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The Beauty Of Letting Go

I recently wrote ‘How To Be An Organised Free Spirit‘, inspired by the peace and serenity a little planning and organisation brings me.  Hopefully sharing it will help me to remember the amazing benefits of having some structure to my days.

It’s easy to get stuck in rigid ways of thinking when we start to plan a little too much though.  Ever since writing that post life has been showing me the beauty of letting go and trusting the universe.

Before my trip to southeastern Europe I was starting to worry about how I would afford it, as well as going to Portugal in October.  I knew I could easily get more work if I put in a little effort, but my heart was yearning for creative expression, rest, and all the things that don’t earn me any immediate money!

I had a choice of whether to follow my mind or heart, so obviously I chose heart!  I spent time singing and playing guitar, drawing pictures of monsters, and taking walks in the woods.  It felt so good that it was impossible to regret it.

Woodland near my home in the UK.

As if by magic, massage bookings and enquiries came out of nowhere, and I even won £30 on the lottery (my Grandma insists on buying us tickets every week!).  I’d also been slightly concerned at having nowhere of my own to live for a short while during the summer, but luckily a house-sitting opportunity arose for exactly that time.

Things were never that bad.  The worst that could have happened was possibly having to cancel one of my many holidays this year, so choosing to take a step back wasn’t much of a risk.  I would never advocate risking anything that you can’t afford to lose, but when the outcome really doesn’t matter, letting go of our need to control everything can be so rewarding.

Swimming in the river near Bath, UK (edited using PicsArt).

I’d arrived in Zadar, Croatia, determined only to stay a couple of days.  With so many more places further afield to explore, I didn’t want to be stuck in one place.  I hadn’t even intended to go to Zadar, it was just a convenient place to fly in to.

The second I stepped off the bus from the airport though, everything changed.  The pictures and videos I’d seen online failed to capture the spirit of this beautiful place.  As soon as I arrived I knew I needed to stay longer.  It wasn’t something big or striking that called me to stay, it was simply the tranquil feeling that came over me as I strolled along the harbour that night.

Zadar, Croatia

It was early in the season, before the masses of tourists were to arrive for summer.  The weather was warm but not too hot, and the crystal clear water that surrounded the town brought with it a peaceful purity that calmed my soul.  I was eager to explore as much of the area as possible, but my heart wanted to stay, so again I listened to it.


As time went on, my expectations and plans were challenged in more direct and harsher ways, and it took me longer to see the beauty.  I have a STRONG emotional attachment to food, and if I miss a meal I actually worry that I may starve to death!  However, this trip had me in situations that seriously confronted this.  I came out the other side of the utter panic to realise that, surprisingly enough, a few days in a row of missing meals and eating only rice crackers, fruit, and whatever other tiny scraps of vegan food I could get my hands on, wasn’t going to kill me!

I feel sooo much stronger for it.  I understand this would not be a big deal for most people, but to confront one of my biggest fears was extremely empowering.  I also deal very badly with not having enough sleep, and when combined with hunger the result for me was not pretty!  However, looking back I am so incredibly grateful for the chance to confront these difficult emotions, because coming out the other side felt amazing!

I let go in so many other ways, made so many new friends, and had adventures that I would never have dreamed of a few weeks ago.  With the help of some fantastic people, I threw myself into social situations which felt uncomfortable at first, but I was able to push through to find happiness and connection on the other side.  Sacrificing my comfort zone lit up my world, bringing so much vibrancy and joy.

This is the lesson I want to remember.  Not the discomfort and anxiety triggered by letting go, but the wonderful aliveness that comes as a result.  So next time I am wondering whether to dive head first into something unknown, I hope I will remember the beauty of letting go, and that every time I’ve done it the benefits have far outweighed any temporary suffering it has caused.

When was the last time you let go?  Was it easy or did you suffer?  Was it worth it??  Let me know in the comments below 🙂




You Are The Entire Universe

Sometimes inner peace is about relaxing, smoothing over rough edges, smiling and simply breathing.  Other times, when we are dealing with turbulent forces inside and outside of us, we are forced to really embrace our infinite nature.

We may experience thunder storms and volcanoes inside of us, which can be overwhelming, or act as a reminder to grow.  Sometimes the battles we are facing seem so big that only in becoming bigger that a galaxy of stars do we feel able to cope.  Only then are we able to see the beauty of the mountains we have conquered.

View from Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

When you are the entire universe there is no need to fight against the wild forces that exist within you.  You can appreciate the fire, the lightning and rough seas, just as much as you can appreciate the beautiful sunny days when your mind is crystal clear.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Dissolving into a blissful state of peace is easy when conditions are gentle, but when we are facing challenges (whether these come from within or without) we get the opportunity to feel our power.  When we remember that we have the ability to expand beyond whatever emotion or turmoil we are facing, no matter how huge it seems, we no longer feel the need to try to deny, diminish or fight against it.

The fire inside us that we were previously trying to extinguish for fear it would destroy us, becomes pure magic.  We no longer feel that we are drowning in our emotions.  We can swim through them, enjoying their depth and vastness.

Tranquillity may not seem possible in the midst of extreme conditions, but if we can visualise the trials we are facing to be powerful forces of nature, peace can be found in visualising ourselves to be the infinite space of a universe full of stars which allows everything within to exist without restraint.

When we no longer feel the need to restrict any part of ourselves or others due to fear, we can experience a beautiful freedom which grows with us.  The more we can expand into our infinite selves, the more joy we can find, even in our struggles.

When you are the entire universe, how can you not see the beauty of the explosions inside of you?  They are no threat to your existence, and the drama only enhances your magnificence.  So don’t be afraid next time a storm comes, it’s just showing you who you really are!

It is my wish that this post helps you find a little more acceptance for difficult emotions or experiences you may face, and is not intended to be taken too seriously.  Never be afraid to seek out professional help if you need it.  Therapy is an incredibly empowering process which I would recommend 100% from my personal experience.  Your journey is unique, and doing what feels right for YOU without fear of judgement is the best advice I can give.  Feel free to leave me a comment below to say hello 🙂