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Strange Beauty

Other worldly things remind us that anything is possible.  They temporarily set us free from our limited perspective, and remind us of our infinite potential.  Strangeness is essential if we are to evolve and grow.  Every breakthrough or new invention is the result of doing something differently, or something that has never been done before.

A great way to free up our creativity is to fully embrace all things weird and wonderful.

It’s easy to feel at peace on a sunny day, surrounded by pleasant things, but a whole new world of magic opens up when we can begin to see the beauty in unusual places.

Reflections, Dublin, Ireland

I got very lost recently when I was in Belgrade, Serbia.  I found myself in what I considered to be an ‘ugly’ part of town, miles away from where I was trying to go.  Luckily I get lost a lot, and was ready for the familiar feelings of anger and frustration that arose.  However, when I’m travelling my aim is to enjoy every minute, even when things aren’t going my way.

I suddenly realised how awesome it was to be alone in an area of the city where tourists never go.  My eyes opened to the beauty around me, and I even began to enjoy the feeling of frustration at being lost.  If it was easy there would be no adventure.

Belgrade, Serbia

These strange wonders, that we encounter when we least expect, provide contrast and allow us to fully appreciate the more obvious joyful experiences in life.

As well as these unexpected discoveries of hidden treasure, we can purposefully choose to admire the captivating weirdness of the world around us.  Take a long slow walk seeking out the magic in unusual places.  Discover the beauty in the brambles and the dirt, and admire the strangeness of all of existence.

When we view weird, eerie and even ugly things as reminders of our creative potential, fear and disgust are instantly transformed into pleasure and awe.  Our natural tendency is to avoid unpleasant things, and for good reason, but by releasing resistance to what we fear we may learn something new about the world and ourselves.

Inspiration often hides in strange places!

Graffiti in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


If you tried my suggestion above of taking a walk with the intention of appreciating the strange beauty all around us, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  What did you discover?




Shimmering Magic Everywhere

After an overnight bus to Belgrade, Serbia, I was feeling exhausted and a little grumpy.  As I wandered around the most beautiful part of the city, I found it difficult to appreciate my surroundings, so I had to make a deliberate effort to change my mindset.

Through meditation and repeatedly focusing my attention back towards anything beautiful or that I appreciated in some way, I found myself slowly manifesting my intention to see the world through fresh eyes.

Belgrade, Serbia

I wrote this meditation as a way to share the magic with you.


“Shimmering magic everywhere.”  Make this your mantra and watch the wonders unfold.  Keep your heart expansive and your eyes open, and see how much more beauty you notice.  Feel a subtle tingling throughout your whole body as you realise you are a part of this miraculous reality.

Belgrade, Serbia

Whatever your current surroundings are, glide through with lightness and ease.  Appreciate every blessing, no matter how small, and give yourself the gift of enjoying each precious moment.

Shimmering. Magic. Everywhere.

Even when it feels like there is nothing beautiful to appreciate, there is magic hiding in plain sight.

Cloud reflected in water.

There is magic in the window reflections, in the street lights and flickering shadows.  There is magic in the sky, and the ground beneath our feet.

As you observe the shimmering magic all around you, feel it inside your body too.  You created this feeling with your intention, and with practice it becomes a lot easier to access.  You can store it up to use how and whenever you want, and radiate it out into the world.

Another amazing way to embody this feeling is by wearing beautiful jewels and anything else you find uplifting.  Take a look at my Etsy shop to see some of my creations, made with the intention of reflecting this magic.