Gliding Through Miami

The adventure I am currently on began 2 weeks ago with a 24 hour stop-over in Miami.  The moment I set foot outside the airport terminal I felt equally at ease with and impressed by my surroundings.  The evening was warm, and I was greeted by palm trees and shiny giant vehicles.

I took 2 buses and a walk with my heavy bags to reach my hostel, but friendly helpful people and the comforting balmy night air made it a smooth transition.  Whenever I’m in the USA it feels a little like being in a movie to me.  I watched the neon motel signs and fast food restaurants fly past the window of the cool air conditioned bus, captivated by the strange yet very familiar surroundings.

After a good much needed sleep, I headed out of my hostel the next morning into the bright blazing sunshine.  The heat and the giant cacti growing next to the road reminded me how far away from home I was.  I found it hard to imagine the cold rainy November days in the UK.


It wasn’t until I stepped onto the sandy path to the beach that the reality of where I was truly sank in.  I literally cried with joy as the short path opened out onto the vast expanse of white sand.  Stunning clear turquoise ocean in front of me, palm tree lined boulevards behind, I found myself standing on Miami beach at the beginning of a journey with no end date.


I made my way to the water’s edge and felt that blissful feeling of the first waves lapping over my bare feet.  As I plunged into the water I thought to myself, never before have I been to a city beach that was so peaceful.  It was early, and I was a little out of town, so I shared my slice of paradise with only a few other people.

Gazing back at the gleaming buildings from such a tranquil place gave me a beautiful perspective on the city.  After a long journey it felt amazing to move my body in the perfect blue gentle waves.


I took a long walk along the beach, dipping in and out of the soothing ocean, floating and smiling, watching happy people enjoying cocktails outside their hotels.  Eventually I tore myself away from the beach and headed downtown to see some more of the city.

As if in preparation for the Latin American part of my adventure, I met a wonderful Colombian man on the bus who insisted on taking me on the Metromover, a free monorail transport system that covers the central neighbourhoods.  I have a slight obsession with monorails, so it doesn’t get much better than a free one for me.


The train glided through the city, winding around, over and under buildings soundlessly.  My Colombian friend left me to explore alone, and I was free to let my mind soar across the ground that passed beneath me.


I was left feeling elevated and expansive after a high speed tour of downtown Miami, and with only a few hours before my flight it was time to get some food and head back to the hostel.

My short time in this awesome city had been surprisingly relaxing, and I was ready for the next instalment of the adventure!

I had a wonderful time in Miami, but I’m aware I missed most of the major tourist spots because I chose to focus just on 2 activities that I found most enjoyable.  What are your top recommendations for the city?  Leave me a comment below 🙂




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