Good Things – August 2015

Day 178 – 31 Aug, 2015

1.  Did some cleaning.

2.  Did some yoga.

3.  Had delicious meal cooked for me.

4.  Yummy brunch.

5.  Had long lie in.

6.  Walking around and driving in the middle of the night when it was so quiet and still was amazing.

7.  Listening to music and feeling really happy in the car.

8.  New massage client.

9.  Giving away a massage voucher for charity auction.

10.  Friends being really supportive.

Day 177 – 30 Aug, 2015

1.  Finally finished latest blog post – feels great to have it out there.

2.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook.

3.  Started to look into Facebook ads.

4.  Received lovely compliment about my jewellery.

5.  My friend had reduced pain after massage.

6.  Made plans to see another friend.

7.  Made amazing lunch.

8.  Dark chocolate – really perked me up this evening!

9.  Did some yoga.

10.  Got washing done.

Day 177 – 29 Aug, 2015

1.  Laughing hysterically about spoons with my friend this morning.

2.  Eating vegan chocolate brownies another friend had made – delicious.

3.  Watched lots of rubbish tv.

4.  Did some yoga – did an amazing arm balance I’ve not done before.

5.  Did some writing.

6.  Hanging out with friend who brought hummus and cider.

7.  Watched some interesting documentaries.

8.  Lots of page views for jewellery.

9.  Had interesting deep conversation about life.

10.  Won £10 on lottery.

Day 176 – 28 Aug, 2015

1.  Spent lots of time with friend I don’t see very often.

2.  Made some yummy food.

3.  Played with the cats.

4.  Did some yoga – felt very flexible.

5.  Practised singing.

6.  Read some interesting blogs.

7.  Did some writing.

8.  Lots of page views and new likes for jewellery.

9.  The cats are eating better now.

10.  Dark chocolate.

Day 175 – 27 Aug, 2015

1.  Did some cleaning/tidying – keeping New Year’s resolution.

2.  Wrote shopping list – organized! (other NY resolution)

3.  Sold newest necklace as soon as I listed it.

4.  Listed new item.

5.  New likes for Facebook page.

6.  Practised singing.

7.  Contacted friends to arrange meeting up.

8.  Nearly finished latest blog post.

9.  Looking at old photos brought back amazing memories and feelings.

10.  Ideas for Instagram.

Day 174 – 26 Aug, 2015

1.  Looking forward to seeing the cats again tonight.

2.  Had a lovely catch up with a friend.

3.  Got bridesmaid shoes.

4.  Pleased with photographs I took this afternoon.

5.  Listed new necklace on Etsy.

6.  Made good progress with latest blog post.

7.  New likes for Facebook page.

8.  Page views back up on Etsy.

9.  Delicious wrap at Biblos.

10.  Enjoyed listening to music.

Day 173 – 25 Aug, 2015

1.  Counselling was amazing today.

2.  Really pleased with bracelet I made.

3.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

4.  New massage client enjoyed massage and has booked another session.

5.  Made yummy veg sausage pasta.

6.  Going to watch Made In Chelsea in a minute – my weekly escapism!

7.  Felt very calm and relaxed this afternoon.

8.  Getting more massage bookings and enquiries recently – my efforts are paying off.

9.  Nice long relaxation.

10.  My skin feels really soft from face mask I’ve been using.

Day 172 – 24 Aug, 2015

1.  My friends enjoyed their massages.

2.  Had delicious dinner cooked for me.

3.  Made a lovely necklace.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  Practised singing in the car.

6.  Relaxing watching funny cartoons.

7.  Did social media-ing.

8.  My dad made me a really nice breakfast and late night snack – he is an angel!

9.  Ordered jewellery supplies.

10.  Sorted out photos.

Day 171 – 23 Aug, 2015

1.  The cats are happy and well.

2.  I am happy and well.

3.  My family are happy and well.

4.  Great family meal out at Zaza Bazaar.

5.  Came across a successful Etsy shop, studied what they are doing differently from me and have come up with some strategies for increasing my sales based on this.

6.  Pinterest group boards are working well for me so far.

7.  My Etsy pages are getting found via google.

8.  My friend’s mum enjoyed her massage.

9.  Practised singing.

10.  Feeling generally inspired and more motivated than the last 2 weeks.

Day 170 – 22 Aug, 2015

1.  Did some cleaning.

2.  Massive yummy breakfast.

3.  Really enjoyed cooking curry and it was so easy – just chucked it all in a pan in oven!

4.  Nice to see parents and they seem really well.

5.  Super inspired by new people I’ve found to follow on Instagram.

6.  Loads of likes for photo of turquoise and amethyst earrings.

7.  Looking at options for buying laptop and there are some really cheap ones that look excellent.

8.  Lovely warm damp still air this evening, was really beautiful.

9.  Did yoga and really long relaxation which felt amazing.

10.  Dark chocolate.

Day 169 – 21 Aug, 2015

1.  Was lovely to see friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

2.  Vegan pizza AGAIN.

3.  Looking at all the vegetables growing in the park and eating runner beans that we picked.

4.  Long meditation this morning.

5.  Leftover falafel in fridge.

6.  Feeding the ducks in the park.

7.  3 new massage clients.

8.  Built a wardrobe!

9.  Really cute cuddles with Ling the cat.

10.  Saw a huge amazing dog that appeared to be just chilling on his own in the park lying on the grass!

Day 168 – 20 Aug, 2015

1.  Really love my ring.

2.  Saw friend I hadn’t seen in a while and had a good catch up.

3.  £5 lunch time pizza at Planet Pizza and they do a vegan one!  So good!

4.  Saw another friend and it was lovely to see her.

5.  Got transport to airport sorted.

6.  Ate out twice in one day – had yummy tapas while waiting for my friend as well as pizza for lunch.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Had a nice relaxing start to the day.

9.  Did social media-ing.

10.  Getting views on Etsy from Pinterest – only just started sharing on a couple of group boards so this is encouraging.

Day 167 – 19 Aug, 2015

1.  Got food shopping done.

2.  Bonding with the cats.

3.  Nice chat with granny.

4.  Did some yoga.

5.  My hamstrings are getting a lot more flexible.

6.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on social media.

7.  Enjoyed watching ‘First Dates’.

8.  My friend’s delicious soup.

9.  Really pleased with how some of my pictures look on Pinterest.

10.  Generated some views of Etsy shop from my website.

Day 166 – 18 Aug, 2015

1.  My new ring from Moon Beam Visions is absolutely awesome, I am so inspired wearing it.

2.  The cats I am looking after are adorable.

3.  My friend’s bed where I am sleeping is sooo comfy.

4.  Received a wonderful review for my jewellery.

5.  Did some writing after counselling session.  It helped a lot.

6.  Wrote some more of next blog post.

7.  Lots of page views the last 2 days on Etsy.

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

9.  Discovered some inspiring music videos.

10.  Episode 2 of Made In Chelsea LA was also amazing!

Day 165 – 17 Aug, 2015

1.  Really gentle relaxing yoga in the garden.

2.  Saw friends.

3.  Went to yoga class.  It was really good, and I managed to do arm balance that I sometimes struggle with.

4.  New likes for Facebook page.

5.  New massage client.

6.  Wrote shopping list – keeping new year’s resolution to be organized.

7.  Delivered Phyllis and Deidre back home safely.

8.  Found out new series of Made In Chelsea has already started so I now have 2 episodes to watch – exciting!

9.  Shared lots of jewellery pics on Facebook groups.

10.  Plan to be more sociable while I’m cat sitting as I will be closer to town.

Day 164 – 16 Aug, 2015

1.  Had a really long chat with a friend.

2.  Played some music.

3.  Listened to some nice chilled out music.

4.  Tortoises are so cute.

5.  Cooked some healthy food.

6.  Got washing done.

7.  Practised singing.

8.  Had idea for blog post and made a good start on it.

9.  Had a nice lie-in.

10.  Ankle lots better.

Day 163 – 15 Aug, 2015

1.  Finally getting clear on what direction I’m heading in with business after a foggy day.

2.  Not minding one bit or beating myself up about the fact I had an unproductive day.

3.  My friend booked massage for her mum as a birthday present.

4.  Had cuddles with Phyllis the tortoise and she did a wee on me AGAIN which was gross but kind of cute and very funny.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Hurt my ankle which I am weirdly enjoying as it has given me the perfect excuse to be lazy!

7.  Delicious sandwich for lunch with garlic mushrooms and hummus.

8.  Shared lots of jewellery pictures on Facebook.

9.  Practised singing a bit in the car.

10.  Watched my friend shoot next door’s cat (that terrorizes her cats) with a water pistol – hilarious!

Day 162 – 14 Aug, 2015

1.  Made some changes to website.

2.  Made some lovely earrings, and making them really helped me to relax.

3.  Was lovely to see my friend for her birthday drinks.

4.  Had a good catch up with another friend.

5.  Cute pictures of bunnies, and hilarious conversations about dogs and cats.

6.  The tortoises are a lot calmer and seem more relaxed today.

7.  Lots of page views and likes for jewellery.

8.  Read inspiring blog post.

9.  Mega inspiring yoga Instagram accounts to follow.

10.  Did some yoga.

Day 161 – 13 Aug, 2015

1.  Tortoises have settled in well.

2.  Received enquiry from potential new massage client.

3.  Very pleased with latest blog post Citizens Of The World.

4.  Finished and submitted tax return.

5.  Did some tidying.

6.  Cuddles with Phyllis the tortoise!

7.  Photographed and listed latest creation on Etsy.

8.  Face mask made my skin really soft.

9.  Face massage.

10.  Page views up on Etsy yesterday.

Day 160 – 12 Aug, 2015

1.  Got Phyllis and Deidre (baby tortoises) back for the next few days yay!

2.  Was lovely to see friends this evening.

3.  Played some music and sang songs – loved it.

4.  Practised singing in the car.

5.  Did some yoga.

6.  Really pleased with the photos I got this afternoon in the garden.

7.  Lots of likes for pictures I shared on social media, and new likes for my Facebook page.

8.  The most AMAZING sunset I have seen in years – beautiful mauve/orange, looked like the sky was on fire.  Gorgeous clouds too.

9.  I love receiving orders, it makes me super happy.

10.  Had a good gossip with my friend.

Day 159 – 11 Aug, 2015

1.  Had a Lebanese feast for lunch!

2.  Hanging out with my girls.

3.  Getting the baby tortoises back tomorrow!

4.  Face massage.

5.  Managed to do amazing yoga move that I was too scared to try in class!

6.  Inspiring people that I follow on social media.

7.  Got home late but still got work done.

8.  Love the latest necklace I am making.

9.  Getting an almost early night!

10.  Practised singing.

Day 158 – 10 Aug, 2015

1.  Made it to yoga class.

2.  Did some yoga at home too.

3.  Seeing how amazing Dubai looks on TV program.

4.  Took some great photos.

5.  Listed new earrings on Etsy.

6.  Started making necklace – trying out new design.

7.  Lots of likes for jewellery pics I shared.

8.  Cooked some lovely roasted veg pasta.

9.  Wrote down some ideas for future digital products.

10.  Wrote first half of new blog post very easily.

Day 157 – 9 Aug, 2015

1.  Maisie the dog was amazing!

2.  Made some lovely little earrings.

3.  Did 2 really awesome handstands that I was able to hold for longer than usual.

4.  Delicious mushroom and spinach burgers.

5.  Got some ideas for rings to make.

6.  Edited item titles on Etsy to be found for more search terms.

7.  Did some social media-ing.

8.  Found some amazing inspiring artists and other people to follow on Instagram.

9.  Lovely photos from balloon fiesta.

10.  Ordered jewellery making supplies I needed.

Day 156 – 8 Aug, 2015

1.  Had a really busy day working and balloon fiesta but don’t feel too exhausted.

2.  Lots of yummy vegan food.

3.  Balloons were so beautiful.

4.  Night glow and fireworks were beautiful.

5.  Escaped the crowds arriving and leaving.

6.  My friend loved her earrings.

7.  So good to see friends.

8.  Amazing to see how many people came to the festival.

9.  Gorgeous little dog I made friends with!

10.  Practised singing in the car.

Day 155 – 7 Aug, 2015

1.  Know what I am aiming towards with my business.

2.  Found out some useful info re Costa Rica.

3.  New likes on Facebook page.

4.  Shared lots of jewellery pics.

5.  Looked into coach to airport for holiday.

6.  Feel really excited about travelling.

7.  Delicious vegan chilli.

8.  Yoga in the garden was lovely.

9.  Warm weather.

10.  Flexibility improving.

Day 154 – 6 Aug, 2015

1.  Took some good photos.

2.  Did lots of social media-ing.

3.  Got shopping done.

4.  Have come up with a strategy for promoting massage business.

5.  Gave my mum a massage which she really appreciated.

6.  Did some yoga – flexibility improving.

7.  Noticed that having less structure to my days has caused my anxiety levels to rise, so have planned time for tomorrow.

8.  Delicious home made potato wedges for dinner.

9.  Made plans with friends.

10.  Beautiful weather.

Day 153 – 5 Aug, 2015

1.  Pleased with latest photos I have taken.

2.  Nice lunch out with granny.

3.  Did some yoga.

4.  Finished blog post.

5.  Listed necklace on Etsy.

6.  Learning to deal with my emotions better.

7.  Did lots of social media marketing for business.

8.  Took booking for block of 4 massages as per special offer.

9.  Beginning to learn that I need to trust in what I’m doing and let go of the outcome more.

10.  Group board on Pinterest is getting me repins.

Day 152 – 4 Aug, 2015

1.  Sending jewellery I have made to customers on the other side of the world.

2.  LOVE the latest necklace I have made with chrysocolla and malachite.

3.  Feeling pretty relaxed after spa day yesterday.

4.  Good counselling session.

5.  Photographed necklace very quickly.

6.  Sales picking up again.

7.  Did some yoga and self massage.

8.  Taking my grandma out to lunch tomorrow – she was really pleased I asked her.

9.  Remembering to be kind to myself after delving deep into some difficult emotions in counselling session earlier.

10.  Delicious melted dark chocolate with soya cream and banana.

Day 151 – 3 Aug, 2015

1.  Amazing breakfast.

2.  Bumped into a friend in town.

3.  Went to spa for friend’s birthday for free.

4.  Jacuzzi was sooo good.

5.  Sauna really relaxed my muscles.

6.  Loved swimming up and down gently in the cool swimming pool.

7.  My friend had a lovely relaxing birthday.

8.  Steam room really cleared my chest, nose and throat.

9.  Floating on noodle in pool.

10.  Got some work done this evening despite being very tired.

Day 150 – 2 Aug, 2015

1.  Packed up really easily and quickly.

2.  Lovely weather.

3.  Easy journey home.

4.  Managed to cram in lots of stuff and passengers into my tiny car.

5.  My friend’s lovely cats.

6.  Had an amazing nap when I got home.

7.  Delicious waffle snack.

8.  My friend was really happy that we’d all come to festival for her birthday and she had a great time.

9.  So nice to shower when I got home!

10.  Had a really good early night.

Day 149 – 1 Aug, 2015

1.  Relaxing lying down listening to live music.

2.  The moon was amazing again.

3.  Eating hummus with vegetable ragout.

4.  Gave my friend a relaxing birthday massage.

5.  Getting all glammed up and glittery.

6.  Chilling in tent with friends.

7.  Did some yoga.

8.  Had a good chat with my friend.

9.  Was great to get to know my friend’s boyfriend better.

10.  Bought some awesome trousers.

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