Fun Christmas Photo Shoot

Day 2 of my challenge to celebrate the magic of life in some way, big or small, every single day was completely different from Day 1 (when I climbed Glastonbury Tor at twilight), but equally magical in its own way.

An experimental photo shoot with fairy lights seemed like a perfect way to celebrate.  It was way out of my comfort zone, and we had to take a lot of bad shots to get some I was pleased with, but it was totally worth the struggle!  Creative projects when I am pushing my boundaries rarely go smoothly, but the joy when I see the end result is always so rewarding.

Despite being slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera, there were moments of total peace, wonder and magic being bathed in beautiful lights in the darkness.  I felt awkward and anxious, but the moments when I felt like a radiant goddess were the pay off!

It’s something I may not have done if I hadn’t taken on this celebratory challenge, so I’m already seeing the benefit and it’s only Day 2.  I will be posting regularly about my celebrations and experiences, so stay tuned for more!

I would love it if you joined in with my celebrations, so if you feel inspired to celebrate life in your own way, or try one of my ideas, please share your experiences with me.  Leave a comment below, or find me on Instagram @tessheaven.



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