Good Things – December 2015

Day 300 – 31 Dec 2015

1.  Yummy vegan sausages.

2.  Bought a gorgeous ring and bracelet with my voucher.

3.  Bought lots of vegan snacks for party.

4.  Nice people at party.

5.  Long relaxation.

6.  Bought lovely new dress.

7.  So grateful for my onesie to keep me warm.

8.  Had a good nap.

9.  Listened to good music and sang when we got home.

10.  Love my slipper socks.

Day 299 – 30 Dec 2015

1.  Friend made me a beautiful delicious birthday cake.

2.  Wonderful trip to the spa.

3.  Outdoor jacuzzi so nice.

4.  Indoor jacuzzi so warm and soothing.

5.  Really enjoyed swimming after going in the steam room – felt like I was in a beautiful dream.

6.  Went out for delicious vegan food.

7.  Met friend’s cat who was really cute.

8.  Had a great nap.

9.  More lovely prosecco.

10.  Friend cooked us an awesome breakfast.

Day 298 – 29 Dec 2015

1.  Easy drive to Northwich.

2.  Drank lots of lovely prosecco.

3.  Wonderful buffet dinner my friend had prepared for us.

4.  My friend was really pleased to see us and we were really pleased to see her.

5.  Met little dog called Diesel.

6.  Diesel was so cute playing with his toy, and when he sat on my lap.

7.  Made plans to go to spa which was doing a special price of £12 – bargain!

8.  Friend’s lovely housemate made us feel very welcome.

9.  Didn’t use as much fuel as I thought to get there.

10.  Did some work from my phone.

Day 297 – 28 Dec 2015

1.  Did lots of yoga.

2.  Fun handstands.

3.  Lovely afternoon/eve with friend.

4.  Vegan pizza.

5.  Vocalising and becoming clearer about plans for the future.

6.  Made In Chelsea.

7.  Excited about visiting friend up north.

8.  Did lots of social media-ing.

9.  Love my jewellery.

10.  Got packed really quickly without any stress.

Day 296 – 27 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Nice long relaxation.

3.  Made some great pins.

4.  Wonderful walk around Bradford-on-Avon.

5.  Exciting TV drama.

6.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

7.  Self-massage.

8.  Documentary ‘Walking the Himalaya’ – so amazing.

9.  Love my new bag.

10.  Dark chocolate.

Day 295 – 26 Dec 2015

1.  Really lovely day at Grandma’s.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Did some work even though hadn’t planned to.

4.  Finally made a start on new blog post.

5.  Amazing inspiring people on Instagram.

6.  New followers on Twitter.

7.  Re-pins on Pinterest.

8.  Delicious vegan pie.

9.  More energy.

10.  Gorgeous dogs on Jonathan Ross show!

Day 294 – 25 Dec 2015

1.  Lovely xmas day with family.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Self-massage.

4.  Entertaining TV.

5.  Delicious vegan xmas pie.

6.  Delicious vegan xmas pudding.

7.  Lovely presents.

8.  Dad loved his book.

9.  Lovely messages from friends.

10.  My new socks are so warm!

Day 293 – 24 Dec 2015

1.  Saw little Lucy the dog – love her!

2.  Yummy vegan mince pie.

3.  Took some great photos.

4.  Listed necklace on Etsy.

5.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

6.  Cute film.

7.  Beautiful sky.

8.  Amazing cashew nut vegan cheese.

9.  Lovely faux silk ribbon arrived.

10.  Did some yoga – flexibility improving.

Day 292 – 23 Dec 2015

1.  Self-massage.

2.  Got xmas shopping done.

3.  Nice lunch with friend.

4.  Lovely presents.

5.  Funny TV show.

6.  Relaxing in my friend’s flat before driving home.

7.  Ordered lots of exciting things last night.

8.  Absolutely exhausted which usually makes me feel depressed but it hasn’t at all today.

9.  Views from Pinterest.

10.  Lots of favourites on Etsy.

Day 291 – 22 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Awesome inspiring video by Dashama.

3.  Lovely evening snuggled up on sofa watching TV with friends.

4.  Made my friend some earrings.

5.  Excited about xmas – this is the best xmas I have had in years 🙂

6.  Super cute video of baby goats.

7.  Made lots of pins for Pinterest.

8.  Have vision for my shop of becoming more efficient in everything I do, and earning more money from it while having free time to further develop my business and travel.

9.  Feeling generally happy and well.

10.  Made the best roasted vegetable pasta.

Day 290 – 21 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Love necklaces I made recently.

3.  Made In Chelsea.

4.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

5.  New followers on Twitter.

6.  Good Mastermind meeting.

7.  Comfy warm trousers.

8.  Made plans with friends.

9.  Making daily social media activities a habit that becomes more organized, quicker and easier as I do it more.

10.  I see that the same principal applies to a lot of the work I do.

Day 289 – 20 Dec 2015

1.  Lovely afternoon/evening with friends.

2.  Absolutely delicious Japanese food.

3.  Adorable film.

4.  Friend loved bracelet.

5.  Saw other friend this morning to give her a massage and have a catch up which was so nice.

6.  Self-massage.

7.  Looking into house and pet sitting opportunities.

8.  Shared some jewellery pics on social media.

9.  Beautiful xmas lights and decorations everywhere – so magical!!!

10.  Artemis the cat.

Day 288 – 19 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Watched interesting documentary.

3.  Meeting nice people.

4.  New massage clients.

5.  Made plans with friends.

6.  Read inspiring blog.

7.  Really pleased with necklace I made.

8.  Accidental nice hair style I achieved this evening through doing yoga and messing it up!

9.  Watched some awesome inspiring YouTube videos about travel and adventure.

10.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

Day 287 – 18 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Self massage.

3.  Waffle snacks.

4.  I love spending time with animals.

5.  Made a beautiful necklace.

6.  Using the creative process as a way to re-energize and align with my purpose and vision.

7.  Great informative and inspiring YouTube videos.

8.  Made plans to visit friend.

9.  Friend opened up to me about problem she is having.

10.  Read part of a really funny good book.

Day 286 – 17 Dec 2015

1.  Snuggles with Artemis the cat.

2.  Seeing how much the cat enjoyed her food.

3.  Did some yoga while watching comedy.

4.  Made some earrings.

5.  Watched a cheesy xmas film with my mum.

6.  Interesting philosophical conversation with friend.

7.  Went to lovely xmas party.

8.  Made delicious food.

9.  Talking about Barbados – happy memories.

10.  Feeling xmasy!

Day 285 – 16 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Made lots of pins and collages with pictures.

3.  Nice conversation with my mum.

4.  Vegan mince pies!

5.  Had an early night.

6.  Nice comments re my jewellery and website.

7.  Went for a walk.

8.  Gradually getting more energy.

9.  Mindfulness meditation.

10.  Self-massage.

Day 284 – 15 Dec 2015

1.  Practised using ‘Afterlight’ app to edit photos.

2.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of Facebook groups.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Yummy leftover curry.

5.  Made some really beautiful pins for Pinterest.

6.  Lots of new followers on Twitter.

7.  Lots of retweets and interactions.

8.  Really pleased with one of the photos I edited – really cool effects with the light and colour.

9.  Went for a lovely walk.

10.  Learning through trial and error the mindset and focus I need to feel happy and succeed.

Day 283 – 14 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Waffle snack.

3.  Made some awesome pins for Pinterest.

4.  2 new massage clients.

5.  Lovely video chat with friend.

6.  Cooked dinner for parents.

7.  Really lovely walk – just a short walk around the block but was so nice.

8.  Took some great photos.

9.  Listed new necklace on Etsy.

10.  Cute video of dog my friend sent me.

Day 282 – 13 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Loved playing with Artemis the cat.

3.  Watched exciting TV drama.

4.  Saw 2 lovely friends.

5.  Inspiring and interesting people I follow online.

6.  Yummy roast dinner.

7.  My friend liked and shared lots of my jewellery photos.

8.  Good sleep last night.

9.  Forming a bit of a plan.

10.  Really appreciate all the beautiful photos I have taken.

Day 281 – 12 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga – flowing nicely.

2.  Enjoyed watcing film.

3.  Went for a lovely walk.

4.  Met 2 cool dogs.

5.  Had some proper creative time and it was so therapeutic.  Love the necklace I am making too!

6.  Dad cooked me a lovely dinner.

7.  Shared lots of pics on social media.

8.  Loved practising using Afterlight to edit photos – pleased with the result of xmas tree pic.

9.  Parents bought me new amazing xmas jumper.

10.  Self massage.

Day 280 – 11 Dec 2015

1.  Job satisfaction.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Watched First Dates.

4.  Friend loves bracelet I made.

5.  Beautiful sky this evening.

6.  Catch up with friend.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on social media.

8.  Really pleased with edit of photo of me wearing necklaces in garden.

9.  Nice comments about my jewellery.

10.  Useful advice about writing for online businesses and blogs.

Day 279 – 10 Dec 2015

1.  Felt quite energetic when doing yoga.

2.  Really pleased with custom order I am making for a friend.

3.  Enjoyed watching Question Time.

4.  Enjoyed watching London Spy.

5.  Saw my wonderful friend and had a lovely time.

6.  Delicious vegetable crumble.

7.  Xmas tree looks beautiful – it makes me so happy to look at it.

8.  Getting more free hummus tomorrow!

9.  Friend’s wedding photos are amazing!

10.  Made some awesome collages and pins, and shared lots on social media.

Day 278 – 9 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Freddie the dog was sooo pleased to see me and I loved how excited and happy he was.

3.  Saw lovely friends.

4.  Nice meal out.

5.  Made lots of great pins for Pinterest.

6.  Lots of new followers on Twitter.

7.  My friend rescued a hamster because I jokingly suggested she get one to cheer her up!

8.  Met Paloma the hamster and she was awesome.

9.  New massage client.

10.  Dad is starting to get a bit more cheerful about xmas!  I will wear him down!!

Day 277 – 8 Dec 2015

1.  Was nice to have some company going to the supermarket and got shopping done quickly.

2.  Cupboards and fridge now stuffed with yummy healthy food.

3.  Really enjoyed putting xmas decorations up.

4.  Lights on tree look beautiful.

5.  Plant in corner looks great with gold stars on.

6.  Loved having candles burning this afternoon – magical!

7.  Found out lots of useful info re order fulfilment.

8.  Did some yoga – more than usual.

9.  Made In Chelsea was awesome as always!

10.  Views up on Etsy.

Day 276 – 7 Dec 2015

1.  Smoked hummus.

2.  My friend’s boss telling her I can have as much smoked hummus as I like!

3.  Chocolate.

4.  Lovely cosy relaxing time at friend’s house.

5.  Redbush chai tea.

6.  Interesting TV program about the world’s most unusual houses.

7.  Using Afterlight app to edit photos – satisfying.

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pics.

9.  Lots of interaction on Twitter.

10.  New likes for page.

Day 275 – 6 Dec 2015

1.  Lovely time in Bath.

2.  Beautiful xmas decorations.

3.  Binge watching great tv shows and eating hummus.

4.  Love.

5.  Amazing cat.

6.  Found vegan food at the xmas market.

7.  Made a start on xmas shopping.

8.  Made plans with friends.

9.  Got another 5* review from a customer- it means so much to me.

10.  Shared jewellery pics on lots of facebook groups.

Day 274 – 5 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga.

2.  Self-massage.

3.  Really fun murder mystery.

4.  Delicious banquet.

5.  Beautiful interesting old manor house.

6.  Lovely people.

7.  Got another 5* review from customer.

8.  Amazing trees and grand old gate – so mysterious!

9.  Did a little bit of work.

10.  Nice long sleep.

Day 273 – 4 Dec 2015

1.  Went for a lovely walk with my friend and her dog.

2.  Freddie (dog) was so pleased to see me.

3.  Beautiful countryside so close to home.

4.  Being true to myself.

5.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

6.  New followers and lots of interactions on Twitter.

7.  Lots of people saved my pins on Pinterest.

8.  Yummy lentils with hummus and a crumpet.

9.  Amazing inspiring people I follow on Instagram.

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 272 – 3 Dec 2015

1.  Practicing expressing my opinions clearly and logically feels good.

2.  Did some yoga and really enjoyed it.

3.  Chocolate pudding!

4.  Made yummy lentil curry.

5.  Went for a walk around Warmley forest park which helped clear my head.

6.  Reconnected to my sense of purpose.

7.  Shared lots of jewellery pics of Facebook.

8.  Did some massage promotion.

9.  Connecting with interesting and inspiring people on Instagram.

10.  Lots of repins on Pinterest and new followers and retweets on Twitter.

Day 271 – 2 Dec 2015

1.  Watched ‘London Spy’ – was really good.

2.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Shared photos on lots of Facebook groups.

5.  Great massage swap with friend.

6.  Singing xmas songs.

7.  Put up a few small decorations (not tree yet).

8.  Lots of new followers and retweets on Twitter.

9.  Lots of likes on Instagram.

10.  Yummy brunch.

Day 270 – 1 Dec 2015

1.  Did some yoga – feeling more motivated.

2.  Increase in flexibility.

3.  Found awesome new inspiring Instagram account to follow with acro videos and pictures.

4.  Feeling better – felt a bit under the weather this morning.

5.  Made some beautiful pins for Pinterest.

6.  Lots of new followers on Twitter.

7.  Shared lots of pics on Facebook.

8.  More sales recently.

9.  Made In Chelsea was awesome as always.

10.  Lots of re-pins on Pinterest.