Celebrating The Magic – Glastonbury Tor At Twilight

My previous post Christmas Inspired Me To Start Blogging Again will explain in more detail what is happening here.  In a nutshell, I have decided to undertake the crazy task, which I shall almost certainly fail at, of doing something to celebrate the magic of life every single day.  It will be very difficult to sustain such a high level of enthusiasm, let alone manage to blog about it, but I believe the process will be rewarding!  Hopefully my posts can provide you with some inspiration and magic too.

Day 1 was a pilgrimage to the top of Glastonbury Tor.  (Conveniently, I was staying with my boyfriend in Glastonbury at the time!)  I decided today was the day to begin my challenge, and despite the weather and lack of light for photos, the Tor was calling me.  What a perfect way to celebrate being in this amazing place, and the start of a new series of adventures.

Going up to the Tor was far less important than celebrating the magic I found along the way, as my whole reason for doing this was to become more present to the beauty that surrounds us all of the time. 

I set off on my journey at a brisk pace, aware of the fading light, but with joy in my heart, ready to absorb the wonders I would come across.  The beautiful lights in these trees showed me that I was on the right track.

It wasn’t long before I reached the White Spring, and I took a quick detour into the temple which is free to enter.  Mysterious is a massive understatement when describing this place.  I don’t know enough to give you historical information, but it felt kind of eerie on this occasion.

I’ve been inside before, but it was my first visit alone.  I loved the few strange moments I spent in there, but needed to continue onwards and upwards.

As I climbed higher, the lights from the town below glittered and faded into the distance.  I stood for a moment to appreciate the scene in front of me, and the warm glow lit up my heart.  A few days before, the simple joy of Christmas had showed me the way forward, and now I was allowing myself to fully receive the magic this moment had to offer.

I passed the last few visitors coming down, and then it was just me and the Tor.  I felt as though I had been transported back in time, and it hit me that I was travelling an ancient path.

As I neared the top the cold really set in, and I didn’t hang around for long.  I had found the magic I had been seeking, and although these poor quality photos don’t do it justice, I hope my words convey the sense of euphoria I got from my first day of celebration.

As I walked back through town, everything seemed a little brighter.  I popped into Earthfare (the local health food supermarket) to buy supplies, and could feel my whole body buzzing with energy.

My next act of celebration would be something completely different, and I already had an exciting idea.  Stay tuned for my post on Day 2 of Celebrating The Magic, coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Celebrating The Magic – Glastonbury Tor At Twilight

  1. Bernard Merrick

    Know how you feel about the Tor. It has a “feel” about it, wherever you are on it. Doing NT duty on it I STILL feel it! The magic overtakes, despite the presence of people, they go quiet, they look out over the glorious landscape, but you realise that they are looking inwards as well. What a place for meditation, stillness, reflection and just enjoying fresh air, peacefulness and nature.

    1. tessheaven Post author

      Thanks for reading! Must be amazing to spend time on the Tor so often and see it in different conditions.


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