Good Things – Jan 2016

Day 332 – 31 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga and relaxation.

2.  Happy massage customers.

3.  ‘Alison’s Adventures’ on YouTube – really inspiring.

4.  Started the day with a sale.

5.  More massage bookings.

6.  Lots of energy.

7.  Useful advice re website.

8.  Delicious left over food.

9.  Releasing lots of tension from my neck after yoga etc.

10.  Nice chat with parents on the phone.

Day 331 – 30 Jan 2016

1.  Was so lovely to see lots of old school friends.

2.  Reminiscing about fun times we had.

3.  Met a cool bunny.

4.  Made some absolutely lush food.

5.  Was feeling very lazy and couldn’t be bothered to cook, but did it in stages during ad breaks of ‘Dinner Date’, and was more relaxing than doing it all in one go.

6.  Friends loved their massages and wrote me good reviews on local Facebook groups.

7.  Fully recharged my batteries relaxing on the sofa with my snuggly warm dressing gown on before going out.

8.  Made plans to see friends.

9.  Another friend booked a massage.

10.  Not feeling drained like I sometimes do after social events.

Day 330 – 29 Jan 2016

1.  Came up with a clear concise sentence describing the purpose of ‘Tess Heaven’.

2.  Woke up early without alarm.

3.  Lovely to see my friend.

4.  Brilliant massage swap.

5.  Delicious curry.

6.  Hilarious staff in the restaurant.

7.  Watched lots of inspiring YouTube videos.

8.  Enjoying having the house to myself.

9.  Lots of nice comments and likes on social media.

10.  Made some awesome pins for Pinterest.

Day 329 – 28 Jan 2016

1.  Did some work towards this weeks goals.

2.  Friends booked massages for this weekend.

3.  Delicious thali.

4.  Amazing vegan dessert.

5.  Great films.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Held a handstand (wobbling) for 10 seconds – haven’t done that for ages!

8.  So happy with peacock ore necklace now it is finished!

9.  Rediscovered old necklace I haven’t worn for a long time – love it.

10.  Amazing pancakes for breakfast.

Day 328 – 27 Jan 2016

1.  Nice long relaxation and nap – needed it!

2.  Feeling a bit under the weather, but still feel OK mentally.

3.  Continued making peacock ore necklace.

4.  Looked at Pinterest for inspiration for jewellery photos.

5.  Lots of new followers and retweets on Twitter.

6.  Lovely comment from someone on Instagram.

7.  Self-massage.

8.  Made pancakes for breakfast.

9.  Delicious vegan pie.

10.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest and collages of jewellery pics.

Day 327 – 26 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Nice long relaxation.

3.  Took some speakers and amp into my friend’s charity shop.

4.  Bought an awesome warm sparkly jumper which I love.

5.  Played some music and sang with a friend.

6.  Could hear a song in my head that I will write soon.

7.  Really pleased with how a song I am learning sounded.

8.  Yummy leftover vegan pizza.

9.  Gave my friend an opal.

10.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on social media.

Day 326 – 25 Jan 2016

1.  Had lovely evening with my grandma.

2.  Fascinating amazing wildlife documentaries.

3.  Delicious homemade vegan pizza.

4.  Helpful informative email from HMRC re customs fees and VAT.

5.  Bought my dad a onesie(!) as a present for being so kind and helpful all the time.

6.  Love rose quartz pendant I made.

7.  Friend loved necklace.

8.  Excited about peacock ore necklace I have started making.

9.  Good mastermind meeting.

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 325 – 24 Jan 2016

1.  Very excited about the necklace I have just started making.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Watching good film.

4.  Went for a lovely walk around Ashton Court.

5.  Great to see lots of friends and Freddie the dog.

6.  Delicious vegan roast my friend cooked and dessert other friend made.

7.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

8.  Enjoyed looking at Instagram feed.

9.  Followed lots of new people on Twitter.

10.  Insight into my emotions and compassion for others.

Day 324 – 23 Jan 2016

1.  Made some awesome jewellery.

2.  Photographed and listed new item relatively quickly.

3.  Amended item titles to optimise for Etsy search.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Promoted massage.

6.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

7.  Gave my mum a massage and she loved it.

8.  Did lots of research into international shipping costs for running business abroad.

9.  Really delicious lentil curry.

10.  Have £200 in cash to pay into bank.

Day 323 – 22 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Job satisfaction.

3.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

4.  Relaxing lazy morning.

5.  My mum has made me some delicious cashew nut vegan cheese.

7.  Inspiring Instagram accounts I follow.

8.  Really pleased with edited Taj Mahal pic.

9.  Awesome profound insights this morning just after waking up.

10.  Re-discovered my urge to dance!

Day 322 – 21 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Delicious Korean feast my friend cooked for us.

3.  Did lots of social media-ing and Etsy stats up as a result.

4.  Really pleased with new necklace design.

5.  Entertaining trash tv.

6.  Took some nice photos.

7.  Listed new items on Etsy.

8.  Self massage.

9.  Lots of energy.

10.  Made beautiful digital collage of jewellery and travel pics.

Day 321 – 20 Jan 2016

1.  Really enjoyed doing lots of handstands and deep stretching.

2.  Mended my bracelet.

3.  Took some great photos.

4.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

5.  Did some marketing for massage.

6.  Designed and started making new style of necklace.

7.  Watched some inspiring yoga videos.

8.  Had lots of energy all day.

9.  Garden looked so beautiful with frost on it.

10.  Found some great music for doing yoga.

Day 320 – 19 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  My back felt really flexible when I woke up this morning.

3.  Made beautiful pins for Pinterest.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on social media.

5.  Mum cooked us delicious dinner.

6.  Really pleased with necklace I made today.

7.  Delicious lunch with leftovers and salad.

8.  Made my dad laugh lots.

9.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

10.  Lovely chat with friend.

Day 319 – 18 Jan 2016

1.  Friend loves picture of necklace!

2.  Delicious hummus waffle snack.

3.  Researched lots of info re shipping to and from Costa Rica.

4.  Emailed order fulfillment company re charges.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Did some marketing for massage.

7.  Saw lots of lovely friends in pub.

8.  Did some social media-ing.

9.  Made some pins for Pinterest.

10.  Felt full of energy this morning.

Day 317 – 17 Jan 2016

1.  Had a lovely relaxing Sunday.

2.  Saw lots of lovely people including my friend who is visiting from the north.

3.  So nice and cosy and warm in friend’s flat.

4.  Met Heineken the hamster – so cute!

5.  Yummy chips with hummus.

6.  Watched some trash tv and relaxed this morning.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Lovely birthday present from friend.

9.  Was out socialising for a long time but don’t feel too tired now.

10.  Managed to not spend much money so am saving most of what I have earned recently.

Day 316 – 16 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Did some work from my phone – so convenient.

3.  Helped friend cook dinner.

4.  Delicious vegan pie.

5.  Won at Articulate.

6.  Nice to see friends.

7.  Lovely glass of wine by the fire.

8.  Friend liked bracelet.

9.  Practised singing a little bit.

10.  Laughed lots.

Day 315 – 15 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Enjoyed doing a variety of work.

3.  Delicious left over curry.

4.  Made lots of jewellery.

5.  Made plans to see friends.

6.  So pleased with friend’s necklace.

7.  Managing to save money.

8.  Used Afterlight app to edit picture and very pleased with the result.

9.  Exchanged messages with lots of friends.

10.  Watched some cool travel documentaries.

Day 314 – 14 Jan 2016

1.  Amazing inspiring ‘Yogance’ videos.

2.  Love my crystals!

3.  Finished custom order.

4.  Made a start on friend’s necklace – really excited and inspired to be making some men’s jewellery.

5.  Amazing program about lady raising a baby giant otter.

6.  Lovely friends.

7.  Lovely meal cooked for me by lovely friends.

8.  Realized a very simple way to improve my SEO on Etsy.

9.  Doing yoga to good music.

10.  Cooked some awesome lentil and roasted veg curry.

Day 313 – 13 Jan 2016

1.  New massage customers and repeat bookings.

2.  Had a really nice time out to lunch and looking round garden centre with my grandma.

3.  Did lots of yoga and handstand practice.

4.  Had lots of energy when I got in so did some more work.

5.  Easy drive across town.

6.  Watched interesting documentary.

7.  Job satisfaction.

8.  Self massage.

9.  Enjoyed visualization meditation.

10.  Met a cool dog called Kenny.

Day 312 – 12 Jan 2016

1.  Self massage.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Lovely catch up with friend.

4.  Made awesome necklace.

5.  Love how necklace looks layered with other necklaces.

6.  Had the most relaxing amazing bath.

7.  Having more energy.

8.  Making plans with friends.

9.  Friend coming to visit from the north!!!

10.  Massage bookings.

Day 311 – 11 Jan 2016

1.  Successful ‘Mastermind’ meeting.

2.  Orders and massage bookings.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Awesome vegetarian cafe in Glastonbury.

5.  Did some social media-ing.

6.  Beautiful temple at Glastonbury.

7.  Bought amazing beautiful new crystals.

8.  Stunning views on the way home.

9.  Gorgeous trees.

10.  Idea for jewellery.

Day 310 – 10 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Had a lovely time seeing friend.

3.  Did 2 massages.

4.  Left over vegetables from roast dinner as a much needed late night snack.

5.  Yummy vegan lasagne.

6.  Artemis the cat.

7.  Hilarious stand-up comedy on Youtube.

8.  Feeling more positive about money, and goals are starting to feel achievable.

9.  Really good chat with my dad.

10.  Watching The Office – so funny!

Day 309 – 9 Jan 2016

1.  Massage business going well.

2.  Delicious food friend cooked.

3.  Got to see Colin the tortoise – so cute!

4.  Practised handstands.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Amazing gigantic cheese plant in friend’s bathroom.

7.  Enjoyed doing some singing and playing guitar.

8.  Met friend’s nice housemates.

9.  Watched The Godfather and actually understood it this time!

10.  Getting an early ish night.

Day 308 – 8 Jan 2016

1.  Did my first hollow back handstand against the wall.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Really enjoyed being in the garden photographing jewellery.

4.  Loved how some of the pictures came out – even the ones on my phone were good.

5.  Did some social media-ing.

6.  Busy with bookings, orders and enquiries.  Things picking back up after a lull.

7.  Spoke to friend on the phone and he told me thanks for listening and that it helped him.

8.  Made AWESOME vegan lasagne.

9.  Lovely bright sunshine this morning.

10.  Interesting documentary about Amy Winehouse.

Day 307 – 7 Jan 2016

1.  Did some yoga – kept moving and felt energized from it.

2.  Went to supermarket and got shopping done in super quick time.

3.  Focussed on quality over quantity with social media today and enjoyed doing it a lot more.

4.  Lots of repins on Pinterest.

5.  Wrote most of blog post and selected some beautiful pictures to accompany it.

6.  New likes for Facebook page.

7.  Discovered an inspiring blogger on Instagram.

8.  Practised singing and guitar with friend.  One of the songs sounded really good and it was the first time we had played it together for a long time.

9.  Did vocal exercises.

10.  Lots of interaction on Twitter.

Day 306 – 6 Jan 2016

1.  Did lots of yoga and handstands.

2.  Coping with PMT extremely well.

3.  Getting very good at dealing with enquiries without getting stressed or offering more than I am able to.

4.  New massage bookings.

5.  Client felt improvement in shoulder after massage – very rewarding.

6.  Hilarious parents were unintentionally providing me with quality free entertainment this evening.

7.  Made plans to see friends.

8.  Feeling like the idea of going to a popular trekking destination and offering massages is completely possible and quite appealing.

9.  Spreading word about recommend a friend offer.

10.  Have done some of my goals already.

Day 305 – 5 Jan 2016

1.  Did lots of yoga and handstand practice.

2.  Made lovely bracelet.

3.  Experimented with making bracelet using vegan faux silk.

4.  Opal is so beautiful – was mesmerized when creating jewellery with it earlier.

5.  Filled out referral form for bank.

6.  Self-massage.

7.  Comedy on TV.

8.  Making friends with the idea of being organised!

9.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

10.  Lots of new followers and interactions on Twitter.

Day 304 – 4 Jan 2016

1.  Did lots of yoga.

2.  Beautiful pictures and post on blog I follow.

3.  Excited about making men’s jewellery, and vegan faux leather and faux silk jewellery.

4.  Self-massage.

5.  Trialing another promoted Facebook post.

6.  Successful Mastermind meeting.

7.  Researched ways to make money online and am closer to implementing one.

8.  Set some good goals.

9.  Pleased with edit of photo.

10.  Friend is interested in being recommended to switch current account and both earn £100.

Day 303 – 3 Jan 2016

1.  Self-massage.

2.  Found lots of exciting volunteering and work opportunities abroad.

3.  Excited about possibility of house-sitting.

4.  Enjoyed sharing pics on social media.

5.  Did a little bit of yoga.

6.  Yummy vegan roast.

7.  Remembering how cute little Diesel the dog was sitting on my lap.

8.  Made lovely bracelet.

9.  Excited to learn new songs.

10.  Excited about making some faux silk and faux leather vegan jewellery.

Day 302 – 2 Jan 2016

1.  Temporary problem with website seems to have resolved itself.

2.  Remembering can always reset myself to zero and visualize what I want to create.

3.  Watched really really good TED talk about how animals think and feel.

4.  Watched great documentary about homelessness.

5.  Did a little bit of social media-ing, just to ease myself back into work gently.

6.  Homemade chips and delicious leftover vegan pie.

7.  Lovely to see parents.

8.  Very kind, caring friends.

9.  Delicious vegan chocolate cake.

10.  Easy journey home.

Day 301 – 1 Jan 2016

1.  Nice long lie-in.

2.  Heating working again.

3.  Beautiful walk around Chester.

4.  Watched lovely film with beautiful scenery.

5.  Lovely spending time with friends.

6.  Yummy vegan snacks.

7.  Delicious vegan chocolate cake.

8.  Beautiful fairy lights and sparkles in my friend’s room.

9.  Did some work in the pub.

10.  Really cool inspiring pictures on Instagram.