Good Things – July 2015

Day 148 – July 31, 2015

1.  Gorgeous weather for the festival.

2.  Lovely journey down there through beautiful countryside.

3.  Awesome people.

4.  Tent easy to put up.

5.  Vegan food available.

6.  The band Lamb were great.

7.  Saw Nightmares On Wax.

8.  Really enjoyed dancing.

9.  Being outside as the sun was setting listening to great music.

10.  Stunning blue moon.

Day 147 – July 30, 2015

1.  Really pleased with photos from today.

2.  Got the hang of using tripod and timer to take photos.

3.  New likes for Facebook page.

4.  Metta meditation.

5.  Yummy dinner.

6.  Stayed in to rest tonight.

7.  Long relaxation.

8.  Got lots of food supplies for festival.

9.  Instagram filters worked amazingly on self portrait I took.

10.  Got repins on Pinterest from shared board I have joined.

Day 146 – July 29, 2015

1.  LOVE latest necklace I have made.

2.  Made delicious fajitas and shared with parents and friends.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

5.  Got in late but still did some work.

6.  Still doing metta meditation every day.

7.  Had fun making music.

8.  Bought a gorgeous soft fluffy gilet which I adore.

9.  Was lovely to see my friends.

10.  Gave some massage fliers to one of my friends.

Day 145 – July 28, 2015

1.  Counselling session went well.

2.  Did some more of my tax return.

3.  Got some other slightly annoying tasks done quickly and efficiently.

4.  Had some great styling ideas for photos.

5.  New likes for Facebook page.

6.  Long relaxation instead of doing yoga – needed it!

7.  Excited about new necklace I’m making.

8.  Message from a friend I’d been worried about.

9.  Being organized – getting stuff ready for weekend now so I’m not in a last minute rush.

10.  Parents are getting my shopping for me tomorrow as they are going to supermarket anyway.  Very kind of them.

Day 144 – July 27, 2015

1.  Took some great photos and practised taking ‘lifestyle’ pics.

2.  Did yoga.

3.  Metta meditation.

4.  Made some delicious lentil burgers.

5.  Did some writing.

6.  Really love latest necklace I’ve listed in shop.

7.  Did some marketing for massage business and came up with special offer to share tomorrow.

8.  Watched a film – relaxing.

9.  Lovely relaxing time in my room with crystals and incense.

10.  New likes for Facebook page.

Day 143 – July 26, 2015

1.  Enjoyed massaging today.

2.  Had loads of fun trying on necklaces and taking pics, getting ideas for photos etc.

3.  Was in a good mood most of the day.

4.  Shared pics on Facebook.

5.  Did yoga.

6.  Metta meditation.

7.  Had delicious roast dinner cooked for me.

8.  Managed to borrow tent for festival.

9.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

10.  Learning how to use Pinterest to promote my business.

Day 142 – July 25, 2015

1.  Really inspired by Stardust Bohemian’s fashion blog.

2.  Love photo I took of one of my favourite necklaces.

3.  Really enjoyed massaging at the harbourside market today.

4.  The market has a great vibe now it has expanded across to the other side of the water – there is more space and seats and stuff.

5.  Delicious hummus on the stall next to ours.

6.  AMAZING graffiti art at Upfest.

7.  Music at Upfest.

8.  Took bookings from a friend for massages for her and 3 others.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Did some journalling.

Day 141 – July 24, 2015

1.  Absolutely fantastic vegan lunch at veggie restaurant in Bath.

2.  Page views back up on Etsy.

3.  Did some journalling of my thoughts and emotions.

4.  Did some writing – really pleased with start of latest blog.

5.  Really inspired by Gypsy Lovin Light blog – gave me more clarity on how to combine my passions for travel and jewellery.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Spent some time thinking about how to market massage business.

8.  New likes for Facebook page.

9.  Metta meditation.

10.  Improved flexibility.

Day 140 – July 23, 2015

1.  Had an amazing massage swap with friend.

2.  Massaging at Harbourside market on Saturday.

3.  Really enjoyed creating posts for social media today.

4.  Got some photo ideas.

5.  Great yoga practice.

6.  Lots of likes on Instagram despite having hardly any followers yet.

7.  Vegan lasagne.

8.  Job satisfaction.

9.  My overall mindset is becoming more consistently positive.

10.  Lots of new likes for Facebook page.

Day 139 – July 22, 2015

1.  Loving Instagram.

2.  Having fun editing photos.

3.  Beautiful photo of necklace which matches the flowers in the garden.

4.  Finding inspiring people to follow.

5.  Got 2 excellent reviews for my massage business.

6.  Made the lushest vegan lasagna ever.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Self face massage.

9.  New vegan sausages are yum.

10.  Beautiful short film ‘Watchtower of Turkey’.

Day 138 – July 21, 2015

1.  Really good counselling session.

2.  Great talk with parents.

3.  Grandma is enjoying her holiday – this makes me so happy!

4.  Amazing arm balances in my yoga practice today.

5.  Page views up on Etsy.

6.  Found new Facebook groups to share pictures on.

7.  Spent time on Twitter focussing on building genuine relationships with inspiring people with similar values.

8.  Started using Instagram – love it so far!

9.  Sorted out some National Insurance related stuff.

10.  Worked out rough budget for Slovenia.

Day 137 – July 20, 2015

1.  Made it to yoga class even though I was really tired today, and felt loads better afterwards.

2.  Finished necklace – love it!

3.  Did my own yoga practice too.

4.  New likes for Facebook page.

5.  Did some massage promotion.

6.  Cooked a really delicious roasted root vegetable and lentil curry.

7.  Practised singing in the car.

8.  Found really amazing inspiring new Instagram pages to follow.

9.  Feeling very motivated to keep working hard.

10.  Still doing metta meditation every morning.

Day 136 – July 19, 2015

1.  Really enjoyed doing a massage for my friend today.

2.  Had a long lie-in.

3.  Nearly finished necklace and it’s looking good.

4.  My mum made me a really nice lunch, completely unexpectedly.

5.  Lots of likes for pictures I shared on Facebook.

6.  Came up with lots of ideas for promoting massage.

7.  Feeling generally positive about the future.

8.  Yin yoga in the garden.

9.  Sunny weather.

10.  Another friend booked 2 massages.

Day 135 – July 18, 2015

1.  Friend loved her bracelet.

2.  We had a really good long heart to heart.

3.  Eva Lazarus at Harbour Festival was amazing.

4.  Bumped into 2 friends there.

5.  Was thinking about how I love dogs but they never come up to me to say hello when I’m out and about (mainly because owners are worried about their dogs upsetting people, so hold them back) , and thought to myself, “I want a dog to come up to me today and show me some love!”.  While I was watching Eva Lazarus sing, an amazing dog came and jumped up on me in a really full-on affectionate way!  The owner was relieved at my delighted reaction!

6.  Started making a really beautiful necklace with a large citrine crystal.

7.  Got lots of views on my blog from StumbleUpon.

8.  Submitted guest post to Yoganonymous.

9.  Had a really productive morning before going out.

10.  Practised singing while I was getting ready – multitasking!

Day 134 – July 17, 2015

1.  Really good sleep last night.

2.  Gentle yoga.

3.  Did lots of work.

4.  Got supermarket shopping done.

5.  Made bracelet for my friend – very pleased with it.

6.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

7.  Sent my first email newsletter.

8.  Watched good program on TV.

9.  Looking into new places online to share my work.

10.  Got on well with my parents.

Day 133 – July 16, 2015

1.  Lovely meal out with friend.

2.  Blog posts shared on StumbleUpon are getting viewed.

3.  Really pleased with pictures added to blog post.

4.  Had a nap.

5.  Good chat with my parents.

6.  Promoted massage.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

8.  Metta meditation.

9.  Lovely weather.

10.  Friendly staff in restaurant.

Day 132 – July 15, 2015

1.  Finished blog post – just need to add photos and check it through.

2.  Beautiful photos of raw citrine necklace.

3.  Got things done much more efficiently with a tighter schedule.

4.  Did some cleaning and other jobs that needed doing.

5.  Did some yoga and went to class.

6.  Went to nightshelter to help out.

7.  Learned how to use timer on camera and practised taking some self portraits.

8.  Lots of likes for jewellery pictures I shared on Facebook.

9.  Spent time with one of my good friends.

10.  Saw another friend I haven’t seen for ages which was nice.

Day 131 – July 14, 2015

1.  Good therapy session.

2.  Enjoyed making some jewellery.

3.  Lovely comments about my jewellery.

4.  Felt inspired by other bloggers to share photos of myself wearing my jewellery.

5.  Page views up on Etsy.

6.  Lovely relaxing afternoon.

7.  Slept really well last night.

8.  Made delicious stir fry for dinner.

9.  Hummus and avocado on waffles for lunch – an unusual combination but it worked really well!

10.  Watched hilarious video of a dog sliding downstairs on Facebook.

Day 130 – July 13, 2015

1.  Realised what the next step is in a problem I’m dealing with.

2.  Nearly finished blog post.

3.  Nearly finished guest post.

4.  Did some yoga and made it to class too.

5.  Read some really good blogs which I enjoyed.

6.  Made some jewellery.

7.  New likes for Facebook page.

8.  Did some more of my tax return.

9.  Feeling like I have a lot more energy after yoga.

10.  Received lovely comment about my jewellery.

Day 129 – July 12, 2015

1.  Got loads done today but didn’t feel like I was rushing, due to having planned my time.

2.  Lots of page views on Etsy from Facebook.

3.  Did lots of writing.

4.  Had a really good sing and played my guitar.

5.  Got inspired listening to Ella Eyre sing.

6.  Made a start on my tax return.

7.  Went for a walk.

8.  Did some yoga.

9.  Collected together gemstones I will be using next to make jewellery – excited!

10.  Avocados are amazing.

Day 128 – July 11, 2015

1.  Beautiful drive over to Bath this morning.

2.  Really sunny weather.

3.  Enjoyed seeing my friends do the ‘Color Obstacle Rush’ fun run.

4.  New likes for Facebook page.

5.  The film ‘Ted’ – so funny!

6.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

7.  Found out lots of useful info which will be helpful in planning next year.

8.  Started making bracelet for my friend.

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Practised singing while cooking – multi tasking!

Day 127 – July 10, 2015

1.  Inspiring video by John Chow.

2.  Easy drive to Thorpe Park.

3.  The ride ‘Stealth’ was amazing!

4.  Perfect weather.

5.  Forgot how good the ride ‘Tidal Wave’ was!

6.  Discovered the joy of online queuing!

7.  Very easy drive home.

8.  Loved ‘Nemesis Inferno’.

9.  ‘Swarm’ was also awesome!

10.  Had a huge feast of a picnic in Staines on the way home.

Day 126 – July 9, 2015

1.  New likes on Facebook.

2.  Etsy views improving.

3.  Took some great photos of labradorite pendant.

4.  Had a lovely time out with my Grandma.

5.  Beautiful plants at the garden centre.

6.  Did some yoga and dance.

7.  Shared massage page on Facebook groups.

8.  Played guitar and practised singing.

9.  Got lovely birthday card for my friend.

10.  Made an important decision re my plans for next year!

Day 125 – July 8, 2015

1.  New likes for Facebook page.

2.  Really pleased with new labradorite necklace I made.

3.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

4.  Feeling inspired by the success of a blogger in my niche.

5.  Worked on guest post.

6.  Felt really inspired by travel photos on Pinterest.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Sticking to planned schedule made me feel calm and relaxed.

9.  Felt very positive after doing metta meditation.

10.  Enjoyed playing some songs I wrote a while ago.

Day 124 – July 7, 2015

1.  Had a really good evening at the pub for my friend’s birthday and caught up with lots of other friends there.

2.  Was super organized and managed to do most of the things on my schedule.

3.  It feels really good to be planning my time rather than just drifting through the day flitting from task to task.  Much more relaxing this way.

4.  Found some good pictures to go with blog post I’m writing.

5.  Shared latest creation on lots of Facebook groups and received lots of likes and new page likes.

6.  Really positive interactions on Twitter and new followers.

7.  Beautiful inspiring pins on Pinterest, particulary travel photos.

8.  Great yoga session outside.

9.  Practised singing and playing guitar.

10.  Ordered some gorgeous gemstone beads which I am really excited to use!

Day 123 – July 6, 2015

1.  Good journey home.

2.  Got clearing up done quickly.

3.  Sticky toffee pudding!

4.  Yummy vegan cheese.

5.  Yoga and relaxation.

6.  Planned time for tomorrow – makes me feel relaxed.

7.  Caught up with emails, messages etc.

8.  Some great photos from the weekend of the hen party.

9.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook groups.

10.  New likes for Facebook page.

Day 122 – July 5, 2015

1.  Awesome breakfast.

2.  Vegan sticky toffee pudding.

3.  Long relaxation.

4.  Spending time with friends.

5.  Got lots of clearing up done.

6.  Gave myself relaxing face massage.

7.  Getting lost in the countryside in the dark was fun.

8.  Fun at the pub.

9.  Expressing my emotions.

10.  Gorgeous little pony, horse and goats.

Day 121 – July 4, 2015

1. Playing on inflatables in pool.

2. Walking across the beautiful courtyard in the morning.

3. Did some yoga.

4. Second pool session.

5. Delicious bbq.

6. Playing fun silly games.

7. Dressing up.

8. Amazing horse.

9. Lovely weather.

10. Vegan cheese.

Day 120 – July 3, 2015

1. Easy short journey to cottages we’re staying in.

2. Claire loved the sashes we made.

3. Everyone wore the fancy dress I brought.

4. Weather was so warm.

5. The place we’re staying is beautiful.

6. Had lots of nice prosecco to drink.

7. Sitting outside chatting and having fun.

8. Delicious vegan lasagne I brought with me.

9. Collecting pre ordered shopping saved us so much time at the supermarket.

10. Playing on trampoline.

Day 119 – July 2, 2015

1.  Received lots of help making sashes for the hen do.

2.  Made a delicious lasagne.

3.  I really appreciate my collection of fancy dress items – they will be useful this weekend!

4.  Did some yoga and exercise.

5.  Feeling a bit calmer and more organized.

6.  Gave myself face massage.

7.  Delicious salad for lunch.

8.  My mum is amazing.

9.  Dad came shopping with me.

10.  It was pleasantly cool today for getting all the work done!

Day 118 – July 1, 2015

1.  Sticky toffee pudding.

2.  My friend got some amazing fabric for hen do sashes.

3.  Have got a bit more organized with the whole thing now.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

5.  Lots of likes for jewellery pics I shared.

6.  Got another item listed.

7.  Saw friends.

8.  Prepared food for tomorrow to save time.

9.  Felt quite ill but coped with it very well without getting down about it.

10.  Did some yoga and metta meditation.

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