Good Things – Feb 2016

Day 362 – 29 Feb 2016

1.  Took grandma to hospital appointment which all went well.

2.  Good mastermind meeting.

3.  Lovely to spend time with granny and she was feeling better.

4.  Job satisfaction.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Interesting and entertaining Ted talks.

7.  Nice to see friends.

8.  Yummy pancakes.

9.  Self expression – feels liberating.

10.  Made beautiful pins Pinterest and collages of images.

Day 361 – 28 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Job satisfaction.

3.  Self massage.

4.  Did lots of cooking.

5.  Being organized.

6.  Yummy vegan pancakes.

7.  Delicious cashew ‘cheese’.

8.  Did social media-ing.

9.  Coped well with busy day.

10.  Found new inspiring people to follow on Instagram.

Day 360 – 27 Feb 2016

1.  Did lots of yoga.

2.  Experimented with some different handbalances and enjoyed playing.

3.  Watched a good film.

4.  Photographed new item very quickly.

5.  Made some progress towards this week’s goals.

6.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

7.  Yummy lentil burgers.

8.  Nice chat with friend.

9.  Was slightly more clean and tidy than usual.

10.  Being organized.

Day 359 – 26 Feb 2016

1.  Did lots of yoga.

2.  Got food shopping done for next week.

3.  Paid money into bank to save – getting closer to target.

4.  Vegan biscuit spread.

5.  Hilarious dog videos on Youtube.

6.  Woke up early naturally.

7.  Didn’t do many hours of work, but worked very efficiently.

8.  Made lots of beautiful pins for Pinterest.

9.  Did a lot of reading related to one of my goals for the week.

10.  Did social media-ing.

Day 358 – 25 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Very rewarding job.

3.  Wrote down some business ideas.

4.  Learned new song on guitar.

5.  Yummy vegan cashew cheese.

6.  Nice to see friend.

7.  Nice message from friend.

8.  Lovely bright sunshine.

9.  Made some awesome pins for Pinterest.

10.  Pleased with the amount of money I have earned this week.

Day 357 – 24 Feb 2016

1.  Enjoying being more efficient.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Job satisfaction.

4.  Saving money.

5.  Made vegan cashew cheese – delicious!

6.  Delicious roasted veg.

7.  Amazing sky at sunset.

8.  The moon was so beautiful when it was rising this evening – absolutely huge and orange.

9.  Got to see some lovely dogs.

10.  Edited lots of photos.

Day 356 – 23 Feb 2016

1.  Job satisfaction.

2.  Getting quicker and more efficient at doing admin, product photography, social media etc.

3.  Felt very inspired this morning to plan an adventure.

4.  Had some great ideas.

5.  Had a nice relaxing bath.

6.  Did some yoga.

7.  Really really love raw opal charm bracelet I made, and raw clear quartz necklace.

8.  Made plans with friends.

9.  Delicious roasted root veg, pie and gravy.

10.  Sunny weather.

Day 355 – 22 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Did social media-ing.

3.  Good mastermind meeting.

4.  Great to see friends.

5.  Pleased with how custom necklace turned out.

6.  Massage bookings.

7.  Enjoyed watching some TV with the parents.

8.  Grandma feeling a bit better.

9.  Made plans with friends.

10.  Had dinner cooked for me.

Day 354 – 21 Feb 2016

1.  Did some writing.

2.  More motivation.

3.  Went swimming.

4.  Great to see friend.

5.  Hot tub was really relaxing.

6.  Felt super relaxed and rejuvenated from the day.

7.  Amazing lentil burgers for dinner.

8.  Made a cool necklace and worked more efficiently than usual.

9.  Did some social media-ing.

10.  Excited to be making a custom necklace for a man because I was planning on experimenting with branching out more into men’s jewellery.

Day 353 – 20 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Nice trip to bath.

3.  Delicious mezze and noodles for lunch.

4.  Lots of relaxation.

5.  Did some social media-ing.

6.  Enjoyed watching funny TV.

7.  Beautiful botanical gardens in Bath.

8.  Had loads of good ideas and clarity on things this morning.

9.  So grateful for meals I cooked ages ago in the freezer.

10.  Fresh air and exercise.

Day 352 – 19 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Nice to see friend and make music.

3.  Learned new vocal exercises and practised guitar.

4.  Great to see friend for lunch.

5.  Had a busy full day.

6.  Updated Etsy shop.

7.  Did some social media-ing.

8.  Edited some photos ready to share.

9.  Thinking and acting pro-actively re money.

10.  Laughed lots.

Day 351 – 18 Feb 2016

1.  Had a nice nap.

2.  So grateful for all the wonderful people I know.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Took some lovely photos.

5.  Gave myself a facial.

6.  Lots of likes on Facebook.

7.  New followers and lots of interaction on Twitter.

8.  Lots of views on Etsy.

9.  Got washing done.

10.  Promoted massage business.

Day 350 – 17 Feb 2016

1.  Delicious ramen.

2.  Nice to see friend.

3.  Sang some songs and played guitar.

4.  Did lots of yoga.

5.  Really like raw opal bracelet I am making.

6.  Updated Etsy shop.

7.  Tasty lunch parents made.

8.  Edited photos.

9.  Did some social media-ing.

10.  Got more done than usual but didn’t feel too busy.

Day 349 – 16 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Wonderful to see friend who was visiting from the north.

3.  Yummy thali.

4.  Took loads of awesome photos.

5.  Experimented with different combinations of jewellery for photos.

6.  The image editing app Afterlight.

7.  Dad in his tigger onesie.

8.  Really enjoyed listening to music this morning.

9.  Watched some inspiring YouTube videos.

10.  Self massage.

Day 348 – 15 Feb 2016

1.  Really happy with goals I set at Mastermind meeting.

2.  Had a lovely walk in the cool fresh air and bright sunshine.

3.  Saw lots of friends.

4.  Yummy lentil burgers.

5.  Enjoyed watching funny TV shows with friends.

6.  Nice chats.

7.  Did some yoga and felt amazing.

8.  Self massage.

9.  Getting creative making funny random things.

10.  Good news about funding for mental health services.

Day 347 – 14 Feb 2016

1.  Lovely to see friends.

2.  ‘Work’ today did not feel like work.

3.  Yummy roast dinner with parents.

4.  Self massage.

5.  Planning adventures.

6.  Sunshine.

7.  Leonard the chinchilla (friends’ pet) is adorable.

8.  Came across useful personal development website this morning which I learned some things from.

9.  Looking at photos on Instagram this morning was inspiring.

10.  Necklace I made yesterday looks great with other necklace.

Day 346 – 13 Feb 2016

1.  Really flexible when doing yoga today.

2.  Made myself an awesome necklace.

3.  Self massage.

4.  Decided to keep a couple of other necklaces from my shop to test out the designs.

5.  Letting go of a lot of negative thought patterns and worries.

6.  Made 2 other awesome necklaces which I am really pleased with.

7.  Earning money doing things I love.

8.  Enjoyed drinking some wine.

9.  Amazing inspiring aerobics / gymnastics / dance video.

10.  Nice relaxing day overall.

Day 345 – 12 Feb 2016

1.  Had a lovely massage.

2.  Friend appreciated her massage (we did swap)

3.  Dad made me late night waffle snack – very kind.

4.  Lots of views on Etsy.

5.  Lovely to see Freddie the dog.

6.  Saw friend and made virtual vision boards.

7.  Got told twice today by different people that I cheered them up.

8.  Got the hang of using new laptop.

9.  Nice chats.

10.  Beautiful sunshine.

Day 344 – 11 Feb 2016

1.  Job satisfaction.

2.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

3.  Promoted massage.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Delicious leftover pasta.

6.  Nice catch up with friend in town.

7.  Best panini ever.

8.  Nice sunny weather.

9.  Enquiries re multiple massage bookings.

10.  Read several chapters of book on blogging to get some clarity on future direction for blog.

Day 343 – 10 Feb 2016

1.  Made delicious roasted veg pasta.

2.  Made plans with friends.

3.  Did lots of social media-ing.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Watched some good TV.

6.  Photographed items for Etsy shop.

7.  Self massage.

8.  No problems with teeth at the dentist.

9.  Made some beautiful collages of photos and images for Facebook and Instagram.

10.  Promoted massage business.

Day 341 – 9 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Not much traffic driving into town.

3.  Meeting nice people.

4.  Love the necklace I am making.

5.  Made lots of plans with friends.

6.  Made awesome vegan pancakes.

7.  Lovely to hang out with friends and eat pancakes.

8.  Awesome brunch.

9.  Did some social media-ing.

10.  Met an amazing dog.

Day 340 – 8 Feb 2016

1.  Productive Mastermind meeting.

2.  Didn’t feel too tired waking up early.

3.  Got an early night and slept well.

4.  Made some delicious mushroom and spinach filling for pancakes tomorrow.

5.  Did some cleaning and tidying.

6.  Started making new design of necklace.

7.  Nice to see friends this morning.

8.  Delicious lunch with cashew cheese, avocado, hummus, bread and salad.

9.  Did some yoga and long relaxation.

10.  Did some social media-ing.

Day 339 – 7 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Repeat massage bookings.

3.  Consistently earning money through self employment.

4.  Did social media-ing.

5.  Saw friends.

6.  Hilarious but terrible film.

7.  Amazing inspiring yoga dance video by Meghan Currie.

8.  Made some vegan cashew cheese – can’t wait to eat it!

9.  Made beautiful collage of photos to post on social media.

10.  Met 2 amazing dogs.

Day 338 – 6 Feb 2016

1.  Woke up early without alarm.

2.  Brunch out with friend – lovely to see her.

3.  Held Paloma the hamster.

4.  Freddie the dog was pleased to see me.

5.  Made a pretty bracelet.

6.  Watched a good film ‘Local Hero’.

7.  Made a nice dinner with lots of random bits of food I had.

8.  New massage customers.

9.  Had an amazing nap.

10.  Long relaxation and gentle yoga.

Day 337 – 5 Feb 2016

1.  Friend felt very relaxed after her massage.

2.  Yummy curry.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Checked bank balance and I have managed to save a lot this month.

5.  Lovely relaxing bath.

6.  Made plans with friend.

7.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

8.  Delicious free hummus.

9.  Dad made me laugh in his tigger onesie!

10.  Did some cleaning and tidying.

Day 336 – 4 Feb 2016

1.  Did lots of handstands and felt more controlled than usual.

2.  Lovely meal out.

3.  Saw lovely friends.

4.  Hummus.

5.  My dad in his tigger onesie is one of the funniest most brilliant things I have ever seen, and he loves it.

6.  Cooked a delicious aubergine tikka masala.

7.  Really cool terrifying crazy video of people climbing a tall tower in Hong Kong.

8.  Did lots of research about where to go in Costa Rica.

9.  Looks like time of year to go doesn’t matter as much as I initially thought, as there are places that are dry during main rainy season, and lots of activities that are better during rainy months.

10.  Pleased with photos of peacock ore necklace.

Day 335 – 3 Feb 2016

1.  Got dad’s onesie – it’s sooo soft and warm!

2.  Did some meditation and yoga.

3.  Payed cash into bank – feels good to be saving.

4.  Did some work.

5.  Had nice catch up with friend.

6.  Loads of free houmous!

7.  Started chopping veg for tomorrow – organised.

8.  Hilarious cute animal videos.

9.  Discovered really awesome inspiring travel blog.

10.  Awesome Ted talks.

Day 334 – 2 Feb 2016

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Watched inspiring dancers on TV.

3.  Played my guitar and did some singing.

4.  Tuning guitar down was a good move – much easier to sing.

5.  Had a wonderful relaxing bath this morning to start the day – a mini spa experience!

6.  Lovely to see my cousin and grandma.

7.  Made plans for pancake day.

8.  Got really inspired by my travel inspiration board on Pinterest.

9.  New followers and lots of interaction on Twitter.

10.  Did some writing.

Day 333 – 1 Feb 2016

1.  Good Mastermind meeting.

2.  Was pleased I had managed to do a lot of my goals from last week.

3.  Friends are getting on well with their businesses.

4.  Friend cooked me a really nice healthy lunch.

5.  Found out some really useful info about tax.

6.  Good conversations.

7.  Helped friend overcome a couple of difficulties.

8.  Felt deepening sense of peace.

9.  Delicious curry.

10.  Beautiful ornaments in restaurant.