought ticket to festival at end of July.

7.  Started getting stuff ready for Newquay – keeping new year’s resolution to be organized!

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

9.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

10.  Received another 5* review and lovely message from customer.

Day 109 – June 22, 2015

1.  Summer!

2.  Chocolate 🙂

3.  Jewellery sales improving.

4.  Went for a walk with my mum.

5.  Went to yoga class and did yoga at home.

6.  Made In Chelsea was very entertaining.

7.  Cooked some delicious food.

8.  Ordered some jewellery making supplies.

9.  Felt REALLY inspired reading blog:  This American Girl

10.  So pleased with necklace I made for my friend, she’s going to love it!

Day 108 – June 21, 2015

1.  Went to visit my uncle and grandma.

2.  Cheered a friend up who was feeling sad.

3.  Had a lovely evening at the pub.

4.  Nearly finished friend’s necklace.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Ate some delicious sweet potato fries.

7.  Practised singing a bit.

8.  Made my dad happy.

9.  Had amazing breakfast made for me!

10.  Woke up early not feeling too tired.

Day 107 – June 20, 2015

1.  Made good progress with my friend’s necklace which is a new experimental design.

2.  Sold another one of my most expensive necklaces 🙂

3.  Parents cooked dinner for me.

4.  Took some better photos of items I listed a long time ago in my shop.

5.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

6.  New likes for Facebook page.

7.  Lots of likes for photos I shared on groups.

8.  Cute disabled dog in film.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Shared blog post on StumbleUpon and joined Reddit.

Day 106 – June 19, 2015

1.  New massage client.

2.  Feeling more confident and positive about the future.

3.  Chocolate pudding.

4.  Yummy roasted vegetable pasta.

5.  Practised some new macrame techniques.

6.  Loads of page views on Etsy.

7.  New likes for Facebook page.

8.  Shared lots of pictures on Facebook groups.

9.  Felt inspired about travelling and looked at prices of flights and accommodation in various sunny beachy places!

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 105 – June 18, 2015

1.  Met friend for brunch.

2.  Went for lovely walk around Ashton Court.

3.  Freddie, my friend’s dog, is amazing!

4.  Sold another one of my most expensive necklaces.

5.  My friend loved the necklaces I made for her.

6.  Planning a holiday to Slovenia in October.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

8.  Delicious lentil burgers from yesterday.

9.  Chocolate pudding!!! – again

10.  Inspiring Facebook posts from people I follow.

Day 104 – June 17, 2015

1.  Did some background research for business plan.

2.  Read a really good blog.

3.  Chocolate pudding – heaven

4.  Went for a nice relaxing walk.

5.  Made amazing lentil burgers and sweet potato fries.

6.  Listened to one of Xavier Rudd’s albums – really looking forward to trip to Newquay next week to see him.

7.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

8.  New massage customer.

9.  Watched interesting documentary about nomadic people.

10.  Photos I took of roses came out really well.

Day 103 – June 16, 2015

1.  Chocolate pudding!!!

2.  Sunshine.

3.  Being outside making necklace for my friend.

4.  Did lots of useful research re order fulfillment options (in case I am living somewhere with poor postal service in the future).

5.  Got a good plan for my day tomorrow.

6.  Shaz was a superstar in organizing hen do stuff.

7.  Managed to not eat the other choc pudding and saved it for my friend, a small miracle!

8.  Felt rubbish most of the day but dealt with it really well.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Practised singing a tiny bit.

Day 102 – June 15, 2015

1.  Alton Towers was amazing.

2.  The drive there and back was easy with no major hold-ups.

3.  Awesome ghost train zombie shooting ride.

4.  Conquered my fear on the ride ‘Rita’.

5.  The pirate area was really cool.

6.  The gardens are really beautiful.

7.  The ride ‘Hex’ was even better than I remembered it.

8.  Laughed lots and had loads of fun.

9.  Yummy chinese snack food on the way home.

10.  The weather was nice all day.

Day 101 – June 14, 2015

1.  Was lovely to see my grandma today.

2.  Delicious vegan roast dinner and the best gravy I’ve ever had!

3.  Tortoises both seem very well today – even let Deidre loose outside for a bit!

4.  Made one of the necklaces for my friend and really pleased with it.

5.  Wrote a blog post – just needs editing and photos adding to it.

6.  Shared jewellery pictures on Facebook groups and received lots of likes.

7.  Made new connections on Twitter.

8.  Made another awesome pin compiling 3 pictures of a necklace for Pinterest.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Crumpets are amazing!

Day 100 – June 13, 2015

1.  Made it to 100 days of gratitude!

2.  Phyllis the tortoise seems a lot better today.

3.  Saw so many friends at St Werburghs Farm Fair.

4.  Delicious vegan arancini and chocolate brownie.

5.  Enjoyed dancing to some great bands.

6.  The parade was amazing.

7.  So many cute dogs – the best one was being carried like a baby in a sling!

8.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

9.  Nice to see my parents now they’re back from holiday.

10.  Did a really good long relaxation this morning because my muscles were tight.

Day 99 – June 12, 2015

1.  Absolutely delicious vegan lunch at Roll For Soul in town.

2.  My friend wants me to make 2 necklaces for her.

3.  Met another friend and had a good catch up.

4.  Managed to find the essentials I needed in corner shop so avoided having to go to supermarket!

5.  Made some social arrangements which I am looking forward to.

6.  Shared lots of awesome jewelllery pics on Facebook groups.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Practised singing.

9.  Yummy vegan brownie.

10.  Lots of likes for jewellery photos.

Day 98 – June 11, 2015

1.  Lovely meal out with my grandma and uncle.

2.  Cuddles with Deidre the tortoise!

3.  GORGEOUS weather today.

4.  Took some awesome photos of anklet I made.

5.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

6.  New likes for my page.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Practised singing a little bit.

9.  Felt inspired about the possibility of performing again, for the first time in ages.

10.  Very inspired by the success of a blog that I follow.

Day 97 – June 10, 2015

1.  Had a breakthrough in my thinking.

2.  Saw my friend and her little boy who I haven’t seen for a long time.

3.  Foraged for food for the tortoises.

4.  Tortoises are so cute!

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Cooked some really delicious food.

7.  Wrote down who my target customers are for my business and clarified some of my aims.

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures.

9.  Got some lovely compliments and lots of likes for one of my necklaces.

10.  Page views back up again after I slacked off a bit the last 2 days.

Day 96 – June 9, 2015

1.  Coped really well with some challenges today.

2.  Received excellent customer service from Barclaycard when I phoned them.

3.  Had delicious food at Caribbean restaurant.

4.  Felt the desire to go on holiday, which will hopefully motivate me towards more action and earning money!

5.  Had a good catch up with friends.

6.  Laughed a lot on the way home with my best friend in the car.

7.  Enjoying having the tortoises to stay.

8.  Did a bit of research for business plan.

9.  Really like the anklet I made.

10.  Enjoyed being in the garden and watering the plants.

Day 95 – June 8, 2015

1.  Made In Chelsea was amazing!

2.  Got the tortoises back for a week – they have grown quite a bit!

3.  Did some yoga at home AND made it to class.

4.  Watched some really great animated book reviews on YouTube.

5.  Saw friends and had a good chat.

6.  Took most of the day off.

7.  Feeling clearer about and more committed to my purpose.

8.  Ordered some awesome leggings.

9.  Felt very relaxed during and after yoga.

10.  Did new posture in class which was really fun!

Day 94 – June 7, 2015

1.  Lying on the grass in a field in the sun.

2.  Beautiful walk through meadows full of buttercups and forest.

3.  Got some ideas for digital products in the future.

4.  Had a really nice chat with my grandma.

5.  Getting in touch with my emotions.

6.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

7.  Lots of likes for my Facebook posts.

8.  Shared jewellery pictures on lots of Facebook groups.

9.  Experimented with new vegan meal.

10.  Arranged to see friend who I haven’t seen in a really long time.

Day 93 – June 6, 2015

1.  Yoga in the park.

2.  Sunshine.

3.  Lunch with friend.

4.  Made awesome belly button ring.

5.  Did some writing.

6.  Did breathing exercises.

7.  Practised singing a little bit.

8.  Karl Pilkington’s ‘Idiot Abroad’ – hilarious.

9.  Dark chocolate! 🙂

10.  Exchanged messages with a friend I haven’t caught up with in a while.

Day 92 – June 5, 2015

1.  Beautiful weather again.

2.  Took my dad to the supermarket as my butler which was fun and made my life a lot easier!

3.  Saw the cutest ever dog.

4.  Collected my grandma’s prescription for her.

5.  Cooked some delicious food.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Enjoying experimenting with adding charms to belly button rings.

8.  Made some plans to see friends.

9.  Did some research into different possibilities for business models.

10.  Gave myself a really relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Day 91 – June 4, 2015

1.  Resolved a problem with an order.

2.  Very productive mastermind meeting.

3.  Had some food cooked for me.

4.  So hot and sunny!

5.  Yoga in the garden.

6.  Did some of my work in the garden.

7.  Finished guest post – just need to type up and find some more pictures.

8.  Practised singing a bit in the car.

9.  Lots of page views on Etsy.

10.  Delicious left over sushi roll that my friend made and gave to me.

Day 90 – June 3, 2015

1.  Had sooo much amazing vegan food today – Caribbean take-away, cake, sticky toffee pudding and vegan sushi roll!

2.  Watching film and seeing my friends.

3.  Sold one of my most expensive necklaces.

4.  Took some awesome pics of anklet I made on my phone (camera battery not charged) and pleased with how they turned out.

5.  Listing items is so much quicker for me now that I’m used to doing it.

6.  Had a great yoga and dance in my living room.

7.  Went for walk with my dad.

8.  Had lovely chat with my grandma on the phone.

9.  Practised singing a little bit in the car.

10.  Got over my fear of modelling jewellery for pictures on Etsy, even if it was just my ankle!

Day 89 – June 2, 2015

1.  Ordered some supplies to try out new designs for my Etsy shop.

2.  Really pleased with anklet I made.

3.  Feel really cosy and comfortable in my dressing gown.

4.  Enjoyed watching Slow Train Through Africa.

5.  I’m in love with the sets of tiny little gemstones I have to make things with.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Felt really relaxed today.

8.  New likes for Facebook page.

9.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

10.  Page views on Etsy are up.

Day 88 – June 1, 2015

1.  Felt rubbish all day but somehow managed to get to yoga and felt a lot better after.

2.  Made dinner for my parents and they really enjoyed it.

3.  Really pleased with photo of necklace I just added to Pinterest.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

5.  Made In Chelsea – entertaining as always!

6.  Practised singing a little bit in the car.

7.  Joined StumbleUpon and submitted one of my blog posts.

8.  Spent some time networking on Twitter.

9.  Read inspiring travel blog.

10.  Delicious lentil curry for lunch that I had in the freezer.

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