Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hunt For Treasure Wherever You Go

Soon I’ll be trekking through the jungle, hiking up active volcanoes and hunting for my perfect deserted beach hideaway in Costa Rica.  But every day is an adventure, and travel has taught me that the treasure is found, more often than not, in unlikely places.



Whether that treasure takes the form of a skeleton casually playing the piano in your local garden centre, or a sunset that unexpectedly takes your breath away…



… a true adventurer should be ready to find it.  Planning a big trip has fueled my spirit of adventure, and reminded me that mindset is so much more important than location.

Of course I’m looking forward to the big stuff, like pristine rainforest, stunning beaches and the abundance of wildlife that Costa Rica is famous for.  But more than that, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to strengthen my sense of adventure.  The art of exploring is something I develop more and more with every trip I take.

Coming back to ‘reality’ after an amazing experience can be a difficult adjustment if we’re not used to living in the present moment.  However, if we can keep exploring with an open mind, life becomes more and more like an exciting story unfolding around us.



I often feel reluctant to dive fully into the present moment.  I might be inside doing something relatively mundane and notice the beautiful sunset, but instead of taking the time to fully appreciate it I just keep doing what I’m doing, purely out of habit.

I’m not saying that every time we see a pretty flower or hear a bird sing we should drop whatever we’re doing.  We’d never get ANYTHING done!  But when something special speaks to our heart there is infinite value in taking a little extra time to appreciate it and fully absorb the magic.

These moments we collect are priceless treasure that we can never lose.



Whether we’re climbing a mountain, or relaxing in a garden, the treasure is found in fleeting snippets of time.  As treasure hunters it is our job to delve deep into these moments and imprint them into our hearts, to be saved forever.

If we can truly appreciate all the wonders that surround us at home, on the bus or walking around town, then we’ll find so much more treasure when we travel somewhere further away.  It has taken a bit of effort to break old habits, but I’m getting better every day at keeping my inner treasure hunter alive.

With a combination of stopping to appreciate magical moments, going on spontaneous mini-adventures, and planning bigger exciting trips, ordinary life feel less like something to escape from, and more and more like an epic never ending journey of discovery!

Fellow treasure hunters… I am going to be in Costa Rica from 10th November, and then plan to travel around Central America for an as yet undecided amount of time.  If you are reading this and happen to be or plan to be in that part of the world please let me know, it would be so cool to meet you!  Also if any one has any travel recommendations please leave a comment 🙂