Christmas Inspired Me To Start Blogging Again

I was feeling miserable and disconnected from my surroundings as I sat on the sofa at my parents’ house, barely noticing what TV show was flickering in front of my eyes.  I’d had a bad day with a mini disaster involving a lot of my handmade jewellery getting damaged, and I’d had to cancel the massages I was supposed to be doing.

I was hoping to spend some time getting into the Christmas spirit with my mum and dad, but it was early December and although I’d enforced some festive decorating they weren’t ready for celebrations yet.  I wasn’t in the mood now either.

Despite feeling down, I retained some self awareness and I knew how to bring myself back to a happier state of mind.  I decided to embrace the magic of Christmas even if nobody else wanted to.

When I tuned into the things I love about the festive season – lights, sparkles, comfort and love (not to mention all the food!) – everything made sense again.  I watched a terrible movie on the Christmas channel, and enjoyed it for the magical winter scenes and beautiful decorations.  My mince pie and santa hat brought me warmth, and I gazed around at all the delightful things I’d been blind to a moment before.

The simple intention to allow the spirit of Christmas to warm my heart had changed my mood almost instantly.  I remember practising doing a similar thing a few years before, when I was a lot less of a Christmas lover.  I decided to embrace all the festivities that I was previously indifferent to, and I haven’t looked back since!  Now fairy lights and glittery snowflakes have a magical effect on me pretty easily when I allow them to.

Although I knew it would be easy to change my state of mind (I’ve written a lot about this in my earlier posts, Shimmering Magic Everywhere being one such example), I had no idea how profound the effect would be.  I’m always amazed at the difference a simple change in perspective can make, but this one moved me deeply.

I could see quite clearly how special the magic of Christmas, and the magic of life in general, truly was.  Allowing myself to notice the beauty made my heart happy and made me a much more pleasant person to be around.  I realised how grumpy I had been all evening when I finally felt at peace.  I knew it was much more than just my mood that had changed, and I vowed to find a way to share this magic.

It’s easy to celebrate the magic of life at Christmas time when it’s all around, but I was already thinking about the rest of the year.  I had to find a way of keeping this magic alive without looking like a crazy person, still wearing my santa hat and bauble earrings in January.

I regularly share things that inspire and uplift me on social media, and occasionally here on my blog.  However, I felt like it was time to make a big change and truly start living in this magic on a daily basis.

I want to celebrate life every single day.  I’m sure I will fail at this, but I’m also sure I will experience a deeper sense of peace and connection to the world around me through setting this intention.  Every day I will celebrate the magic of life in some way, big or small, and I will share my experiences with you.  This will hopefully keep me on track, and my blog will be a source of inspiration, just like a Christmas tree covered in sparkling lights that inspires hope and joy in so many hearts at this time of year.

How do you celebrate life?  I have lots of ideas of ways to celebrate the magic, including going on mini adventures, big adventures, covering myself in crystals, celebrating the work of others that inspires me, and much much more.  First post on this coming soon, stay tuned!



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