Day 7 Of Celebrations – Starling Murmuration

I have celebrated life every day for a week now!  Read how this challenge started here.  It was great to finish the week with something as epic as the famous starling murmuration at Ham Wall nature reserve in Somerset.

It was so dark and gloomy today, but here is a video from earlier in the year to give you an idea of the scale of it.

I got a closer view of the birds today as they fluttered and swooped over my head in gigantic clouds.  Most of my pictures were a blur, or too dark to see anything, but this meant I was free to witness the magic without any distractions.

The sight and sound of them whooshing through the air was utterly mesmerising, and I was so absorbed in the experience that I felt like I could take flight at any moment!  At one point they were only a couple of meters from my head, thousands of birds flying by in perfect synchronisation.  I had the biggest smile on my face, and felt so lucky to be there for this amazing event.

Even without the starlings the nature reserve is beautiful peaceful place, overflowing with abundant life.  After they had settled down I took some time to gaze across the water and soak up the last of the twilight.  You can never guarantee what you’ll see when looking for wildlife, but you can always count on nature to be a source of inspiration.  Life definitely felt like magic today.

I have completed a week of daily acts to celebrate the magic of life, but I don’t intend to stop here.  It is sometimes challenging to think of things to do, or to find time, but I absolutely love the mindset that it creates in me.  Stay tuned to see how I continue to celebrate.



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