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This is where I share my tales of adventure, inspiration and creations.

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I am Tess.  I am a holistic massage therapist, jewellery artist, traveller, yoga lover and positivity enthusiast.

Experiences I have when I’m outside of my comfort zone exploring another country or even just doing something different at home are some of my main sources of inspiration, so it is important to me that I share my passion.

I’ve had the travel bug for years and now I’m in the process of weaving it into my life so that I can keep the fire burning even while I’m at home, and stay motivated towards achieving my goals.

It is the same sense of peace that travelling and seeing the world through fresh eyes brings me that inspires my work as a massage therapist and my jewellery creations.

It is my aim to spread as much peace, love and magic in life as possible, so I hope you will enjoy reading about all of the amazing things that inspire me and I really look forward to hearing about those magical moments, people, places and things that inspire you too.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Tess Heaven

  1. May Green

    Hi Tess,
    I´m glad that our path are crossing and that somehow my thought and experience have touched You.
    I think we all need to remind each other the true reason of being here in this life, not only to work and die, but to enjoy every little things that life brings along!
    Much Love Your way

  2. arun

    Hi Tess,
    Coincidental! I am a yoga enthusiast and zen lover. i am also a chiropractor and an intuitive healer.
    I look forward to following you.

    Bon voyage

  3. Shaelyn

    I also am glad we crossed paths. Thank you for sharing your love and light as well <3 I look forward to following you on your traveling journey!

    1. tessheaven Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s really exciting to connect with new people and to feel supported!

  4. arun

    Your photos and words are a joyous space for me. I hope one day to experience a holistic healing from you.
    In light and love

    1. tessheaven Post author

      Thank you sooo much! I very much appreciate your encouragement, and I’m so glad you are reading and enjoying my posts! Much love <3


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